Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tales from Another Legion: Avengers # 4

         The comic starts with a highlight of last issue and Namor the sub-mariner jumping into the ocean. For several hours he looks for Atlantis but cannot find the city as they have hid it from him due to his previous actions against humans. Namor soon heads up to the North Pole and after awhile finds a bunch of "Eskimos" in their village worshiping something called the Mighty Lord of the Frozen Ice.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Legion of Super-Heroes #19

         The comic starts at Weber's World the artificial globe and heart of the United Planets. A unknown person speaking says. Can you hear us, Anyone? With the quark relays down, Our planet is powerless, isolated, And useless-- We're LITERALLY falling apart! Inside death and destruction is happening. The voice adds. There's no sign of the fleet, SCIENCE POLICE reinforcements. The Legion... Even a food delivery. The towers are collapsing onto us! With a THOOM this happens and with a WHAMMM kills many people. The voice adds. Death is raining on to us from above, and our monitors can't even show us what's happening! Tell the families of our S.P.s that they went out bravely, fairing at the unknown-- and DYING. With a green krackle SP troops are vaporized

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nova # 3

      The comic starts on the moon three seconds after the end of issue 2. Sam to the Watcher says. Uh. Hello? Then adds. Misterr... man in the moon.. Man? He. On a day of freaky stuff you're NOT QUITE the freakiest but I want you to know that I didn't mean to bump into your boot. Foot. You. He then adds. Do you speak English? Do you speak? SAY SOMETHING. The Watcher says nothing but does point into a distance in space.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics: 318

          The comic starts with Cosmic Boy and Sun boy on the way back to Earth and the Legion in a Legion ship. Sun Boy is happy that the mission is over and that he is tired. Cosmic Boy says that Cosmic Boy has been on too many long missions and that he will take over the controls. Just as this happens a calls comes in asking from help from the world of Xenn. It is about to explode and they ask for help. Sun Boy states that the world is not that from where they are and they change course to head their.