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Legion of Super-Heroes #23

           The Comic starts on Shanghalla. The Burial ground of the Heroes of the 31st century. Polar Boy and Invisible Kid are at the grave of Sun Boy and talking. Polar  Boy the first one to speak says. I STILL can't believe Dirk's gone. Invisible Kid adds. Without even a BODY to bury... Everything since the clash is a cauchemar.

       He adds. So many gone... At least Thom rests in his grave. Dream Girl Appears and says. Nightmare? The WORST dreams I had NEVER foretold as dreadful a future for us, Jacques. Knelling at the grave she adds. Instead of in my arms? Some consolation. Let me offer a Naltorian Farewell to Dirk.. As she touches a finger to her mouth adds. Farewell, Legionnaire... A taste of YOUR Dreams, Perhaps...
        Invisible Kid adds. Come, We tarry too long in this desolate place... I fear it reminds me of the SHADES we found ourselves among. Polar Boy adds. Still don't know HOW you got us there and back, Pal. Invisible Kid at this says. I have never understood these powers since Brainiac gave them to me. And after this Journey, I know them LESS. Polar Boy as they walk to Sensor Girl's ship says. The worlds still NEED us. Legionnaire. Invisible Kid says cryptically. Perhaps.. And perhaps not... Sensor Girl coming out of her ship says. The others are well on their way to Earth, or their homes.. It is time for us to go. The dead must seek their OWN Path. And we must seek our destiny.
        The Scene shifts to Earth. With a thought from someone saying. So Primitive... Below Colossal Boy and Ultra Boy are moving Debris. Colossal Boy says. I'm glad the fleet was called back so I could help, But it's awful to see Earth devastated. Ultra Boy at this says. Rimbor was WORSE. Gim. WHen Tharok shorted the Quark Relays, EVERYTHING fell apart. We're so damned DEPENDENT on tech, we can't pick our teeth without a sonic. Colossal Boy to this says. The systems are working again for somepurposes. Broadcast power's coming back-- At least where the repeaters weren't trashed... Ultra Boy at this says. It'll never be the SAME. Look at what's left of our Headquarters... A PIT! And the boy genius can't even find a way to CONTACT Tinya... Or he's not really trying.


       As they jump down the pit Colossal Boy says. I'm so sorry, Jo... But you're SURE she's alive? Ultra Boy at this says. Nothing  could kill my Tinya... Nothing. Colossal Boy at this adds. I know how it felt when I lost Yera. As they land Ultra Boy says. Tinya's alive. Somewhere. Brainiac Five nearby at this says. A lovely theory-- And when we finish dealing with our KNOWN TRAGEDIES, I'll consider it.
        Brainiac adds. Workarounds have been done for six of the United Planets' most VITAL technologies that have failed, And instructions were issued for scholars for eighteen more. If you can't help with the wounded, go back to cleaning up-- And let ME finish trying to save the universe. Colossal Boy at this says. Still MODEST, our Brainy. Ultra Boy at this says. Tinya would never forgive me if I gave him the BEATING he deserves. Colossal Boy adds. Neither would I. As they walk away he adds. We need him, Jo. Duplicate Damsel than comes up from nearby and says. BEHAVE. Lose the ARROGANCE, Brainy-- or we'll tell the galaxy... You CONFESSED that you opened the original Brainiac's Armory, Where Tharok obtained his hellish powers, and we've KEPT your secret. But if you growl at ONE MORE Legionnaire----
        Brainiac at this says. No, no, no-- I should never have told you. Duplicate Damsel picks hum up and says. Done and Done, my friend. As she walks off she says. Whatever you've said and done, we NEED you. Brainiac at this says. Then would you PLEASE let me get back to expiating my sins. Suddenly, with a bong Bouncing Boy appears and says. Hey, I FOUND what's left of the trophy room!  Brainiac at seeing him says. Don't come any closer!


         As he boings around he says. You're gonna wanna see this! Brainiac says. STOP! As he turns something on. Element Lad who has come in says. Is this REALLY the appropriate time, Chuck? Bouncing Boy to both of them says. B-but it's SUPERMAN'S SHIRT! The one speared-- Brainiac annoyed at this says. We have more IMPORTANT things to do than worry about objects from an increasingly IRRELEVANT past.
         There's so much to do Weber's would needs to be RESTORED, the Science Police will need us to find VALIDUS and securely imprison him, Our Headquarters needs to be REBUILT...Worlds wait for us and for ME to find a way to undo what Tharok has done! With Phantom Girl having ABANDONED  her past as leader, And so many Legionnaires injured or gone, I'll have to work out a MASTER PLAN to-- A voice says. Count US out.
          It is Shadow Lass and she adds. I'm taking Mon-EL HOME to heal if he can. Your adolescent hubris helped COLLAPSE the United Planets. Killed and crippled Legionaries. And NOW you want to take charge? There was a REASON we didn't elect you. Brainy-- And that was BEFORE this disaster. Can I move him Luornu? Duplicate Damsel to this says. Give all of me a MINUTE... There. As Shadow Lass to this says. Good luck, Shady. Shadow Lass to this says. Away from here we won't NEED it, Luornu. At the door she adds. Farewell. In front Brainiac says. But with proper restorative techniques I--


