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Tales from Another Legion: Avengers # 4

         The comic starts with a highlight of last issue and Namor the sub-mariner jumping into the ocean. For several hours he looks for Atlantis but cannot find the city as they have hid it from him due to his previous actions against humans. Namor soon heads up to the North Pole and after awhile finds a bunch of "Eskimos" in their village worshiping something called the Mighty Lord of the Frozen Ice.  

      Namor comes upon them and states he has sworn vengeance on the entire Human race and scares off the tribe. He picks up the ice block and starts to wreck it. As he keeps to the attack on the ice block the some of the tribe head to a trading post to warn the world where Namor is. Meanwhile, having tossed the ice block into the ocean it floats away and soon starts to melt when it travels down and hits the Gulf Stream currents.
      The character is in a state of suspended animation until it passes the craft of the Avengers and the shocked group inside. Giant-Man soon grabs him and they take him inside their sub. They wonder who he is until Thor points out a colorfully costume. The Wasp looking at it closely says it is the uniform of Captain America. After this they wonder if it is truly him again the Wisp points out that he is not dead and that he is breathing and his are flickering and starting to open.
      Suddenly, Captain America wakes up yelling Bucky look out. He than goes mad and Iron Man and Thor try to restrain him. As suddenly as he started he stops and says Bucky is dead and he knows that. Captain America then asks where he is and how he got here and who the Avengers are. Iron Man asks the same thing. Captain America gathers his gear and puts it on and says he was once the man called Captain America.

        Startled, Giant-Man asks how he did not age. Iron man hopes it is not a trick and wonders how the true Captain America can stand before them. As Captain America doges a hammer toss from Thor he tells them to try and conquer him. They fight until the Wasp takes a growth capsule and gets all of them to stop fighting. After, this the ask Captain America how he has not aged.
        Captain America states that more than 20 years ago in World War Two in Europe him and Bucky were guarding a air base when a plan was stolen that was full of explosives. They manage to get on the plan but Captain America barely holds on until Bucky gets him off and he and the plane blow up. Captain America than falls into the Cold Water near Newfoundland and this is the last thing he recalls before waking up on the Avengers sub.
        After telling his story he rests and they travel for awhile and soon hit New York City. After they Dock Reporters starting asking them questions about the Hulk and Thor says it will change with the passenger down below. Suddenly, with a blinding flash the Avengers disappear and statues are in their place, the press think it is a trick to get out of the interview they wanted to conduct.


       The press run off thinking they have to be elsewhere and not too far away. A few minutes later Captain America comes up from the sub and wonders why they dashed off without him. He sees the statues and thinks nothing of it and gets off to rediscover the world. He sees some Women and thinks how lovely they still are and the difference in fashion styles. The crowd in front are shocked to see him and that he is still remembered. Soon he comes to the United Nations building and wonders what the heck it is. As he looks at a newish car a police officer is shocked to see him and that he saw him once as a kid.
       Captain America states he is in fact said man and the officer says it is a miracle and is forced to wipe his eyes due to happiness. The officer then directs him to a hotel. Later inside he is watching T.V and is shocked by it. Soon, weariness catches up to him and he sleeps. Suddenly, He wakes up hearing footsteps. He thinks it is Bucky and that he had come back. It is in fact Rick Jones and he wants to know where the Avengers are. Captain America says he could be Bucky's double. Rick than asks him about the Hulk and the missing Avengers. Captain America states he does not know who the Hulk is but will gladly help to find the Avengers.
       Captain America apologizes for thinking he was Bucky but he feels is still alive. Rick thinks he may need to see a shrink. Cap than asks Rick to get pictures from the Dock. Soon in a darkroom after doing the pictures and than enlarging them in a picture they find that a "member" of the press had a gun looking device. Cap than gets Rick to contact the teen-brigade about this.


       They take pictures of possible people and Cap follows up each lead until he finds the guy. He break through the window to attack them. As other gun-men in a nearby room hear him they movie to attack and fire their guns at him hoping to hit him.
       Cap tosses his shield and slices all the guns in two. He than pounds on the goons. The man with the strange gun tries to use his gun on Cap but he is too fast and Cap takes him out. He also thinks he is not of this Earth.
       The Man is indeed an Alien and the others in the room are shocked. The Alien then tells his story. He came from a distant galaxy and that centuries ago his ship crashed on Earth as the engine failed. He roamed the planet and was forced to turn people to stone becoming the origin of the Medusa legend due to his hair and gun. The Alien adds he was asked to turn the Avengers by Namar as he would help his ship afterwards.

       Cap says he remembers the name from the past but that he wants the Alien to free his friends and that they will free his ship. The Alien does not believe Cap so he says that he does not lie. Not long after the group is freed. Below in the ocean Namor is at his deserted castle and sees that he plan has failed. He than plans to attack again. Outside Suddenly, He sees some of his elite guard and realizes he is no longer alone.
       The next day the Alien has taken the Avengers to a deserted isle where his ship is. Underwater and above the group set up a platform and secure the place for Thor. Thor uses a closed circuit T.V to use his hammer to free and lift the ship up from its crashed position.
        Above Iron Man is watching and is surprised it work and Thor states that he could do it all the time. Underwater the ship is free and the group leave it underwater for the Alien to fix and leave in. Giant-Man makes a AAA joke and Cap begins to ask a question. However, suddenly their is a explosion and as the Avengers recover they see that Namor and some of his warriors have come to attack. As one attacks Iron Man he uses his suit to get out of the way and is grabbed by Namor in the air.

        Iron Man gets free and uses his magnetic repusler to send Namor spinning away until Namor hits some rocks. Namor than smashes the rock where chunks hit Iron Man until Namor came reach him again to fight. As Iron Man charges another weapon Namor tries to break the Armor until the Wisp comes and temporarily blinds him by flying around his head. At this same as it ends his troops ask him for help.
        Namor runs back to his troops to see that Thor is holding them off with his Hammer and making it look easy to boot. The troops back off and fire their laser weapons at Thor who uses his hammer to deflect them back at those who had fired at him. Suddenly, Namor jumps him and the two start to fight.
        Nearby underwater some troops have Giant-Man in a big net near to losing his breath. He uses his power to become Ant size and escape from the net and before being eaten by a fish grows large again. Coming up from the water he sees that Iron Man is fighting a lot of troops and so moves into help and tosses troops about the field.

        Iron Man thanks Giant-Man for the help and asks him to go and help Thor.  He joins in with Thor and Namor as both of them fight. Nearby Cap is watching and soaking in the Avengers and Namor. Back at the fight Namor tries to pick up Thor's hammer but is unable to. Thor pulls his hammer back and Namor heads off to regroup with his troops.
        As the Avengers prepare to engage again Namor shows that he has Rick Jones as a hostage. Seeing this Captain America is not happy and move into attack and save Rick. As he fighting the Island starts to break apart. Namor thinks it is a seaquake and thinks this will finish off the Avengers. However, it is not that and is in fact the Alien space ship getting ready to take off.

      After the ship takes off the group regroups and they wonder if this is victory or defeat. Iron Man than says he has an offer for Captain America. Cap knowing what it will be says yes. He joins the Avengers. The comic ends with Rick Jones wondering how the Hulk will be when he finds out that he has been replaced on the group.


This issue is pretty fun. It helps to show how the Avengers operate and how far they have come in a short time. This issue brings Captain America into the fold and this group of Avengers would not get new people until issue 16 of the series. The idea of Medusa being a Alien is also neat and this series compared to others during the early 1960's is flesh and is still a very good read decades later.

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