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From the Vault: Adventure Comics # 327

         The comic starts with a ship coming to a prison world. The man has done the crime of joining the Legion under false pretenses to sabotage the emergency board to make a crime easier to do.

       At the clubhouse the board is working great and Saturn Girl adds that they have a new monitor that now links them to every world's officials. At this it goes off and Ultra Boy points out that the world of Krallak is calling them. Their moon has exploded and is going to rain debris on their world. Saturn Girl sends Superboy and Mon-EL to deal with it and they say they will not be back to it it done. Next to call is the planet Zoon where their space crystals have been taken by someone with superpowers. For this mission Saturn Girl sends Ultra Boy and Lighting Lad. Not long later Zoon again calls warning of a second crime. Next the Earth Science Police call. They state a interplanetary circus has opened and that the beasts are too dangerous for public safety. For this mission Saturn Girl sends Brainiac 5 and Lighting Lass.
      Soon the two are at the circus. Both notice something is amiss with the creatures. The Venusion Hoppers are fearful of something. Other animals are ready to stampede. They see that it is caused by a Morvennian fear beast. Light Lass makes it Light enough for Brainiac to carry. However, Light Lass sees that some camelephants are about to stampede into the crowd. Out of nowhere a young man appears on a swinging rope and appears to be doing something.
      He grabs a very big and heavy spot light and turns it on. He than swings to the charging animals on a tight rope and uses the light to stop them. Brainiac and Light Lass introduce themselves to him. They also ask who he is. He states his name is Karth Arn and starts to walk away. Light Lass at this states that with his strength and acrobatic superpowers he should try and join the Legion of Super-Heroes. At this he says no. He points to the symbol of the lone wolf on his chest saying it shows he wants no part of it. Light Lass than states they need him due to the shortage of members and mentions the planet Zoon. He gets shocked at the mention of Zoon.

       She tells him about the thefts and asks why he is so upset about it. He says he is not and again states he does not want to join the Legion. After he leaves Light Lass adds he is one of the few to refuse a invitation to join. Brainiac wonders why Zoon upset him so badly. Laster at the HQ Brainiac shares that Lone Wolf could have been the one to do the theft on Zoon and came here to hide. At this Light Lass states he is not criminal and konws it. Saturn Girl at this says they still have to investigate and that she and Chameleon Boy should investigate the spaceport for lone Wolf's arrive time. Chameleon Boy arrives at the spaceport to find Lone Wolf came only today in a small space-speedster alone and that he has left again in the direction of Zoon. He calls Saturn Girl telling her this and she says he needs to be followed. After this Brainiac states that he will take Sun Boy and Light Lass with him. Saturn Girl at this is wore about Light Lass and her fondness of him but has to send her due to shorthandness.
      Soon the group is on a Legion cruiser and uses radar to look for the ship. They find him and see Lone Life is heading for Zoon and they plan to overtake him. Back at HQ Saturn Girl calls Ultra Boy and tells him of this. He sates he will contact after as they have only began to investigate the robbery. The planet Zoon has three suns that make it have red, yellow and green periods. Ultra Boy asks about seeing the security camera. The camera shows a person knocking the guards out and than tearing the door off with great strength. Ultra Boy sees that he did not use gloves and their may be fingerprints on the door to use getting them with his ultra-vision.
       Ultra Boy uses his powers to look at the fingerprints and sees that none exist surprising him. Elsewhere, the Legion ship is close to catching up to Lone Wolf's ship and asks him to surrender. Suddenly, Lone Wolf sees a blue ball of energy that is a trap to send him to another dimension. He turns his ship out of the way but the Legion ship is caught. The three on the Legion ship began to be pulled in and can't began to get loose. Lone Wolf watches them and is worried especially if Light Lass is on board and began's to plan to collude his ship with theirs to knock them free.


