Sunday, August 25, 2013

From The Vault: Adventure Comics: 322

          The comic starts with the Legion having to gather material to stop the time-trapper. They are helped with this by the Legion of Substitute Heroes and helping them to build weapons. Fire Lad burns impurities out of a chemical substance. Polar Boy freezes it and Night Girl carries it to a holder. Brainiac 5 and Light Lass work on this item. Light Lass makes them Light and Brainiac puts them into a generator. SUperboy than lefts generator up and Lighting LaD uses his powers to charge it.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Legion of Super-Heroes #22

          The comic starts at the remains of the Legion H.Q on Earth in the 31st century. Tharok to a new arrived Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad says. Everything you CARED about is in RUINS around you, Legionnaires. Your deaths will FINISH my conquest! Saturn Girl to this says. Better men than you have CHOKED on that Boast, THAROK!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nova #6

       The comics starts one to several months after the last issue and likely one month after the events of Avengers vs X-men. Sam now flying home is talking to himself and says. Mom, remember how you always wished I took more interest in church? Well, I did you one better, I struck up a personal relationship with a god. His name is Thor. He asked me to join the Avengers, And I'd love to say no, but It'd kind of be against my religion.. Which is knowing Thor.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics: 321

         The comic starts at the Legion Club house. Phantom Girl and Star Boy see that Saturn Girl has sounded a General Alarm. All the Legion is soon at the club house and Star Boy see's someone he does not recognize. It turns out it is Bouncing Boy who while exercising near Element Lad experiment pushed a switch on the matter-shrinking Projector. It made him slender but also rob him of his powers. The Legion after a vote do not expel him but give a place on the Legion Reserve group. Superboy who has been around listening that asks where Chameleon Boy and Triplicate Girl are.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Site News and Updates

Hello All,
                Dreamofthekai here. I thought I would do a little post of site news and updates for the site and some ideas I have of moving foreword with it. First of all thanks to everyone for reading over the nearly 2 years and 100 posts and reviews. Second starting in September I'm going to retiring for a bit the Avengers comics to do a look at Marvel in the 1960's. This series starting with Fantastic Four number 1 will examine the comics and how the Marvel Universe came to be a result of this. It will look all the major character comics some starting at issue one and others in other comics before moving to their own comic usually with issue 100. Third, September look at the Legion of Super-Heroes current run is the last issue and the comic will not longer be published. In its place in November(though it comes out in October)  I will be covering its replacement comic of Justice League 3000. All in all thanks to everyone who choose to read this and if you have questions or comments free feel to post and I will try to reply the best I can