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From The Vault: Adventure Comics: 323

        The Comic starts with the Legion receiving new applicants. Honorary members Pete Ross and Jimmy Olsen are visiting and watching. Saturn Girl who is the leader right now asks the first applicant to come up. First up is Spider Girl who can cause her hair to expand. She does so but cannot control her powers and is rejected. Next is double-header who is rejected as his powers is worthless to the Legion and whose two heads argue too often.

          After this the Legion meeting comes to order. Saturn Girl states that her term as leader ends today and it is time to choose a new Legion leader. She suggests using a computer to find the new leader as it will find the cleverest. However, Brainiac 5 objects as he has a computer mind and he would easily win. Suddenly, Proty II has a idea to solve the election. He makes a medallion and transforms into a bizarro Proty saving his medallion is one clue to his answer of the puzzle. he then suggests the first Legionnaire to guess the correct the answer be the new leader. He also states that  Saturn Girl must not read his mind. All agree and his test for clues starts.
           The first person he assigns a mission to is Saturn Girl who is to ravel to the interplanetary Rodeo on the planet Rorbis and win it's toughest event. On the way to the planet Saturn Girl wishes she could read Proty's mind who has tagged along. Proty can only say that we enjoy best the things we earn! Soon they come to the planet. They watch as a dinosaur-throwing contest goes on. The Dinosaur's who has buzz saw blades on their heads must be tossed through a great hoop. Watching is Saturn Girl who sees someone called Gooba Win.
          Saturn Girl enters the race to ride a Kangobronc steed through a obstacle course. However, her steed breaks free and she cannot use her powers on it as it has a anti mind reading helmet on it. Luckily she sees a female one and uses her powers to control it and make the male beast follow it.

        Soon she wins but Jimmy and Pete can't figure the clue out. The Second person given a mission is Ultra Boy. Proty II tells him that he has learned that the Science Police wants crooks captured who are hiding on a certain asteroid. When they get their Proty adds that the crooks rendered themselves invisible. Ultra Boy decides to use his flash vision to warm the surface of the asteroid. Soon he hears the crooks crying out in pain and captures them. Back at the clubhouse Proty sees no one can figure out his clues. After this he says the next person to have a mission is Phantom Girl. Her mission is to discover the greatest award Superboy's father Jor-EL ever received on Krypton but to learn it  but without using a timescope or travelling into the past in a time-bubble. Phantom Girl decides to go into Phantom Zone and get the information.
           In the zone she comes on a prisoner calling himself the mighty Gazor. He created a Earthquake machine in which Krypton was to perish with him. Jor-EL stopped him and got a prize. The Brain of Garf-OG.
          Phantom Girl comes back and reports this and Superboy recounts this as he has the power of total recall. He also laments on the fact that his fathers greatest success was also his greatest failure.

         The next person to be chosen by Proty II is Element Lad. He is tasked with going to a abandoned tower in the pit of doom crater. Element Lad points out that Alien explores erected a marble block adorned with the cosmic eye to ward off evil.
         When they get their his task is fully stated to turn the marble into Uranium and then remain in place for 10 minutes. Element Lad changes the block and starts to wait. Other Legionnaires begin to worry. However, Element Lad surprises them by putting his flight belt on it and it goes flying away. Element Lad passes and they return to the clubhouse.
         The next person that Proty II chooses is Pete Ross. Pete writes down Superboy's secret identity and pretends to be a mind-reader and uses it as a clue to the puzzle.


        The next person chosen to show the clue is Brainiac 5. His task is to play three dimensional chess simultaneously against three computers and win. Soon Brainiac 5 wins. However, Brainiac spots a broken wire and because of it the machines were not at maximum and he chooses to not take advantage of it.  
        And now Proty II turns to the last person to gibe a clue that of Jimmy Olsen. He is to turn to Elastic Lad and amuse the Legion. He takes Legion puppets out of the trophy and stages a fight between Superboy, Ultra Boy and Mon-EL.
         Next he has Shrinking Violet, Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl and Light Lass in a chorus-Girl number. His lack act is Brainiac having to count on his fingers and Invisible Kid about to become invisible to avoid his creditors. Last is Matter-Eater Lad angry over a waiter being him a steak instead of rocks.


         They meet back up this. Suddenly Saturn Girl says she has the answer. Each person picked represents a letter and together it spells out Superboy with Proty's pendent.

       Today is the anniversary that Superboy joined the legion and With that Saturn Girl is elected for another term as leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes.


This was a really well done issue. Proty II helping to pick the test to choose a new leader was great. It was done in a fun way but also a neat way. It also helped to show some of the powers of the Legion members who at times get ignored during this period of the comics. All in all not much more can be said about this issue.

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