Sunday, December 8, 2013

From the Vault: Adventure Comics #329

        The comic starts at the Legion clubhouse where a meeting is happening. Saturn Girl states it is a new year. They talk about the time trapper and the inability to pass his barrier of time. Than their was a vanishing planet full of monsters. Chameleon Boy mentions criminals reforming and surrendering and thinks something bad is going to happen. Next Brainiac 5 reveals his new creation the Flight Ring. Using will power it allows him to easily fly and the nee for flight belts is no more.


      Suddenly, the clubhouse starts shaking and is tilted. It is Bizarro Superboy and he has come to visit. They ask him to stop the tilting so he can enter. Superboy states a duplicator machine created a imperfect model of him in the past and that this must be a copy. They do thins backwards. Suddenly, Bizarro Superboy breaks in and says. Goodbye and states this is how they enter homes on his world. Saturn Girl says on no and Superboy acts to get him away. Superboy mentions they share powers. Bizarro says he has powers Superboy does not. He states he is super-handsome and prettier than the wolfman, Dracula and the Mummy and can charm crooks into surrendering. Superboy thinks of the shambles he would make if he joined the Legion the Legion. They soon vote and reject Bizarro joining. He is happy and says he will be back to make them terribly happy.
       Brainiac 5 states that is the most unusual threat made to the Legion and asks if that is the last of him. Superboy says maybe but they can turn up at any time. Bizarro  soon gets home to his super Bizarro world. On the world the skyscrapers are all crooked as Bizarros hate perfection. Bizarro  than flys to his Bizarro fortress to do something. The Bizarro  code states they do everything opposite and ugliness is important and its a crime to make anything perfect. When clocks go off they go to bed. The traitor Beeny Dick Arnold is someone to look up to and kids want to be.
       The Bizarro dictionary is also the complete opposite of everything. So are greeting cards. Gardens are made of garbage and their good smells. Not much later Bizarro Superboy gets to his destination. He began to plan what comes unnaturally to him.


        Soon inside he has created Bizarro duplicates of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Bizarro  Superboy than creates a stupor-hero clubhouse and gets the Bizarro Legion members to try and join his new club. He asks Bizarro Brainiac 5 to figure out what two and two is. Bizarro Brainiac head starts to hurt from the problem and he builds a supercomputer. The computer produces a glove which punches him in the face and he states the answer is three. Bizarro Superboy is shocked at the right answer as is Bizarro Chameleon Boy. Next he asks  Bizarro  Lighting Lad to do a good deed. He does by splitting a mountain open with his lighting. Bizarro Saturn Girl asks whats good about that.
         Suddenly, Blue Kryptonite appears which is what Bizarro Superboy is weak to. Bizarro Brainiac wonders if as he is dying if he will become the new leader. On the ground drying Bizarro Superboy is happy with the good deed done. Bizarro Brainiac than kicks away the item. Next in the clubhouse he asks Bizarro Saturn Girl to draw what is in his head. She draws a Brain on the board. Bizarro Superboy is shocked that he has a Brain. Next he gets Bizarro Chameleon Boy to change his body. He does to a Bizarro crying Hyana. However, he does not want to change back. Bizarro Invisible Kid than asks for a test.
          Bizarro Invisible Kid turns his head Invisible while the rest of his body stays visible. He is accepted. They than set about to sign the disloyalty pledge and recite the oath. The oath is the complete opposite of the Legion one. They can also not get passing school grades and the biggest goof-off becomes leader. Later, the Bizarro Legion goes on their first mission. They steal a space radio from a interstellar police ship that ran out of fuel. Luckily, Superboy arrives and takes them someplace safe but worries about the Bizarro Legion.


       Soon, the Bizarro Legion comes to a newly or almost finished Paradise planet. Bizarro Superboy gets Bizarro Saturn Girl to do something.
        She uses her powers to control the men and make the planet look like Bizarro  world. The head engineer begins to freak out and says all kinds of negative things to the Bizarro Legion. However, because they are backward they take them as compliments. Not long after Mon-EL and Ultra Boy appear. The Engineer asks them for help and they agree to help restore the place.
         The two quickly fix the place and restore it to what it once was. The engineer thanks them and tels them it was the Bizarro legion. As they leave Mon-EL wonders what they will be up to next. The Bizarro Legion returns to their planet and makes more Legion members. Suddenly, they see that a gigantic metor is heading for the planet. Bizarro Cosmic Boy uses his powers and sends it smack into the city on the planet. If not for this it would have passed by.


       Next, the group decides to create emergencies and not fix them. They pick the planet Razm to be the choice of their "good deeds" They dig down and than make a bomb that will destroy the planet. A nearby Legion craft spots this and heads to safe the planet. On board is Shrinking Violet and Light Lass.
        The Legion craft soons lands and Light Lass uses her powers to bring the bomb out of the hole the  Bizarro Legion dug. It is than sent into space and explodes but Razm is saved. Elsewhere, Bizarro Suoerboy, Ultra Boy and Mon-EL come on a junk yard fixing old ships. They undo the reapirs and then go and "punish them."
        They punish them by tossing down jewels, expense food and Marian champagne. It leaves the Junkyard crew mystified.  Bizarro Superboy than sees that Legion ships are heading towards Bizarro  world. The ships soon land but the Bizarro Legion is their. Bizarro Superboy states they have Kryptonte ray weapons hidden and pointed at Superboy. They soon surrender.

        Lighting Lad is annoyed to have lost. They wait for Superboy to arrive. Bizarro Superboy than wants Superboy to turn Diamonds into coal. As Superboy begins to make diamond dust he gets a idea. He asks that if h makes coal that his friends will be released and the Bizarro Legion must be disbanded.  Bizarro  Superboy agrees. Soon Superboy makes coal. The Legion gets released and the clubhouse destroyed. Invisible Kid asks how but Superboy sh-hks him.

       Bizarro Superboy is happy to disband as it was too much work. Brainiac 5 asks how Superboy did it but he states he will explain later. On Earth Superboy states he though on a way to win. Saturn Girl picked it up and passed it n to Element Lad who uses his powers to turn the Diamond into coal. The Comic ends with Superboy hoping this is the end of the  Bizarro  Legion forever.


This comic was okay. More of a return to the feeling of the older issues and not quite as modern feeling. However, the Bizarro Legion was a lot of fun to see. I did not like the fact that the new Legion Flight Rings only had a quick into but thankfully they would enjoy importance from here on out. I do like the fact that this felt more like a team book than it has in the past.

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