Sunday, June 24, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #9

        Cast of Characters

Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Mon-EL aka Lar Gand
Gravity Kid aka Tel Vole of the space police
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Duplicate Damsel aka Luornu Durgo
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor

     The comic stars at Metropolis University, Earth, in the 31st century. Harmonia, Circadia and Brainiac 5 are talking. Harmonia says. Fractals and gibberish. Circadia adds. The past is closed to us, Legionnaires. Brainiac with arms crossed and annoyed says. NO. Behind Dream Girl is walking up to them.

      Brainiac adds. I refuse to accept that possibility, We smashed the trapper's Iron Curtain of time.. Whatever this blockage is. There will be a path THROUGH it or AROUND it! Harmonia at this says. Did we learn nothing from my failure at titanfall, my friend/ Sometimes the universe itself guards the secrets of time.. ANd it is dangerous to defy her. Brainiac not really paying attention says. Resalance Photon Ward Cycle... Behind him and to him Dream Girl says. Brainy.. over HERE, Brainy. I felt something important would happen here today. No sign of anything, unless Brainy going for the Galactic Futility Record... AGAIN... Counts. To Harmonia who has come up besides her Dream Girl asks. Even though he's obsessive and completely unbalanced, you do have to like the guy. Harmonia at this says. The Manm yes.. His foolish Goal, No.
      Suddenly the power goes out with a FZZZT. Brainiac looks at the nearby computer saying. Peculiar-- Backup power should kick in. Circadia adda, K-k-curious.. Harmonia seeing a ball/hole of energy says. Oh no... Suddenly monsters appear and one says. yesss. ssshouldn't it? It moves with a PLONIK and It adds. But won't. Brainiac getting ready to turn his shield on says. Circadia-- By me. I'll Shield you-- He turns on his shield and it goes wonky with a KRKZZZ and he says. --What--?? One of the monsters says. Sssurprised, Legionnaire? 
       It then adds. More for Dys to Eat! Dream Girl then kirkcs it with a WHAM. The others getting ready to attack and Harmonia says. One for Trog to take, too. It then attacks with a THUNKKK.
       The scene then shifts to the prison planet of Takron-Galtos: Mon-EL and Gravity Kid of the space police are flying. As they come near a place Gravity Kid says. Hear that.. To a THUNK THUNK sound. He adds. Evidence of your senses that we still have VALIDUS locked up. Even during Saturn Queen's raid they weren't able to free him. Mon-EL at this says. Uh-huh. Don't let your new affiliation with the science blind you, Tel. She probably did think her telepathy could conyrol him... But someone with Tharok's abilities could. And if there's a plot to re-create the fatal five... Sitting down in a chair Gravity Kid says. With his impossible Biology, We don't even have to open the Inertron Cube to feed him. And we reseal it adding a fresh layer regularly without going in. He's not going ANYWHERE.

        Back at the University Harmonia attacking Trog says. You're not taking us anywhere! And sends trog off with a WHUMP. Behind a creature is fighting Dream Girl. Brainiac says. Hmm. Flight Rings not functioning either.. Not a power source issue, then. In front Dream Girl says. Brainy- A hand, please. Calculate later. At this Brainiac says. Yes I suppose. Hitting the creature on the head with a WHAMMM he says. There. The creature at this says. Annoying Humanoid.
        It then sends Brainiac into the wall with a WHAMMM causing Brainiac to say. UNHHH... Dream Girl then yells. MONSTER! and punches it with a THUDDD.
         The creature now annoyed grabs Dream Girl and says, For that, I will take you too... Dream Girl from the pressure says. AKKK. The creature looking at Brainac then adds. Perhaps a ssecond Legionnaire will increase my reward from the masters? It grabs Brainiac saying. But thisss one-- This one will please them greatly! It then adds. Come, Trog.
         However Trog is having trouble with Harmonia and it says. This one's powers are not techno, Dys-- Help me with her. Harmonia attack is hitting with a Whoosh. the creature(Dys) at
 this says. We have what we were sssent for. Destroy her or be destroyed. As it goes in the hole with a ploink it adds. I go. Harmonia attacks Trog and it falls back.
         The scene then shifts to the Legion HQ, Earth. After three bleeps Cosmic Boy says. Gone offline? All three at once? Cosmic Boy adds. Maybe Brainy solved his time travel blockage and took off with the two of them without bothering to signal HQ... Which he's rude enough to do. But Circadin senius isn't responding-- And that wall looks like Harmonia's style. To a holo of Ultra Boy he says. Jo! Move fast-- Ultra Boy at this says. Okay and Where? 

