Monday, November 25, 2013

Marvel in the 1960's; The Incredible Hulk # 1 part 1

         The comic starts in the desert showing a picture of a G-Bomb. Miles away in a concrete bunker a task force of scientists is waiting for this bomb to go off. The first test of a Gamma bomb. In the bunker is Dr. Bruce Banner. He is waiting for it to go off as well and helped to create it. A scientist next to him thinks it is too dangerous. The man wants to know the secret of the gamma ray. However, Banner quiets him as a General Ross appears. Ross wants to know what the wait is for. Banner states that every precaution needs to be taken as it is a powerful force. Ross calls Banner a milksop and says he should have put in charge of the test as he would have it done by now. He daughter Betty speaks up and says that Banner knows what he is doing. Ross tells her to stay out of this "man talk" Betty however adds that he tries to live up to his nickname of "thunderbolt" and not to worry.

      Banner than says it is time to start the final countdown. Igor the scientist from before tries again to get Banner to tell him the secrets. Banner says no and that the info is locked in his room. Igor calls him a fool and asks what if he made a mistake. Banner says he does not make mistakes. An aid than says the countdown has begun. Banner looks out suddenly, sees a teenager in a car driving into the test area. Banner asks Igor to delay the countdown and drives off in a jeep to save the kid. Igor thinks he will not stop the bomb and end Bruce Banner.
     Banner gets up to kid and starts to warn the kid. He gets the kid out of the  car and mentions the bomb to him. At the base not being told to stop the bomb is set off. Banner get's the teenager to safety and the bombs goes off. He is bathed in the full force of the gamma bomb. He screams waking up. A doctor says it is a miracle he is alive. The teenager says he bought him and that he is name is Rick Jones. Rick thanks him for saving his life and states he is a orphan and says no one has ever done anything for him.
       Rick than asks how long they will keep them there. Banner says he does not know and wonders why nothing happened to him. Rick holds a device he thinks is a radio but it only makes static noises. Banner states it is a geiger counter and that it is going wild. Suddenly, something happens to Banner. He changes into some Hulk like monster which Rick comments on. This Hulk knocks him away soon enough calling him a insect.

      The Hulk than wonders where he is and why he is locked in and wants to get out. He does by ripping the wall or at least part of it off an heading outside. Nearby military see him and wonder what he is is. He goes up to them and destroys the jeep in they are in and walks off. He than walks off thinking of finding a place to hide. Rick Jones calls after him and starts to follow him.
      Sometime later he is hiding from military men in the night.
    They are looking for what Banner is called now in this form the Hulk. At the bunker where Banner escaped from a guard says nothing human could have caused this. In front a officer wonders what happened to Bruce and Rick. Somewhere, else, Rick following the hunlk wonders where he is going. The Hulk thinks if some formula and getting home to protect it. During this he smashes through a small cottage. Than with great stealth the two get passes guards to the outside of a lab Banner's brain is telling him to go into to.
       Inside, is Igor looking for the secret Banner hid in here and wants. Igor sees the Hulk and fires his gun at him. The Hulk does not ever feel the shot and fights him to grab the gun away. The Hulk than bends and destroys the gun. Igor is shocked. At Igor calling him not human the Hulk gets angry and picks him up.


       Rick tells him not to kill Igor as Igor yells for help. The Hulk puts him down by tossing him on the table full of equipment. On the bottom of a beaker is a report on the Gamma bomb. Rick says they better give it to the army and that the Hulk wrote it while being Bruce Banner. The Hulk wonders why that name sits in his head. He looks at a nearby picture of Banner and says that it is weak and soft and that he haters it. Rick points out he can't hate it as they are the same.
       The Hulk than recalls the blast. The Hulk angrily at it being called a bad thing swats Rick away. He than moves foreword intending to kill Rick. At this same time the sun comes up and the Hulk begins to turn back into Bruce Banner. Back to himself he is happy to think again and that the nightmare is over. However, he may never be the same. At this same time their is a knock on the door from the police.
        It is the military police who have tailed the Hulk to here. They see it is mostly empty expect for Igor who they believe may have been in league with the Hulk.


         The lead officer asks Banner how he got out of the hospital and a shoulder wound. He also wonders if Banner is mixed up in this. Rick thinks he is kidding that Banner is the Hulk. Soldiers say the Hulk looked nothing like Banner. One that he was powerful and maybe an escaped giant gorilla. Another a escaped bear in clothing. Rick laughs both off. The officer sees they have the formula and takes it for safe keeping. Betty Ross comes to apologize about her father but is worried about this. Banner says a bit and she thinks he needs medical care. Rick says just some peace and quiet.

This ends part one of the Hulk


Sorry for breaking this into a part one and part two. However, due to being very busy from school and life and I was only able to get half this issue done. The other half will come next month along with a look at what happened to the hulk after this issue came out.


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