Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nova # 7

           the comic starts in New York City with Sam on top of the statue of Liberty  and talking. Well, giant liberty dude. THIS IS IT. New York City. The crime capital of the world. Probably. I can't believe mom wanted me to stay in Arizona and clean up CAREFREE... This place needs NOVA. I can SMELL it. Suddenly, a light flashes on him and a voice says. PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM! Sam can only say. --what'?!

          Surrounded by three helicopters he says. WHOA!  A voice says. COME DOWN FROM LADY LIBERTY AND SURRENDER! NOW! Sam says. "Lady"?! I'm pretty sure this is a dude! As they fire at him he says. HOLY-- He adds. S-stand down... It is I. NOVA, Here from the stars. I've come to protect you. THE NEXT ONE GOES THROUGH YOUR HEAD! Sam at this says. Though my head?! Okay, New Tactic... He flies off saying. DON'T HURT ME! I'M JUST A KID!
          As he flies he adds. Guess they're still mad about that time I came here to warn the AVENGERS about the phoenix force... And kind of flew through a 747. I can see where they're coming from. Suddenly, their is a boom and he adds. Okay, that one wasn't me. Hope the citizens of N.Y.C. are looking up at the moment, because they're about to see Nova fly HEADLONG into danger. Wish i could see the look on their faces. Below one says to a person buying a paper. what the--? The other says. That a new one? The paperman says. Who can keep 'em straight? You gonna pay for that, or what? The man to this says. Of course i am. Geez. mister impatient.
          Above Sam is flying and talking. Don't worry, Ma'am Nova's got you. Nah, play it cool, Alexander. Wait until someone ask's who you are.. Suddenly, with a GYAAA--! He hits Spider-man.


        Sam than says. Whup! As he crashes into the side of a building. Spider-Man(Who is really Doc OCK.. ong story) says. Insolent prat! If I didn't have the augmented reflexes of spider-man I would have been-- Out of nowhere a voice says. AHEM! It is two people where debris is going to fly on them. One says. YO! The other. You two gonna do something about this?! Spider-man at this says. Gr... I suppose and webs them and Sams moves the debris.
         Sam to Spider-Man than says. Got it! Ha Ha! Nice teamwork Spider-Man. Spider-Man at this says. SHUT UP YOU IDIOT! Sam can only say. Idiot? To the people saved Spider-Man says. I saved you! I got there first. I want to be well heard on that! The two saved people say. Y-yeah, well... Either way we weren't crushed to death. Kind of the most important part. After they go Spider-Man to Sam says. Have you NO professional courtesy?! Where were you going in such a hurry? Sam to this says. Heading to that explosion... You know. Super-Hero stuff. Spider-Man looking at the Nova Helmet says. Is that a CORRECTIVE HELMET?! That was a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION! Aren't you scanning the police bands?! Sam to this says. S-scanning the police band? That's actually a really good idea. So where do you get one of these police scanner things? At this Spider-Man asks. Your voice.. HOW OLD ARE YOU?! Sam says. Fifteen.. Spider-Man can yell. FIFTEEN?! As he starts to leave Sam says. Where are you going? And wait! Spider-Man than says. To mourn the loss of the last five minutes. Three hundred seconds lost forever. WASTED ON A CHILD!
          Sam to this says. I'm kind of NEW to all this. Maybe you could show me the ropes, or-- Spider-Man to this says. YOU BUMBLING WHELP! Does NEW YORK CITY look like it needs any more super heroes? Here, let's try something. Sam as SPiderman makes him look up says. What are we doing? Spider-Man says. Just look up into the sky. Let's see how long it takes. Sam says. How long WHAT takes--? As Iron man appears Spider-Man says. IRON MAN! Less than ten seconds and we have Iron Man! Off to stop a crime in less time than it would take to EXPLAIN it to you!  He adds. New York doesn't need any more Heroes! Especially when they're so young and their skulls are still soft! If I were you, I'd try a city with less Super Heroes. Which would be ANY other city. Sam to this says. That's... That's actually not a bad idea. Spider-Man a bit surprised says. Oh?! You really like it?! That means a lot coming from from you, Justin Beeker? Sam can only say. who?


       Spider-Man says at this. You know, I'm Spider-Man. I make references to things like Justin-- I thought it was "Beeker." Some brat that sings and annoys everyone! It's something I... DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT! He than says. HEY, NEW YORK CITY, THIS THIMBLE-- WEARING ELF JUST SAID I HAD A GOOD IDEA! I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD! After he leaves and to what he said Sam says. Wow. Spider-Man's kind of a a!)@#$.