        Bouncing Boy puts a arm on Brainiac and says. Time to be QUIET. buddy. Brainac at this says. There's a 78.2% probability that I can supervise a MORE EFFECTIVE healing process... And we need Mon-El's ability to TRAVEL between worlds for my master plan. At this point Harmonia walks in and Brainaic sees her and says. Harmoina, You're the leader  in Phantom Girl's absence-- Make Shadow Lass bring Mon-EL back! Harmoina at this says. That won't be NECESSARY. The Science Police have OTHER PLANS for the Legion. Beside her Chief Cusinano says. The U.P. council actually, Not just my Sicence Police. And the plan is NO plan... You're all being asked to RETURN to your homeworlds-- To civilian life. We're DISBANDING the Legion.
         Brainaic yells. WHAT--?! At this the others are shocked and Bouncing Boy says. No.. Element Lad than asks. B-but Chief Cusimano-- MY world is long gone! The Legion's been my HOME since-- The Chief at this says. I have a Science Police officer with plans for YOU, Jan. As she leave she adds. The rest of you, pack it up.
         Outside of the destroyed H.Q. she says. the Legion is OVER.

           Epilogue One takes place on Naltor several weeks later. The high seer to Dream Girl says. Earth's loss is OUR GAIN, Nura Nal... Welcome home. Dream Girl at this says. Thank you, High seer. She adds. I confess that the last few weeks have been such a WHIRLWIND. All the shock hasn't begun to fade... Losing Thom, and to such a random catastrophe. Not even with a chance to go out like the HERO he was... And now the Legion disappearing, too. And with it, My life as a Legionnaire. It's almost like it was all a BAD DREAM...
            The scene turns to Epilogue two. Metropolis, Earth. Duplicate Damsel says. I don't know which makes me feel WORSE... The pain from my duplicates that the Fatal Five killed, or seeing that this is all that's left our life's work. Bouncing Boy at this says. They can't take away the worlds we saved, Luornu. Duplicate Damsel at this says. Or the Heroes we TRAINED who went back to their homeworlds or into the Science Police Special Squades... But still.. It all feels so EMPTY... Bouncing Boy at this says. Even if it didn't end the way we wanted, It was a hell of a run... And we still have each other. And SOMEWHERE, There are OTHER universes where it's all probably happened VERY differently. Maybe even steppenwolf don't send Superman to his doom... I just hope we found each other in ALL of them, Chuck.
           Epilogue Three starts with Sensor Girl's ship over orbit of Orando. A voice says. Without the quark relays to steer us. It feels like we've been traveling FOREVER... This came from Karate Kid and to this Sensor Girl says. My world is FAR from the heart of the United Planet, love, And has always been quiet back water as a result. I am glad you have found you way here. More now, Than ever. As they start to land she adds. With the tragedies from the Fatal Five's assault, so many friends dead... The Stark REALITY of what has happened continues to sink in painfully, day by day and night by night, As my head rests on your pillow...


        The fourth and Final Epilogue takes place on Winath. Lighting Lad to Cosmic Boy says. Did they REALLY have to drag Brainy out of the building? Cosmic Boy at this says. Practically. Saturn Girl seated nearby says. Sound like him. He's probably CALCULATING a way to find a New Legion based on Colu. With HIM in absolute charge. Lighting Lad at this says. That's our genius. He always wanted to run our little club, But I think YOU were the best leader we ever had, Imra. Saturn Girl says. Absolutely not. Rokk was first AND Best. Cosmic Boy to this says. I blush.
         Cosmic Boy than adds talking to both of them. NONE of us would have expected it to end this way back when we STARTED... Or to have survived some of the IMPOSSIBLE situations we did along the way. Touching Saturn Girl he adds. I only wanted an EXCUSE to hang around this pretty woman. Saturn Girl at this says. Flatterer.... Even If I couldn't read your mind, I'd KNOW you were lying. We did what we could with the gifts that we were given by genetics or accident. And I got you, too... If the Legion's finished, well... I'm not going to ponder what happens on OTHER WORLDS, or in DREAMS, or whether THIS reality is all there IS in life...

      Because OUR story will NEVER END. The comic and the series ends with LONG LIVE THE LEGION!


This issue was quiet interesting. The first time I read it I did not like it. However, after taking the time to look page after page in depth it has many layers to it. First the aftermath and hearing who passed on was interesting. It was sad to see who dead and who got hurt quite a bit. The tie in to the 0 issue was also nice as it helps tie it all together. Second, with the ending and it being open their is hope the Legion Comics could come back to this universe. Third, While some my not like revealing that this is the Earth 2 Legion I liked it. It shows how things can be similar and how the Legion can be timeless. Also the ideas that Legion's exist in other universes/dimensions is a known thing in the DC Universe and is shown to be in this issue. This also i thing/hope points out that while the Legion is gone for a bit it will be back. Maybe in a different Universe and different look to it. Much like the two boot and three boot Legion of the pre 52 era DC comics. This also bodes the question was the Legion always part of Earth 2 or because it was ending they wanted to give it some closure? I am however, hopefully that one day the Legion will come back. This issue was also nice for showing all the alive Legion members in this issue in one form or other. They were all well drawn and had good facial reactions compared to other issues of this series. This Legion is also the one to suffer the most damage since the Five Years Later ark in the late 80's and early 1990's. Well to me at least. Lastly, this is the series I picked up to get into doing my website on comics and also the second to get cancelled on me. While the series may be dead I will go on. In fact I plan to pick up the Justice League 3000 series as the replacement of the LOSH comic from DC. While JL 3000 is having problems in pre production and until it comes out I will do a extra Legion comic from the past. This will hopefully help to push the Classic Legion material into 1965 and move into it's period of growth.    

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