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Legion of Super-Heroes #19

         The comic starts at Weber's World the artificial globe and heart of the United Planets. A unknown person speaking says. Can you hear us, Anyone? With the quark relays down, Our planet is powerless, isolated, And useless-- We're LITERALLY falling apart! Inside death and destruction is happening. The voice adds. There's no sign of the fleet, SCIENCE POLICE reinforcements. The Legion... Even a food delivery. The towers are collapsing onto us! With a THOOM this happens and with a WHAMMM kills many people. The voice adds. Death is raining on to us from above, and our monitors can't even show us what's happening! Tell the families of our S.P.s that they went out bravely, fairing at the unknown-- and DYING. With a green krackle SP troops are vaporized

       The Emerald Empress is using her eye and says. Eye sees you... Eye see you DIE! And Someone yells with a death scream of AYEEIIIIII!
       The Empress speaking again then says. Eye like this world. Tharok. It's so... FRAGILE. Tharok to this says. Break it into dust motes, Empress. Let NONE of the parasites survive. When the FATAL FIVE rules, We'll need no bureaucrats. The empress to this says. Only our own passions, Once-Man.. And the Emerald Empress LOVES Death... FIring again with a KRACK she adds. Death in all the forms... Screaming, Squirming, Smell... And so final... Outside with a WHOOSH a blue and red object appears and flies in.
        The Empress to people alive says. See this pretty, Green Death EYE give you? The crowd says. EEELLLL-- PLEASE! HELP! As another says. NO. The empress fires with a KATHOOM. However, Mon-EL comes in and stops it and says. No more. No one else dies today, EMERALD EMPRESS.

       The scene shifts to the Promethean Giant in seep space. Polar Boy says. There is absolutely nothing in the myths of the Promethrean Giants that says ANYTHING about scratching themselves in their sleep. Invisible kid to this says. Perhaps it was overlooked. Like these beings who have built their civilization upon the creature  Phantom Girl chimes in and says. "Civilization." Jacques? These little bastard cannibals ATE Sun Boy! Invisible Boy to this says. Primitive. Mam'Selle. Eh? But must they DIE like this? And take us with them? Polar Boy to this says. No. Using his powers he adds. Not if I can help it. Making a ice shield he adds. Maybe THAT'LL block the giant's fingers... Or at least make him scratch somewhere ELSE!
       With a KACHUNCK it is broken and Polar Boy who get hit yells. YEOW! Using his powers again he adds. Chill out, Big Guy! Invisible Kid jumps in and says. Careful, My friend! Making them both invisible he adds. The monster does not hear you-- Or feel your power come.... Escaping before they are git he adds. While you can.
        Nearby Phantom Girl jumping out of the way says. This CAN'T be random-- It's chasing us! Crying she adds. Brek! Jacques! Have I lost my WHOLE TEAM?! I'm DOOMING the Legion. As the aliens try to comfort her she says. No. Leave me alone.. Let me die, too. With a THOOM she seems to be crushed.

        The scene shifts back to Weber's World and With a KA-THOOM something happens and the Empress says. Eye do not like you Legionnaire! Eye have been given this place by THAROK, And eye will NOT Share! A WHOOM and WHAM happens and a building falls and she adds. Eve wish them all dea.. And you may join them... Inside Mon-EL is climbing up to fight and the Empress adds. If YOU wish.
       People start falling outside of a building and yelling. AYEEIII! and HELP! Mon-EL hearing this he says. Coming.... with a whooosh he does it and says. And going. That looks like a safe spot-- For the moment-- For the moment-- A member of the crowd he saved says. For the moment?! Can't you get us off here before the whole WORLD breaks apart? Mon-EL to this says. There're more Legionnaires coming! We'll do what we can--
        To himself he says. First, Let's put a stop to this. Flying towards the Empress she not spotting yet is saying. Aw... Suddenly she says. Eye see you. It hits him and she says. Eye HURT you, too. Mon-EL fighting it says. G-gotta g-get to the e--

