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From The Vault: Adventure Comics: 322

          The comic starts with the Legion having to gather material to stop the time-trapper. They are helped with this by the Legion of Substitute Heroes and helping them to build weapons. Fire Lad burns impurities out of a chemical substance. Polar Boy freezes it and Night Girl carries it to a holder. Brainiac 5 and Light Lass work on this item. Light Lass makes them Light and Brainiac puts them into a generator. SUperboy than lefts generator up and Lighting LaD uses his powers to charge it.

       To protect the Clubhouse the Legion chooses to get the Legion of Super-pets to guard it while they are in the future. Proty II wishs to join Chameleon Boy and the Legion but he is told he can't and that he must stay with the super-pets. After the Legion leaves Proty asks if he can join the Legion as he is a super pet too.
       Super-Horse laughts at this but Proty explains his race. The Proteans were changed by coloniests who were forced to leave as a gift that made them able to turn into anything.
       After this story Super-Horse says to be a member one needs a super power. Super-Horse, Super-monkey, Krypto and Strekty tham repeat examples of their powers. After this Proty says he has the power to imitate anything. Super-Horse says okay and that Proty must impersonate Superboy and carry out the next mission assigned to him.  

        Proty changes into Superboy before them. He than goes forth and gets a mission. Brainiac 5 asks him to go to Var and get Vorium guarded by matter-eating beasts for the time thrust device. After this Proty thinks how will he get to Var as he can't fly. He comes across at the spaceport a shop of a Doctor who collects statuary who is planning to go to Var to get one. Superboy Proty gets onto the ship and changes into one of the statues to hide on the trip to Vor.
         Soon Proty II gets to Yor and changes back into Superboy. Soon Proty arrives at a valley were creatures are eating Vorium. Proty transforms into one of the creatures. He spots Vorium laying on the ground near twp beasts fighting. He takes it and the monsters began to chase him.
         He turns into a bird and returns to the shop and get's back to Earth. He turns back into Superboy just as the collector comes into the room but fools the collector into thinking he is the real Superboy. Not long after Proty returns to the Clubhouse and shows his Vorium to Super-Horse. Super-Horse is shocked but passes him. Streaky the Cat than tells Proty what he must do next. Disguise himself as a Legionnaire and accompany Saturn Girl on her mission. Proty points out that this is impossible due to Saturn Girl powers but he is told to progress.


      Saturn Girl is preparing but suddenly get's a feeling of being watched. In front of the Super-pets Proty turns into Chameleon Boy his master.
       He goes to Saturn Girl and is asked to help her with this feeling of being watched which he does. The two soon come upon a remote controlled Electronic eye which has a field that makes it hard to see while being spied upon. Proty then turns into himself pretending he is Chameleon Boy turning into his pet. As he is done this Saturn Girl get's knocked out from a blast from the eye. Proty gets onto the back of the eye.
      He soon realizes he has to do something and turns into a gaint black jellyfish. This causes the eye to crash into the ground and stops the spying. He then goes and rescues Saturn Girl.


       He reports back to the Legion of Super-pets and finds that he has passed his test that Streaky the Cat set out for him. Super-Monkey that gives him the nest test. Proty must keep the Legionnaires out of their Club House for one hour. He tries out various ideas that he realizes would fail due to the Super Heroes powers.
       He finally settles on making a scientific trap. Soon Proty makes a fake device that looks like a weapon and finishes it. Soon the Legionnaires arrive with the time thrust device and Mon-EL hears the burglar alarms going off.
        Mon-EL and Superboy uses their powers and see the device and tell everyone to stand back as it could go off. Ultra Boy, Superboy and Mon-EL cannot figure out the deivce as it is made of "Alien Science." They take it to Brainiac 5 and he says he cannot find it out due to it's science. Soon the hour is up and Proty stands up and Mon-EL thinks something is going on.


        Proty tells them why he did it and he passes the test. The fourth and final test is from Kypto in which he will glee at super speed and Proty has two hours to track him down. Proty uses his telepathic power and soon comes to a waterfall where Krypto could be hiding. He changes into a salmon and nearly finds Krypto but Krypto flees again.
       Kypto comes to a lead lined box and decides to head to it. Kypto opens it and finds it to be full of green kruptonite. He is weakened. Suddenly, Proty comes by and sees a shark is about to get Krypto. He uses his powers to scare away the shark and saves Krypto.

     At the clubhouse Krypto is holding a blob and the group think it is Proty. However, the blob turns into Krypto as it was him covered in mud and Proty turned into Krypto. The comic ends with Proty passing the test and now a member of the Legion of Super-Pets.


This issue was not that bad of a issue. It was nice to see a story about Proty and the Super-Pets which are featured rarely in the series up to this date. Proty showed that he and his race are pretty neat and can just about anything. However, i highly doubt that in a modern issue that he would have defeated Brainiac 5. Also the Legion of Super-Pets was come the 1970's would be seen even less and following the Crisis on Infinite Earths series would become un-cannon and not brought up again. This would become everyone so following the Zero Hour events where the Legion were rebooted and their history rewritten. However, this is a example of how many different type of sub Legions existed during the early days of the Legion  

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