Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Marvel in the 1960's: Journey Into Mystery #83

        The story starts on the coast of Norway where Dr. Don Blake is vacationing. As he leaves a place he does not see a Alien Spaceship land behind him.

       The ship lands and so Rock like Aliens get out of it. They are from Saturn and the atmosphere enhances their powers. They can rip trees out of the ground with ease and their bodies cannot be harmed. A local human sees them. They do not and talk about their power weapons and that a invasion force is coming.
        The villager slips away and gets to a a nearby village. Two Villagers do not believe him but Bake in back listen and thinks he is telling the true. Blake than goes off and sees if it is true. He sees that it is. They have shoot to kill orders. Blake tries to leave but steps on a twig which snaps. The Aliens know that someone has seen them. They soon chase after him. Since Blake has a bad knee he does not get far and tries and loses his cane as he nearly falls off a cliff. Seeing some caves he heads into them to try and get into safety.

       In the cave he sees a way out but it is trapped by a rock that he cannot move. Soon he starts to mope over his situation. When the wall begins to open. Inside is a ancient chamber that holds a ancient cane. He thinks he can use it to move the boulder. He tires and tires but it does not work. In angry he hits the cane against the rock and something happens.
        As the cave is bathed in Light he begins to change shape and transform. His body becomes charged with power. The cane has turned into a hammer and it has words on it. It states whoever holds the hammer and is worthy shall have the power of Thor. As such Blake has turned into Thor.

       At this he goes to the boulder and lefts it with one hand like it was nothing.
       Soon outside he puts the rock back in its place. He than ponders if he should walk among this world as a mythological god. He than dells on what he knows on Thor. That he was the strongest of all Norse gods. Suddenly, the light reappears and Blake is back to himself. He does not understand at first but realizes to stay transformed he needs to keep holding onto the hammer. Holding the hammer he wonders about it more.
       He than tests the hammer out to see if it returns. It does. He than destroys a tree testing if it is invincible or not. It is. Last he stomps it on the ground twice and creates a rain and snow storm. Last he creates a tornado.    
       To end the storm he simply has to tap the hammer three times. He than learns by taping it once he returns to the form of Blake. He than thinks it is time to warm the world of the Aliens. However, elsewhere at a NATO airbase it sees the aliens invaders. They send out aircraft to deal with the aliens. The Aliens crate a Dragon and it forces the humans to back off the attack.

      The Aliens are soon happy to see their Atomic Force Shields means the humans can do nothing to them. Below Blake sees this and turns into Thor to stop the Aliens. He than whirls the hammer and uses it to fly to where the Aliens are.
       Seeing him flying they wish to capture him and study him. He keeps them at bay but they capture him in their cage with a trap.
        Blake as Thor soon rips the cage apart and starts to advance on the Aliens. They try to fire on his as he advances. However, he uses his hammer and knocks them all away. The aliens annoyed send out their machine robot to fight Thor.

        Thor simply uses his Hammer and beats it into pieces. The Aliens see they cannot defeat Thor and flee. soon the military comes and Blake turns into his normal self. The comic ends with the military shocked at the retreat and Blake planning on taking the cane back to the New York and the United States.


     This issue was pretty good. Dr Blake was done will and how he has to handle the power of Thor. This comic also sets itself well into "real world" with the military aspect of it. The mention of New York also shows how Thor will be another New York based Marvel Hero. This comic is also an example of How the Marvel origins and movies are a bit different. Thor is very much a split thing as Blake disappears and would continue to evolve as he series goes on. The series s a whole would eventually become Thor and continue the numbing. It would last until the 1990's where very like the rest of the Marvel Comics it would be cancelled. It would last in 377 issues in all. Thankfully Thor today is very much alive and well thanks to a great origin story is going strong today.    

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