      With a WHOOSH Mon-EL is sent out into space and on a nearby Legion ship a voice says. Was that Mon-EL? Shadow Lass inside adds. Who could do THAT to him? Cosmic Boy adds. Whoever's destroying the tech that's holding the U.P. together maybe? I think we've come to the right place. Shady. The Empress seeing this says. More Legionnaire? Tharok will be so pleased... Firing she adds. And eye get the fun! But first-- Eye must finish with YOU, Annoying one. She hits Mon-EL with a THOOM.
        The Scene shifts to at the end of the United Planets. Persuader is talking. Legionnaires dying and disappearing, Science Police RIPPED apart-- I admit it, Tharok, you're a genius! And we're the only ones who get the whole picture. With the Quark relays MALFUNCTIONING across the galaxy! Tharok to this says. Confusion is our ally, But it scarcely matters, PERSUADER. The Legionnaires are no more dangerous now than FLEAS. Fleas on a GIANT'S Arm... Persuader to this says. Death by remote control... Not as satisfying as having them in my hands, But it'll DO. Tharok adds. For NOW.
        Persuader drinking says. Yes.. But you.. You're breaking up... Tharok to this says. Momentary... The gaint was.. challenging.. For an instant... I should concentrate THERE... And you must go to Earth. Persuader to this says. As you WILL, Tharok. I shall follow your wishes... For NOW.

       The scene turns back to Above Weber's world and the Empress saying. Impossible! He lives? Mon-EL is in Brainiac 5 force shield and a voice on the ship says. Your force shield blocked the blast, Brainy! Another says. But don't we need it to hold this pile of Junk together? It felt like it was falling apart-creaking it's way here from Earth! Brainiac 5 to this says. As soon as Mon-EL's caught his breath. I'll switch it back to protecting the cruiser.. We have another eight seconds left safely. Mon-EL outside to this says. Go ahead. Brainy. I can take care of MYSELF...
        Flying towards the Empress he adds. And the Emerald Empress, too! The Empress to this says. Eye thought you were going to die quietly, Legionnaire. Eye Am so pleased! Eye want to hear you CRY-- Your DEATH CRY!
       Inside the ship Element Lad says. Shield him Brainy! Brainiac to this says. I-It's-- TOO LATE! With a THOOM Mon-EL is hit and he yells. AAARGH--!!

       The Legion crew is shocked and the Empress says. Eye am disappointed- You're Alive? She grabs him and says. How silly! Eye will FIX that!
       Element Lad using he powers when he leaves the ship says. Not while there's A Legionnaire left standing to stop you, Empress! Dream Girl adds. I'll get Mon-EL to the medi-tubes. The Empress to this says. Eve destroy your mightiest. And you are DEFIANT? Eye will kill you ALL! Eye will-- With a KRKKLL she is frozen in something and Element Lad says. You'll do nothing, Sealed in SOLID INERTON
       Element Lad adds. You can float here 'til the end of time above the wreckage on Weber's world-- If we can't save Mon-EL! Brainiac adds. Add another layer, Jan, While I keep the shield around her for safety. Inside Shadow Lass says. Never mind that, Brainy! Get in HERE-- She and Dream Girl are working to keep Mon-EL Alive and she says. We need you yo help us keep him ALIVE!
       The Scene shifts to the Sorcerers' World... A voice says. That was the strangest.. Another. We step into a fire, And step out on another planet? Chameleon Boy adds. Glorith transported us as we hoped, Ultra Boy. Glorith adds. I bought you to my home. As I promised-- Though something's wrong! Ultra Boy then says. Is that an Earthquake Chameleon Boy?! Far below Validus is braking out and yells. RRRRRRRGHHH! and the comic ends. 


This issue was pretty good. It picks up right where the last one left off. The Fatal Five and their plot is causing all kinds of trouble and the Legion is being hard pressed to stop it. This issue was also good at showing how much the future needs it tech and how it falls apart it causes untold trouble. What also makes this issue good is that while it is a collapse story like the 5 years later ark from 1989-94 it is doing it it done in a different way. All in all this series is picking up and I hope it will stay around as the sales have not been the best. 

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