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Marvel in the 1960's; The Incredible Hulk # 1 part 2

         Our Comic picks back up at the house with Bruce saying to Betty that he is sorry and that he has been under a terrible strain and that Rick will show Betty to the door. He states that he will call her after he pulls himself together. After she leaves Rick says. they can talk now. He asks what it was like to be the Hulk. He wonders if it's over now. Bruce says it is just the beginning. He adds. That likely he will become the hulk again when it turns to night time. He mentions the power of the Hulk and fears being he Hulk again.

       Igor in prison broods in his cell. He thinks the Americans are fools. They do not know that he has a sub-miniature transistor in his thumb sending information. The message is soon sent behind the Iron Curtain. The communists so decode it and get the full message.
       They see it is a priority message and must be given to the Gargoyle. The officer however does not want to pass it on. He passes it on to his superior. The superior does not want to do it and passes it on to someone else. The man afraid passes it under the door. The Gargoyle a mutant/ugly person. He reads about the Hulk and says it is unbelievable that a creature exists as power almost/matches him. He says he must either slay him or bring him home as a prisoner as an example of his might. He than orders a sub that can fire rockets for immediate departure.
       Hours later the sub is moving in the sea. It reaches a area and launches a man carrying rocket. US forces see this and send missiles to destroy it. Just as they hit a small part breaks off and lands. It is the Gargoyle and he get's ready to face the Hulk. At the base Bruce and Rick are in a Jeep and Rick asks why are they heading out at night. Bruce says he want's to be out in the open. They than talk about the contrast between the two forms.


       Banner driving listens to Rick  saying. Without him Banner might due something awful. He than notices that Banner's hands are changing. He is becoming the Hulk again. Bruce says he cannot fight it. Rick than says. keep your hands on the wheel. Than look out. Hulk in control says. Wheel who cares about it. As they crash he adds who cares about anything. After the crash the Hulk emerges from the wreckage. The Hulk than says what is he doing here and he wants to go somewhere. Rick hurt says. my head but that their lucky to be alive. Hulk says he knows the countryside and that general Ross and Betty live nearby. Rick tries to stop him but can't. Nearby, Gargoyle is happy as he has found the Hulk.
       Nearby at the House Betty is musing. She can't get Banner out of her mind and feels that he needs her help. Ross sees that she is trouble and says so. They talk and Betty says. She is worried by all the supernatural stuff around them. Ross at this tells her to go for a walk. She does. Outside she muses some more. She says their is no Hulk. Suddenly, he appears saying. But their is and don't forget. She says. oh no and faints. The Hulk calls her weak and helpless. Rick says. Let go of her. Rick points out they will find him. The Hulk tells him to shut up and nobody tells the Hulk. Suddenly, the Gargoyle appears. He says. You are wrong and to turn around and face him.
       Rick seeing the Gargoyle holding a gun says. Who's that's. He's got a gun. Hulk says. Bah. No puny pistol can kill him. Gargoyle at this says. He did not journey just to kill and that it is a different type of gun. It is his own creation and to observe. It will make them a slave. Hulk states he is no man's slave.


       The Hulk is hit and it works. He than shoots Ricks to make sure he cannot do anything. He than get's both to follow him. However, he does not notice Betty. General Ross soon finds Betty. She tells him of the Hulk and how it terrified her. Ross tells her she is sage. She wonders where he went. Ross vows to destroy him. In a speeding truck of a driver taken by the Gargoyle they are racing to get somewhere. Inside, Gargoyle say they could use the Hulk to create an army to rule the Earth.
        They soon get to a raft which takes them to the sub. The sub than launches a rocket plane to take them to the Soviet Union. During the daybreak the Hulk becomes Banner again. Once they get off the plane Gargoyle is shocked as the Hulk is gone. The two(Rick and Banner) play dumb. However, the Gargoyle finds out and put together Banner and the Hulk are one and the same.
         Soon they are in his secret stronghold. he knows Banner Secret now. Suddenly, he starts crying saying. Why would he choose to be a monster. He just wants to be normal now. Banner says so would he. Banner says he can cure him with some radiation. However, while he would be normal he would lose his brilliance. Gargoyle is okay with this and the process works. The Gargoyle is now human looking again. To a picture on a wall he says. It was because of him he became a monster due to secret bomb tests. he adds it took a american to cure him and that he will defy him.


      Not long after and nearby two Soviet officials are talking. Suddenly, a officer burst in saying a disaster has occurred. The prisoners have escaped. The Gargoyles escape rocket blasts off. They go to the office of the Gargoyle and see that he is normal. In a final act of defiance he pushes a switch. In the rocket Banner and Rick are heading home. Than suddenly, hear a blast. The gargoyle set off a bomb that destroyed the base. With that the comic ends.


This issue was quite interesting. It is the first issue of the Hulk. The story was not bad and was typical for a silver age comic. Some goffie science and other things. It is also dated now with the inclusion of the Soviet Union but that is minor. The fact that the Hulk came out at night clearly comes from monster movies and stories. This would change as the Hulk would be able to come out at any time. Elsewhere, the series would have some trouble. The Hulk's coloring at the time caused trouble and eventually they had to settle on green as his main colour. The series would only last 3 to 4 more issues before it was cancelled. Hulk would appear in other comics and become a co comic in another series. Hulk would gain another full book at some point. This comic was the third marvel comic and character that Marvel did that was new. The Hulk does feels like its in its own universe but still the marvel comic universe is building.  

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