    Cosmic Boy says. Metropolis University... Circadie's Time Lab. And be CAREFUL. At a meeting mostly of Holograms Mon-EL says. Maybe it's just Brainy shorting out the system.. He's done it before.. Cosmic Boy at this says. We're spread too thin-- Between the teams looking for clues to a new Fatal Five, And training the new kids.. He adds. Hope you're right.
     At the University Ultra Boy comes through the wall with a WHAM. Out loud he says. Right about.. oh yeah. Harmonia down below says. Here, Legionnaire! Ultra Boy landing with a THUDD says. Ugly little beastie you picked up. Harmonia adds. Grab it-- it's companion took Brainy-- And Dream Girl! Ultra Boy as Trog attacks him with a THUMP says. THAT wasn't nice.
     Ultra Boy then says. Gotta time this. one-two-three- POWER SWITCH! He then hits with a WHAM. After the punch he says. Damn-- close but not quite. Sore knuckles and a broken bone. Looking at Trog on the ground he says. Lot better than YOU look, Though. The creature says. Urk. Harmonia then pointing says. They came through that small warp.. And the other creature disappeared through it.
      Picking it up by the throat Ultra Boy asks. Wanna Tell us where that leads, Ugly? The creature at first says. urk.. but then says. I failed, Masters... I obey rule the fourth and it melts in his hand causing Ultra Boy to say. Yuck! As the portal closes with a PLOINK Harmonia says. The warp's closed-- And we have no idea where it led. Ultra Boy looking at his hand says. Well, Gloppy here sure isn't gonna tell us, Either.
       In the Dominion a voice says. Master, Master. A creature that looks like Trog says.. They return. A Dominator says. Satisfactory. The power drain is affecting an entire continent... But Primus Dom will be pleased if we correctly located the Legionnaire with the accelerated intelligence gene we sough. A creature says. Look! see what Dys has neutralized, Master! The creature then says. I have done more than disable their technology and take it from... sssee what I brought for our overlords? The dominator at this says. Ah, the Coluan Legionnaire excellent. 

       Looking at Dream Girl the dominator says. And this humanoid, Dys? Why did we waste the energies of our grid to bring HER across the worldgap? Dys at this says. I felt in ger a ssimilar sstrength of mind, Master.. Not like the coluan's but not unalike, ssomhow... ANd ssshe sss-emed his companion. Dream Girl coming around a bit says. Uhh. The dominator then adds. Perhaps she will prove worthwhile. Keep her senseless. She is then knocked out with a THWORK. A bubble then says. Rule the eighth: Make no decision that the greater may wish to make themselves. The dominator then says, Bring them, To Dys holding two Legion Flight Rings he says. You have done well, Dys, using the powers we bred you with.. But be careful not to use them here, and disable our technology. 
         At the university Ultra Boy is talking. First. Gross to the thing on his arm. A Space Police officer says. We need to test this too, Legionnaire. As the glop is put into a bowl. Ultra Boy using his eye vision then says. Get what you want, officer-- I can't see anything but mess. Harmonia at this says. It WAS an odd creature. Ultra Boy now using heat vision says. Whatever it was. I want its slime OFF me. Another  SP officer on the ground says. Somekind of weird organic, Legionnaires. Long Gene Code with Variant Amino Tags.. The only data I can correlate to this the food that had to be prepared when the Dominators send an envoy to Eartha years ago.. Ultra Boy at this says. Dominators...
       Back at Legion HQ Cosmic Boy says. Dominators? Raiding Earth? Ultra Boy says. Not exactly, But it's all we got. Cosmic Boy at this says. It's enough. Duplicate damsel to Cosmic Boy says. we'll pick up discussing these possible recruits later, cos.. You have more important problems. Cosmic Boy at this says. Right.. Star Boy comes up and says. What happened to Nura? What's going on? Cosmic Boy at this says. Not sure yet, Thom... Easy. We'll get her and Brainy back.
       Cosmic Boy as a OOO goes off on the computer system says. Look alive Legionnaires. Mon-El's in transit back from Takron-Galtos, so I'll coordinate. Appears that we're under attack by the dominators, So we'll take the fight back to them... Suddenly Mon-EL says. Hold it, Rokk. just got word from Earthgov that we're NOT to break the treaty lines and enter the Dominion space. Star Boy at this says. Are you CRAZY?! Mon-EL reply's with. Not enough evidence yet. They don't want to start a war over a hypothesis. 

         Star Boy angrily says. And I'M risking Nura's life on some small-minded bureaucrat's stupidity. I QUIT. I'll get her back myself if I have to. The comic ends with Star Boy leacing a shocked Legion in his wheelchair. 


This comic was not bad. It helps to show that the Dominion really wants to strike back against United Planets or even just the Legion. It also helps to give Star Boy something to do as he has not been able to do too much so far in this run. Will it cause him to have health problems again. who knows 

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