Sunday, May 12, 2013

Nova # 3

      The comic starts on the moon three seconds after the end of issue 2. Sam to the Watcher says. Uh. Hello? Then adds. Misterr... man in the moon.. Man? He. On a day of freaky stuff you're NOT QUITE the freakiest but I want you to know that I didn't mean to bump into your boot. Foot. You. He then adds. Do you speak English? Do you speak? SAY SOMETHING. The Watcher says nothing but does point into a distance in space.

      Sam to this pointing says. What? You want m to look out there? What EXACTLY am I looking at? Looking for a bit he then adds. Nothing.Nothing but a bunch of stars that a giant bald headed man ON THE MOON is pointing at! I'm new at this. Like really new. Like less than an hour new and even if I wasn't, I'm really bad at guessing games so if you could just give me a HINT-- The Watcher to this does something and shows a fleet in his eyes. Sam to this surprised says. --Oh. Good hint.
       Sam then adds. Is that what you see? Out... THERE...? What's that mean? Are those... Spaceship things coming HERE? Is that BAD? is that GOOD? Why are you telling me this? You don't even know me! I'm guessing that it's bad. which. Probably says a lot more about ME than I want to think about right now. FINE. I don't know who.. or what you are. like an ALIEN or a... GOD. Are you GOD? Whatever. But I guess all you can do is... POINT. So.. Okay... THE POINTER ON THE MOON. I'm gonna go. I guess find help or something or tell the AVENGERS-- Which I got NO IDEA how to do. He flies off but than flies back to the Watcher and says. I'm Sam, By the way. SAM ALEXANDER. I don't know if I was supposed to tell you that... But somehow... I think... You.. Already knew? He then flies off saying bye and the Watcher smiles. 
       Sam returns to Earth and starts to fly down saying to himself. What a weird day, Night, Life. Now. FIRE. He is on fire and yells. YOWWW... I'M ON FIRE! Then adds. And.. It doesn't hurt at all! That's... Just.. Kinda awesome. But gotta CONCENTRATE don't wanna-- As he starts to fall faster he adds. --CRASH into-- ...MY HOUSE!

      Almost hitting he stops in time and says. PLEASE... STOP. He then says. Whew... As he lands he changes back and says. Starting to get the hang of it.. I guess. Yeah... I just went to the...(Have taken off his helmet he adds) ...MOON!
      Soon inside his house a voice says. SAMUEL ALEKANDRO! To this he says. Uh-Oh. The voice adds. ?Donde Te Habias Metido? Then adds. Acabias De Salir Del Hospitial. To this Sam says. umm. Mom. ENGLISH Por Favor. She says something in Spanish quite lengthy and to this he says. I understood SOME or NONE of that.. But I get it. You're mad. Sitting down at the table he adds. I was.. Out. In the garage. Looking through Dad's stuff. I thought. I thought I might find something that would help US find HIM. Y-know like where he went. I must've fallen asleep. His mom to this says. Do you want me to make you something to eat? Sam to this says. I'm okay. He mom starts to leave and says. Turn out the lights when you come up. She then adds. Your dad. Sometimes he'd go.. Away for awhile. Like this. Mostly before you were born. No matter what else you think of him.. After YOU were born.. He tired so hard. He tried so hard to be a good father.
      Sam to this says. Is there something you're not telling me? His mom to this says. Is there something YOU'RE not telling ME? He just looks at her and she adds. If there IS something you want to tell me... You can. Leaving she adds. Your dad always did... Sam looks at where she was and says nothing.

           Sometime later to the Helmet in his dads room he says. Dad..? He Tok Tok it and then adds. Can you come out and talk to me? Or is that as dumb as it sounded? He then adds. Who am I supposed to talk to about this stuff? Did YOU tell her? Does mom Know? Does she know that all those stories you've been telling me since I was a little might be true?!  Behind a voice says. Not MIGHT. He turns around to see that it is from Gamora and Rocket and he can only say. OMIGOD. Gamora adds. Your father was a great man. Rocket chimes in and says. And maybe, with a little help you could be too. He starts. HAHAHAING and adds. I can't-- HAHAHEE! Even say that-- HAHEHE! With a straight face! Gamora to this says. Rocket. He goes heh. then adds. S-Sorr-- HAHEHA! Sam can only say. YOU.
           Sam annoyed charges him saying. YOU... YOU.. RACCOON! Rocket side steps and says says. GAH! On the ground Rocket points a gun at him and says. You've got your Dad's GUTS, I'll give you that. Sam to this says. What the hell do you know about my dad? Rocket to this says. I know I'M the reason he's not here Anymore. And why I'm stuck talking to YOU. Sam with a dangerous look in his eyes says. WHAT?!
           As Sam stares into the hole in the wall and the helmet he says. Where is he? WHERE"S MY DAD AND HOW'D YOU GET HIS HELMET? Rocket going in then says. HE GAVE. me it to give to you. Said it had instructions for you. Sam can only say. I guess. Rocket taking the helmet off the shelf says. You GUESS?! GAMORA AND ME didn't come HALFWAY ACROSS THE UNIVERSE to waste our time. There're about THREE BILLION PEOPLE depending on you-- Not that there's any pressure or anything. Sam to this says. I didn't ask for this! Up until I met you-- A TALKING RACCOON and A GREEN LADY-- I thought my dad was NUTS. He then adds. Look, I might live in a tiny town, But I've heard of NOVA. There's ANOTHER one. Here. On THIS planet. He was like famous a YOUNG AVENGER or something. Go get HIM!