        He is able to crash into the Legion Ship but hits his head and blacks out. The two ships than crash. Light Lass is unhurt but Sun Boy and Brainiac are kncoked out. She gets into the other ship to see that Lone Wolf is unconscious but not hurt. Soon he wakes  and Light Lass states she is happy and is not sure how she could have coped if he died. Lone Wolf tells her to stop having interest in him. She whys and he states due to him not being human at all.
        He than runs off into the forest heading somewhere. She asks him not to leave but he does not listen. Soon Brainiac and Sun Boy wakes up. She tells them of what happened. Brainiac wonders if he is a life like Robot. However, to this she says he would not have been stunned as he was. She also reveals in the ship that she kissed him and that his skin was of living flesh.
        Sun Boy than says that the only answer is that he is a Android. At this Light Lass is very sad. Elsewhere, Lone Wolf thinks about things. That he has no memory of a childhood as he was created without one. He drifted from world to world sad no girl could be his. He is feeling bad about Light Lass as she gives him the look of love he wants.


        Brainiac on the crashed Legion Ship calls Lighting Lass asking for help. Lighting Lad says sure and that they are just about to investigate the second robbery. The sceen turns to elsewhere on Zoon and Ultra Boy talking to someone. The person reveals that a inter-dimensional penetrator was stolen. It happened the same way as the other crime. Brainiac also contacts Earth and tells Saturn Girl about Lone WOlf and he maybe being an android. He asks HQ to run the information computer correlator for info about Lone Wolf. Soon she enters the known information. Chameleon Boy nearby adds that it has tons and tons of memory. It spits out some information about an Dr. Mar Lando who created Andrioidsand died in 2963. The Legion members all meet up who are on Zoon. They learn Dr Londo had a laboratory in the Ebony Mountains that is north of their location and likely where Lone Wolf is heading. They head their in their working ship.
        They fly over the forest and soon reach the lab where Dr Londo's son lives. Soon, they knock on the door and the son Brin Londo appears and tells the story. The Doctor created an army of androids to get one of the rarest elements in the universe that of Zuunium. It only existed at the core of the planet. The element would help to creat a ray that would give humans Super-powers. The androids than head down to the center of Zoon to find the rare element.
         They first encounter great creatures that destroy part of the group by eating them. Next more are taken as they near the element due to volcanic activity causing rocks to fall taking all but three out. In the end only one returned an android called Karth Arn. The doctor than begans his work. The son than states Karth Arn must be the lone Wolf and did the robberies after the doctor passed away. He soon comes to the lab.


         The son than suggests that he uses a stun gun on hi,. Brainiac suggests no and that the Legion can handle it. Light Lass does try to warn Lone Wolf but Ultra Boy is too fast for her and holds him. However, in the lab Brainiac sees the inter-dimensional penetrator and heads outside to save lone Wolf. He states that the son is in fact the Android and been faking being Brin Londo. Lone Wolf akss how as he has no past. The Android than reveals something. He wanted to be master of the place.

         Soon after Dr. Londo died he used a stun gun on the real Brin Londo  to make him recall nothing. He than switched clothes. The real Brin Londo than runs off and the Android gets worried and decides to get a powerful weapon to deal with him. Brainiac reveals he stole the Dimensional penetrator. At this Lone Wolf is happy to be human. The comic ends with Brainiac fixing the amnesia and Light Lass asking Lone Wolf to try and join the Legion. It truly ends with him saying yes but not call him Lone Wolf anymore.


This issue was pretty interesting. It starts off a a normal issue enough but gets quite good. The introduction of Lone Wolf was quite fun. This isue also establishing something in Legion comics that would exist for a long time. The first is bring in Lone Wolf who would change his name to Timber Wolf. Second is the relationship that would exist between Timber Wolf and Light Lass would started in issues after and would last until the 1980's. This also marks another issue that used female Legion members much more and not just as back ground characters. Also of notice this issue completes 1964 with the way I'm following the dates and so the next Legion issue was be from 1965    

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