       The scene turns to Clovis, New Mexico. A voice says. It's just flat-out hard being a super-hero without the infrastructure of the Avengers. Another voice says. We're sticking with it. That was the plan. The first voice says. But the super-villain situation in middle America is so weak. It's practically NON-EXISTENT. The other voice says. Yeah, but you have to admit it feels GOOD to be back in the saddle. like when we were NEW WARRIORS. It is revealed that the two are Justice Speedball. Young Super-Heroes. Justice adds. I'm going to level with you, Robbie. THIS is NOT the new warriors. And let's not kid ourselves, The NEW WARRIORS were never all that glamorous to begin with. Speedball at this says. No, But we were REAL, We were trying. Maybe this is all a sign that we should try to get the band back together. Justice to this says. Robbie, I'm going to stop you right there. Running our truck out of gas because we wanted to eat tonight is NOT a sign we should bring back the New Warriors. Speedball Suddenly, says Shh! Do you hear that?
        With a SCHOOOOOM Sam passes by them and Justice says. Is that-- Oh, no. Speedball adds. Oh, yeah! That was a sign, Baby! WE'RE BACK!


       The scene turns to Los Angles, California. A police chase is happening and a police car says. All cars in pursuit. Inside a Ice Cream truck a clown says to a women. You scream, I scream. Than you DIE for-- Seeing Sam he says. The hell- He's not supposed to be here. Outside the window Sam says. To level with you. I'm not exactly sure how this works, so i'm just  going to make you pull over!
       Sam grabs the clown saying. NO ONE OUTRUNS NOVA! Now to.. Sam than says. You know what I don't know what i'm supposed to do with you, so let's just wait for the cops. Out of nowhere a voice says. GENE! The women has taken off a wig and it is in fact a man who adds. GET OFFA GENE YOU PSYCHOPATH! Sam can only say. GAH! SHE-MALE! Someone than yells. CUT! It is a movie and a director says. What are you doing in the shot?! Who the hell ARE you?! Sam to this says. Los Angeles' Newest Super Hero?
        The director than says. Does it look like we need a super hero? Sam to this says. IT KIND OF DID... You know when i first showed up. The director adds. We have our permits. Sam than says. Oh.. Okay. I didn't know you had your.. permits.. I'm gonna go, then. The Director than says. You're never going to work in this town again. Sam to this says. oh, wow. That's heartbreaking. Because you guys aren't all yelly and weird at all. He adds to the wig guy. Nice Wig. The director at this says. Wait.. I can use you in-- Sam flying off says. Nothanks you'recreeping meout!

       Sam flying by the Hollywood hills sign says. Gah! Spider-Man is by far the worst person I have ever met in my life, But i think he was RIGHT! If i'm going to find emergencies I need to scan communications bands or something. Suddenly, As his helmet makes noises he says . on, no. that's the sound you make when you're about to "help" me-- He sees several stories and to his helmet says. STUPID HELMET! NINETY PERCENT of the time i talk you, you don't answer NINE percent of the time i wish you hadn't. Byt one time out if a hundred you REALLY come through.
        As the helmet tells a story of carefree and the destroyed skate park he says. Are you doing this on purpose?! Are you trying to make a point? Okay, that's enough! Shut it off! Flying he adds. Look, I don't care what anyone thinks! I'm going to put that fire out... And than i'm going to stop that riot... And help Spider-Man whether he likes it or not!
         The scene shifts to Carefree Arizona at the skate park with the rising sun. A voice says. They gonna have us pick away at this thing with shovels forever?! WHen are they getting a dozer in here? A man adds. Town didn't have enough money to build this thing. Last thing they want to pay for is having it tore down. Another man adds. So we're the CHEAP option? I don't want alarm you, But I think our lives took a wrong turn somewhere. Suddenly, a voice says. Okay, I don't have all day. It is Sam and he adds. I'll help you for ONE HOUR. Where do you want all this crap?


           One of the men says. Wh-ho hired you? Sam to this says. No one hired me. The other man says. You're just here for fun? Sam to this says. No! Look i don't want to talk about it. The first guy than asks. How much are you making? Because Bob told us no one was making more than twenty an hour. Sam a bit annoyed says. Hey! I'm Nova, okay?! A Super hero! And the only reason i'm here is because apparently firemen have a "system" and that doesn't include me flying through the building real fast. And you can't inspire an angry crowd into working together when they're throwing RED DYE at each other. And also when Spider-Man tells you to stay out of his way he really, really means it. I have the power to fly to the sun and back but I haven't helped ONE single person tonight, And I have to start by helping you guys clean this crap up, Then so be it! And yes, if your foreman wants to pay me twenty dollars an hour then i  accept that because that is a LOT of money.
            One of them than says. Son, If you're going to clear away this rubble, then you get nothing to worry about. Because you're MY hero. Sam can only say. Really? The other man adds. yeah, and it sounds like you need stop trying run before you can walk. Watching this is the watcher on the moon and he thinks. You just need a little bit of time, Maybe. After all. you don't want to bite off more than you can chew.

     And take it from me, Someone who's seen a thing or two. The easy days don't last forever. Life'll be bearing down on you soon enough as it is. The comic ends with a picture of Thanos entering soon.


This issue was okay. The story of Sam trying too hard felt like it was trying too hard(at times). However, scenes in the cities were not bad. I also liked the fact that Sam returns to help fix the area that he destroyed. Also the Doc Ock Spider-Man was interesting because the real one may have helped Sam out. The cover was also a bit of a lie due to the fact that they do not fight.  

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