Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nova # 9

       The comic starts showing a picture of the mailbox of sam's home and a voice yelling. SAM! It seems that Sam was driving the truck and hit the mailbox. Robbie at this says. I thought you said you knew how to drive! Dam at this says. I do! Vance chimes in and adds. That is provably false. He than adds. We should have known when you said you'd "always" wanted to" an '92 Toyota pickup. Let me guess. You don't even have a driver's licence.... Robbie adds. What's that smell? Did you leave the e-break on?! Sam to this says. I don't know what an E-brake is, How could I leave it on--?! Suddenly, he says. Wait, I smell it too....

      As he starts to run he says. Something's buring! Vance at this asks. What should we do..? Robbie to this says. We're a team now, Vance... We back him up! Sam inside seeing a fire yells. MOM?! than KAELYNN! than runs further in. Robbie and Vance seeing the fire and while Vance walks to put it out Robbie says. Oh, don't worry about the massive grease fire! We've got this. Sam seeing something says. Mom...
       In the living room is a bounded and gagged mom. Kaldera holds her on a leash and says to him. Shhhhhhh. You'll wake the little meat.
       Sam than says. You just made a BIG mistake. Kaldera at this says. No. I am doing this properly. She is clam... sedated if she wakes she will become stressed, ruining her flavor. I cannot have that. Robbie and Vance come and see. Vance gives a face and Robbie says. Who's she? Some kind of space babysitter? Hey, doll! You left the oven on! Sam at this annoyed says to both of them. Just stay back and shut up! Kaldera at this says. Yes... The cow put up a fight. Her meat is spoiled with fear and rage. It would be no loss to end her with the push of this button.


        Kaldera than adds. I have been sent by the one who culls WORLDS. The one they call THANOS. I have been sent for you head, SAM ALEXANDER, Because of the crown that rests upon it. The starred HELMET you choose to wear. Sam at this says. I didn't CHOOOSE anything! I-- Kaldera at this says. shh. sh.. I've taken MANY Novas to the slaughterhouse. I find it more pleasurable when they fall as honorable warriors they are. Not hiding behind their NOVA-FORCE. This is why I make my offer of BARAL-TAR. As sam makes a face she adds. You will lay down your CROWN. I will lay down my KROOVS. We will make violence in the old ways with hands. If you best me, I leave. I take your head with me if you lose. What say you, Sam Alexander? At this Sam says. Robbie.. Hold this and passes his helmet over. His mom goes MMMMRRRGHHH!
        The scene turns back there again to a donut shop closed. Robbie as the three talk says. You sure about this? Your mom looks PISSED. Sam to this says. Yeah, she is, that's why I need you guys to not be wusses and support me on this. Vance at this says. wusses? I think if you get killed we will have committed a crime. What's it called when you help a minor get murdered? STATUTORY MURDER? Sam to this not listening says. Great talk guys. Le's "break," or whatever its called. As the two face each other Kaldera says. Your bloodmeat's bonds are no longer armed. Should I fail, you may free her. If so, do not spare my life, you will be doing me no favor. Sam to this says. Got it, Kill you in cold blood. Nice, normal request. Kaldera at this says. As thanks, you may choose if I will slay your mother before taking you, should you fall. His mom at this says. MMMMRRRGHH! Sam annoyed says. This is a real bummer way to start a fight, you know that? Can we just get started?
        Kaldera than says accepted and with a BAM hits Sam. Sam at this says. I wasn't ready. To this she says. Sad. He lets out a WHUP! Robbie and Vance behind them looks worried. He is hit again and he lets out a GURK!

       He mom says. MMMRRRGHHH! again. Nearby Robbie says. Come on, Sam! You've get to-- He than adds. ohh. Just made eye contact with the mom. That does not feel great. Fighting Kaldera says. Come now! Sam can only say. ARGH! As she kicks him she adds. What is this?! Sam can only yell in pain with a HRMPH!
       Kaldera holding Sam than says. You are not trained in combat?! Sam at this says. I'm... "caff"... I'm not really trying. I don't like fighting. BULLIES. Kaldera at this says. I proffered you BARAR-TAK. These are not the actions of a bully. Sam to this says. Well, Let's see: You hate me for some reason. I don't understand. Which is fine, but instead of hating me quietly to yourself, You force me into a fight that you KNOW you'll win because you KNOW you're stronger than me. Sorry, you're a bully. And i'm not really interested in fighting fair with a bully. Kaldera at this says. Fighting fair? Sam than move to himself says. Wow, I'm gonna look like a jerk. He than yells. GUYS! I'M GETTING MY BUTT KICKED! PLAN B! 
       Robbie at this says. Vance, we're up. Vance using his powers says got it. The helmet lands on Sam's head and Kaldera yells. NO! Than adds. You break your word! You face danger with cowardice and are still called NOVA?! Sam transformed to this says. Eh. Depends who you ask.

