Sunday, September 22, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics 324

           The comic starts on Earth in the 30th century. The Legion is entering their clubhouse while people watch. One thinks they are great champions. However, one in the crowd is plotting to destroy them. His name is Dr. Marden King and as he returns home we learn he has a blood feud with the Legion.

          He is the brother of Jungle King who he thinks was killed by the Legion but was in fact killed by one of his monsters. King is looking at a planet called Lallor. Their was a Atomic Explosion that happened on the planet. It had far reaching affects on five children from the planet. It turned one into a Beast Boy who can turn into any animal he wished.
           Second is a Gas Girl who can go anywhere gas can go. Next is Evolvo Lad who can backwards or forewords in evolution. Second to last is life Lass who can turn lifeless things into living ones. Last is Duplicate Boy who can duplicate exactly the super-power of anyone else he sees.
            However, the Prime Minister of the planet is fear full of them. He has them put on a rocket ship and exiled. Soon King finds them and brins them to Earth. He tells them the Legion is jealous of any rival and that they will need to resist them.  

            He than calls the Legion lying to them saying the other group plans to conquer Earth. At this time their is only four Legion Members on Earth at this time. They are Invisible Kid, Star Boy, Shrinking Violet and Superboy who has just arrived in their time. Evolvo Lad than uses his power to evolve into a future man with incredible wisdom and says that Superboy is the most dangerous and that he has created a plan to deal with him.
             When the Legion get's there they overpower Superboy and throw him into a kryptonite lined cage. Star Boy is taken out by gas vapor.
              Invisible Boy by beast Boy who turns into a beast that can hear his heartbeat. Shrinking Violet is chased by Duplicate Boy. She shrinks down and goes into a hole.

         Duplicate Boy goes up to the hole and see's her getting attacked and saves her but takes her prisoner after they regrow to normal size. The doctor is happy his plan is going well but Duplicate Boy is starting to doubt after seeing Shrinking Violet's behavior.

         After the group leaves to go to the Legion Clubhouse expect for Duplicate Lad. The Doctor who is taping Shrinking Violet and Star Boy talking changes it and turns their words against them and then shows it to Duplicate Lad.
          After this King than asks Duplicate Boy to use a frozen-sleep lamp on the prisoners. Star Boy and Invisible Kid then when he comes in fights him creating a diversion for Shrinking Violet to escape.
          She makes it to a rocket ship and forces Duplicate Boy to chase after her. Soon nearby he catches up to her ship and forces her to land on a planet called MLAIN. However, she calls the Legion before landing. On the planet Duplicate Boy tells Shrinking Violet he likes her and will let her go if she promises to not rejoin the Legion. She informs that she called the Legion and if she had known she would not done so.


          Soon Colossal Boy and Mon-EL and other Legion members show up and defeat him. Shrinking Violet asks them to stop and he surrenders. She also says that she loves him. At this Duplicate Boy points out the others will not surrender as easy as he has.
          King and the others are at inside the Legion Clubhouse. King has made a projector to steal their scientific secrets. Soon the group of young heroes after the doctor leaves comes on to records room of the Legion and the door is locked. Gas Girl after the three chat makes up her mind to go in and see what evil deeds they have committed in the past. However, all she finds is the true good deeds they had done and she is surprised.
          She than tells this to the others and they choose to rebel against King. They use their powers to subdue him. Soon the Legion come with prisoner and they explain everything. King at this is angry at having failed in getting revenge for his brother.


           The group not long after this have King's projector and  plan to step through it to get rid of their powers. However, Superboy comes in using his super speed to stop it. The group from Lallor than go back home and we learn that the people overthrew the Prime Minster after they learned what he did. The Comic ends with Shrinking Violet and Duplicate Boy saying they will see each other again.


     This issue was not bad. However, some of the science is kind of funny. Though thanks to Atomic Science being somewhat new this can be forgiven. The concept of a rival group was pretty neat and able to defeat some members of the Legion was nice to see. Also this shows when they start to flush the characters out more where Shrinking Violet get's some more personality even if because she is falling in love. The artwork is also starting to get better compared to other previous issues.  

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