       Gamora to this says. You're referring to RICHARD RIDER. And your behavior is an insult to his SACRIFICE. Sam to this says. Sacrifice...? Then.. He's..? Rocket adds. Along with the rest of the Nova Corps. Like it or not. You're our last best hope. So, SUIT UP. He tosses the helmet to Sam who says. Suit Up? Looking into the helmet he adds. For What? Gamora to this says. We are going to TRAIN you. Rocket adds. And it's not like ANY OF US gets a choice.
       The scene changes and soon Sam is flying towards a ship and says. This is a disaster. I think I'm missing a MATH test-- Can't believe that came out of MY mouth... With two Thoom's Rocket fires at him. Sam can only say. HEY! IT'S ME! Rocket to this says. Lesson one, KID. Don't trust ANYBODY. Your closest friend. Your oldest ally. Even and ESPECIALLY your family. ANYBODY can be turned. As he fire pushes Sam towards a cliff Sam says. Are you CRAZY?! You're gonna KILL me! Pushinh him off the cliff where Sam hangs on Rocket comes up and says. There's only one person you can depend on and that's YOU.
        Sam then hits Rocket and says. Got it. This is ME. SMOKIN' YOUR FURRY TAIL! As Rocket hits the ship Sam adds. NEW LESSION NOBODY shoots at me. As he does something to Rocket's gun Rocket says. GRRRRR. That was my favorite piece! After this Sam asks. What's NEXT? As Gamora attacks with her blade she says. Finish your enemy. Sam to this says. WHOA! WAIT! WHAT?!

           Sam blocks and says I'm not going to KILL anybody! In War, The choice is not YOURS. Sam to this says. Then.. I  don't want to play anymore! He adds. I'm supposed to be in SCHOOL-- Rocket with another gun firing says. School?! You fail and there's no EARTH. As Gamora kicks him she adds. THE HELMET will protect you. Allow you to fly in space and Breath out there. But you are by no means invulnerable. Sam to this hit says. OW! Couldn't you just TEXT all this stuff to me? He adds. WORST. DAY. EVER. As Rocket jumps on his back to him Rocket Says. Do you think WE believe in you? We DON'T. But your FATHER did. And for now that's gonna have to be enough. Sam to this says... THANKS. Dad. The "Gift that keeps on giving"...
           As the sword touches him Sam says. Okay, stop. ENOUGH. You proved your point. DEADLY GREEN ASSASSIN LADY and TALKING RACCOON can kick my butt. Gamora to this says. THE CHITAURI will not be as forgiving. Your DEATH will be swift and painful. Confused Sam says. The CHITWhat? Gamora to this says. The Chitauri. An Alien race that lives-- That EXISTS for war. They are why we came for your father. And in turn, why we had to resort to you. They have gained control of something called "THE ULTIMATE NULLIFIER."  And they plan on using EARTH as its test case. Sam asks. Why us? Rocket chimes in and says. Because believe it or not, When ever there's a hostile takeover in outer space-- Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar. Badoon, GALACTUS even THANOS himself-- Somebody from EARTH shows up and spoils it. So, the Chituri-With their entire frickin' ARMADA-- Are heading here to make sure that never happens again. Sam hearing this says. Wait, ARMADA? Like a whole big fleet of ships? That look like whales only totally badass? Why didn't you tell me? I SAW THEM. or... THE POINTER ON THE MOON saw them and he showed me. Gamora says. The... "Pointer?" Sam adds. Giant. Bald. TOGA. The reply is. You mean THE WATCHER. Sam at this says. Okay. "The Watcher." WHATEVER. Rocket adds. What do you mean you SAW them? That's Impossible. They're CLOAKED. Gamora interested says. How is THE WATCHER involved? Did he say anything? Sam to this says. I don't know. I Don't know. And NO. Rocket also interested to Gamora says. It's gotta be the helmet. NOVAS could see things in space Nobody else could. Gamora adds. If he ACTUALLY saw them and the helmet logged the coordinates-- Rocket his mind turning adds. Then all we have to do is get him to SPACE JUMP there.  One than says. Plans have changed. Forget battle. You are to be a SCOUT. The other adds. We need to know HOW MANY SHIPS and HOW FAR AWAY. The other. once you have reached a specific velocity, You should be able to space jump.  The other smartly adds. Don't engage. THEY'LL be cloaked. And you'll be tiny so maybe they won't even notice you. Lastly, the other one says. Mark their position in the Quadrant and we will do our best to bring reinforcements. Sam to all of this information dumbly says. Awesome. Sounds like a plan, I have only one question. What's a "Space Jump?"
          Flying past the moon Sam in space says. Hope you two can HEAR me.. My CELL PHONE doesn't get reception at my house but this HELMET is supposed...? Gamora looking up says. Wish we had more time. Sam bot hearing this? says. I'm going pretty fast- Like mach WARP defcon nine fast. Rocket to this says. Wish we had his FATHER. Sam going faster says. HEY, Raccoon, Are you sure this is going W- Suddenly he disappeared.

         Sam appears at the fleet and finishes. --ork. Then adds. GUYS...? I'm all the way out near, um, JUPITER, I think.. And its's bad. LIKE REALLY BAD! Somewhere in the fleet a voice says. FIRE. The comic ends with Sam being hit by frie from a big whale like thing and being hurt.


This issue was not that bad. The interaction between Sam and his mom was quite good. Outside of this issue I quite enjoyed Gamora and Rocket's interactions with Sam and each other. Also  it seems that Sam will be fighting the Enemy from the Avengers Movie and its universe which is fun. All in all not bad from a writer that no one seems to like.

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