       With a SHZZZARK he hits her with a blast and she yells out. GAAAAHH! It than sends her flying back with a CRASH into the donut ship. He goes to his mom and set's her free saying. Stay still, Mom... His mom to this says. Sam, you got to-- To this he says. Now's not the time for a safety lecture, Mom! His mom to this says. I'm not giving you one. Kick her butt, Sam. Sam making a face says. yes, ma'am.
        Kaldera activating something says. Come, You will see that even the waponless may sting the honorless. Sam flying than says. And you will see that this blue light hurts really bad when it smacks your face! Something says. Coordinates uploaded and with a GYAAN-- she is hit and a message says. Transport commencing. Their is a SHZZZZARk and a RRGHH! from her and a massage saying the slaugtership Lunar Orbit +/- 500 miles.
        Now on the ship Sam says. Great. It's been a couple of months since I was teleported to a terrifying Alien landscape. With a WHA-- He spots a Nova Helmet and says. A Nova Helmet? How-- Kaldera at this says. He was a Garlon from CENTRIFIX IV. I tore out both of his hearts with my bare hands. But he did well. He died with honor. With a ZPTK a message saying transfer complete happens. Sam surprised says. transfer?  What tran--


       She swings an axe at Sam causing him to yell. WHOA! He than adds. Lady, you did not want to call attention to yourself. With a SHZZZARk he sends her back into a wall. Kaldera than says. Y-You... You cheated.
        Sam charges his first and says. You called my mom a cow. With a BOOM punches her in the face and knocks her out.
        Aliens surround him and he says. Er.. in=oh. He than says. She... she called my mom a cow. A voice says. Enough! It is the servant from last issue and he adds. Kaldera has failed to kill this Nova. If we do not succeed. Our failure will be linked to hers. As will out punishment/ An alien says something. The servant than adds. I much prefer attending to Kaldera when she's like this. I find her less likely to hack away at me. Sam to this says. Great story, but I don't even know where I am, and-- What are you doing! The servant says. you'll see...

         Back at Sams home Robie wh has Kaelynn on his back and she says. No, you're it! I touched you! Robbie at this says. I don't feel a thing! His mom in front talking to Vance cleaning says. You really don't have to clean my oven, Vance. Vance to this says. Well. It's either that or play with that screaming ki-- She says to this. What's that? Vance says. Nothing! Love to clean, Ms. Alexander! Suddenly, their is a SHZZZARK sound and Kaelynn says. Did you hear that?! She runs outside and sees someone and yells. SAM! She than says. Sam! An ugly angel came down from space and called me"little mutt"! But then I woke up and your best friend Robbie told me it was a silly dream! Sam to this says. My best friend, huh? His mom runs up and says. SAM! Robbie adds. You were gone so I gave myself the promotion. Sam to his mom says. I'm all right. Mom. And... I did that thing you asked. His mom to this says. I knew you would. You're my boy. But where were you? Sam to this says. I don't know. And they were eager to get rid of me before I found out. I could have been halfway across the galaxy-- oh, maybe Kaelynn should...
         Robbie to Kaelynn says. Hey, Kaelynn, How would you like to drop a bowling ball on my head? She says. Okay! Robbie adds. Go see if you can find one while us grown-ups talk... She runs off saying bowling ball. Sam to his mom says. Look, Mom. I can explain. This  is Robbie and Vance, and they-- to this his mom says. Oh, they already introduced themselves, come on, I'll make us some dinner... She adds. And you can tell me about this new 'team' of yours. The two make faces and Sam says. Wait, what?!
         In the fleet a voice says. Wake her up. Kaldera does and says. HUNNNNGH! In some machine she says. The nova did not end me. I am doomed. A voice yes. It is the servant and he adds. The Nova still LIVES. Our king now lacks the troops to deal with him. And on top of this disgrace you had the audacity to LIVE. It is this insult THANOS cannot bear. Proxima midnight nearby says. You are condemned to the MIDNIGHT SPHERE. Where you will experience the amassed degradation and pain of all who've fallen before us. But you will NOT die. You have lost that privilege. Kaldera to this says. So is our way. Let it be done.

Proxima than says. As you are aged by lifetimes of torture, you would do well, Kaldera, to remember why you are condemned to this fate. Kaldera to this says. Yes. I plan to. The comic ends with the servant THUK closing the device.


This issue was not too bad. I felt that the addiction of Robbie and Vance is helping this comic to turn the corner for me of liking it better now. Both are fun and not badly written and seem to add something that was lacking in the previous issues. I do hope that stay around as it is not uncommon to have a series that has the main lead and some friends that appear with him. For this issue though it was not a bad follow up to the last issue and the fight with Kaldera was interesting and her end as well.  The family angle again in this issue was well done and showed how important it is to the series.      

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