Tuesday, February 18, 2014

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 333

            The comic starts one day when Superboy comes and visits the Legion. He only sees Triplicate Girl standing watch and wonders where the rest are. Triplicate Girl states several like Mon-EL are on missions and the others are working on a archaeological project and takes him to it. At the location in the Atlantic Phantom Girl has found a tablet with strange writing on it and asks Superboy to get it. Light Lass adds she will help and makes the rock light. They soon break it off and get to it. Brainiac 5 is eager to study it. Superboy looks at the tablet and sees that it speaks of a war between Krypton and Earth. Both Brainiac and Superboy are shocked by this. Brainiac tests it out to see if its a fake by radio-carbon dating it. The dating states it is millions of years old. At this Superboy resolves to go back in time and solve the mystery of this event.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 332

       The comic starts with a giant space monster attacking a ship. The creature shaped like a whale soon eats the cargo of ore and the crew on lifeboats end out a distress call. Nearby, returning from a one man mission Lighting Lad hears it and thinks they have to be exaggerating. He soon gets to the lifeboats and calls the space guard. The crew tell him the creature has headed for a nearby red asteroid.