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From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 328

        The comic starts in the clubhouse of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th century. Cosmic Boy is using a machine called the Ancestor-visualizer to view his ancestors. Sun Boy is watching and says he would be scared to meet some of them. Elsewhere, in the building Invisible Kid and Triplicate Girl are in a room. Invisible Kid calls it the Rouge room and that Triplicate Girl is adjusting a anti-gravity ray on the Molock bust. Two androids of Zaryan and Jungle Kid are arguing over which villain was mightier. In another room Triplicate Girl shows a celestial chamber that shows where each Legionnaire home planet is. In a lib in the clubhouse Bouncing Boy comes to visit Superboy and laments in being on the reverse list. Superboy says he has a surprise for him.

       Bouncing Boy powers come back as Superboy hits him with a ray. However, it only works for a short time. Bouncing Boy leaves dispointed but Superboy tells him not to give up hope. Sometime later in the main room the Legion monitor goes off to a crime nearby. Superboy says a costumed youth has appeared and does something. It turns the car into a monster and police are surrounding all around. They surrender. Superboy watching sees that neither of these is true and that it is illusions. Invisible Kid states its hallucinations ant that other Legionaries would enjoy this.
        Soon the Legion members arrive to talk to the boy. Superboy calls him great and asks who he is. The boy says they may call him Command Kid and that he is from Preztor and can create hypnotic hallucinations. Superboy aks how he got the powers and if he wishes to join the Legion of Super-Heroes. Command Kid says it his secret about the powers and asks what the Legion is. Nearby is galaxyland an amusement park and a kids wonders when it will be done. Superboy to the questions from Command Kid states they are a group of Super-powered teenagers goined together to fight evil and do good deeds. he gets Mon-EL and Ultra Boy to show him. They work together to finish the amusement park right before Command Kids eyes. The kids are happy but note it is too hot to play in it it. Lighting Lad uses his powers to make it cloudy for the kids. Sun Boy than warms things up.
         Superboy than says they would be honored for Command kid to join. Command kid states he will be a valuable addition and accepts. Nearby, Shrinking Violet sees that he has modesty off his list of virtues. Soon in ceremony with a pledge of doing good and no financial reward Command kid becomes a Legion member. After Command Kid stops a group of Criminals from blowing up the Science Police headquarters for the interplanetary crime Syndicate. The next day the commissioner gives them distinguished service arm-bands for their work on law and older. Before Command Kid gets his he freaks out and says he does not want it.


          He states he needs nothing as his super services are priceless and calls the award worthless and leaves. Superboy than apologizes to the commissioner over the behavior and adds Command Kid is hard to understand. Superboy thinks hard to take too. Shrinking Violet thinks that it was rude of him. Triplicate Girl at the clubhouse confronts Command kid over the Legion trophies and asks if their rubbish too. He refuses to answer. Superboy nearby wonders if they will be sorry to add him to the legion. Soon outside Lighting Lad talking to Shrinking Violet and others says that Command Kid is stuck on himself. Shrinking Violet thinks he had a terrible temper. Command kid hears this and thinks he will show what real temper is. As Superboy, Ultra Boy and Mon-EL return from their patrol of Earth Ultra Boy asks why Superboy is so quite. Superboy says its none of his business. Superboy than picks up Ultra Boy and says he needs a punch in the Jew over this.  
          Superboy than punches Ultra Boy into the ground. Mon-EL asks whats gotten into Superboy. He than tosses Mon-EL into a pillar. Shrinking Violet asks someone stop Superboy. At this Command Kid does and shows all this was a illusion to show Shrinking Violet terrible temper. Minutes later in the lab Star Boy says to Command Kid his powers pale and if only he had the power. Command Kid get's him to take a pill that when he awakes after it wakes him from his sleep he will make him more powerful.  Star Boy does and falls into a coma. After Command Kid laughs evilly.
          Soon Superboy asks about this and is that a wise thing to do. Command kid asks him if he is afraid of Star Boy having greater powers than his own. Superboy states he means no such thing. Just than Cosmic Boy comes in holding a golden anniversary gift for his parents. It is a replica of the clubhouse and tiny statuettes come out when a button is pushed.


       At this Command Kid says he is fed up with their infantie toys and leaves to go outside. Cosmic Boy wonders what his problem is. Superboy says us but wonders how touchy he can get. Outside Phantom Girl and Command kid go for a walk. They talk until a SP officer comes and asks them for help. They need Phantom Girl to go though a shield. She get's through and is about to strike when out of nowhere monsters appear and it forces the criminals to turn the shield off. Phantom Girl sees that it was COmmand Kid and he did it to show her up.
        Some time after the two return Sun Boy takes a pill to have the same process as Star Boy to happen to him. Still later as a gold kyptonite metor starts to fall towards them and could take Superboys powers permanently Shrinking Violet tries to get Command Kid to act. He passes the buck to Ultra Boy who tosses the meteor away and Superboy thanks them. However, Command kid smirks at Ultra Boy offsetting him. Shortly the group mope about Command Kid.
        He comes in and sends Superboy, Ultra Boy and Mon-EL off to stop a invasion from another dimension. Superboy asks which one but he says they need to find out for themselves. After they leave the remaining members vote to have the process Starboy and Sun Boy want done. They all take the pills. As the process starts Commmand Kid calls them fools and something bad will happen to them.


       Suddenly, Saturn Girl and Element Lad appear. Saturn Girl says now and Element Lad turns he control board and switch from steel to gold and Command Kid falls unconscious. Saturn Girl than turns the device off and they wake the other members. Shrinking Violet states that Command Kid was really a villain. Saturn Girl explains. They turned into the monitor to see what was happening in the clubhouse as they returned. They see that Command Kid was sneering and that his mind was shielded. They check some tapes.
        They review the tapes and see that every time gold was around Command Kid avoided contact. They contact Preztor and learn that a ship crashed on a taboo island full of evil demons. A scientist they call states that only gold can can free a possessed person as on the planet Preztor only small amounts of gold exists. They then go off to save the Legion.


       They state that Command Kid had needed their bodies unconscious for his goal. Triplicate Girl calls this hard to believe. Shrinking Violet explains he needed the bodies to transfer demons into the Legionnaires to turn them superpowerful. Suddenly, they see the demon coming out of the body. The comic ends with Command kid now powerless and leaving the Legion to go home. Phantom Girl also flies off to keep an eye on the demon. Lastly, Element Lad thinks this is not the last time to see it.


This issues was quite interesting. The idea of a person getting into the legion to take over the bodies of the Legionnaires was unique. I found the characters to be well written and that both the male and female members have a chance to shine. This comic is also the first one on the site from 1965 and I think their has been quite the change from the early 1960s to now in how it is done. I find the characters to be getting stronger and for comics to start to feel more like their modern selves.      

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