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Legion Lost 9

     The comic starts with some catchup. It starts with...


      Barely ten-seconds have passed since they stood triumphant. Ten seconds since they dared believe they might survive THE CULLING-- A battle to the DEATH pitting metahumans, victims of the hypertaxis virus and Normal teenagers against one another. Ten seconds since HOPE flicked in their hearts and they imagined escaping the Antarctic complex of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Ten seconds before the air SIZZLED and the ground ERUPTED-- Suddenly a Kwakwooom happens to the group and they are falling.
      They land and Harvest greets them and fires off his energy weapon. As they land he starts to talk to them. You have fought well and sacrificed much, children. Such a pity that most of you must now DIE. I anticipated your momentary victory over my loyal minions-- And ordered them out of the crucible so that we could get better acquainted. I need new RAVAGERS for the great battle that is yet to come-- But only the BRAVEST and STRONGEST may serve me.
      Wonder Girl says to this. It's HARVEST! He's the one behind N.O.W.H.E.R.E and the CULLING! Dawnstar try to catch her at this says. WAIT! We must assess his full POWER before engaging him. Red Robin next her her then adds. Listen to her, Wonder Girl! We need a plan.
       Tyroc down on the ground thinks/says. RED ROBIN, we can discuss one surreptitiously as soon as TELLUS-- behind to him Tellus adds. Establishes.. a TELEPATHIC LINK? Already... accomplished. As Tyroc tires out a sonic blast he says. HARVEST seems to be sheltered within a protective FORCE-SHIELD.
       One of the Titans Bunker comes up and then says. Have no fear! BUNKER'S here. I like this GROUP-THINK thing. 'cause I know you're all checking me out with your minds. Tyroc seeing this and what Bunker is doing says. Bunker-- NO! Bunker coming on Harvest says. Don't be a glory hog, Tyroc. We TITANS have first dubs on HARVEST. He's been our butts for months. As he punches he adds. I'm going to enjoy hammering my way past his-- Harvest sends him flying with him saying. YIKES! Harvest to what he was saying and watching him fly says. Such impulsiveness does not bode well for your survival, child.     
       Wildfire catching up to Bunker says. Easy, Bunker! I've got you. Bunker to this says. HELLO, my hero! I wonder what you look like beneath that-- uhhh.. never mind...Thinking he says. I can sense the WINGED BRUNETTE your thoughts. Tyroc to Dawnstar then says. DAWNSTAR! Now that we've stopped the CULLING, we've got to get Harvest's captives to safety. Dawnstar to this says. What do you suggest Tyroc? Tyroc reply's to this is. If that madman's troops can leave the CRUCIBLE-- your TRACKING ABILITIES should be able to find their exit point. Suddenly Tyroc is hit and he says. WHOA! Dawnstar concerned says. Tyroc! TYROC! You all right? Tyroc responses with. I.. I'll be fine. Red Robin informs me a TITAN is missing, Keep an eye out for SKITTER-- And take GATES, CHAMELEON GIRL and BUNKER for backup. Bunker comes running up to Red Robin and says. AWWW, RED ROBIN! You're not going to let him bench me for one mistake? To this Red Robin says. We're here to SAVE these kids, Bunker! He add's I need someone I can trust to watch over them. Lighting then says. I'll rather stay and fight-- Buy my first duty is to my brother. Gates at this says. Suit yourself, Lady! As fer the rest'A you-go! Go GO! Thunder then says. C'MON LIGHTING! You heard the... ummm WHATEVER!


           As they go off the narrator adds. Unnoticed in the confusion, the ravager called RIDGE stirs, his head thundering with agony... Ride then thinks. b-blasted Wildfire. Cracked me bleeding' skull, I'd wager. Couldn't join the others when HARVEST ordered us to faff off. But I can follow this lot. Elsewhere Tyroc says to Chameleon GIrl. What are you doing, Chameleon Girl? You're supposed to go with DAWNSTAR.  Chameleon Girl at this says. Sorry, Tyroc. I answer to a HIGHER authority. As she attack Harvest he says. AT LAST! I was wondering when or if you would dare reveal your true allegiance. As she is hit she yells. ARRRGH! He adds, Your master's at ECHO will be very disappointed in you, YERA ALLON. 
         Wildfire after this is bought out says. How does Mr. Monster know Chameleon Girl's real name? and What the hell is ECHO? Timber Wolf at this says. OF COURSE! That explains the 31st century tech he uses. Wildifre at this then and a bit more confused says. Maybe to you. I could use a bit more clarification. As the two get on Harvest to attack Harvest says. Go ahead, Timber Wolf-- TELL HIM! There's no meed for SECRET'S among friends. Any OATHS you may have sworn wouldn't even be applicable until a thousand years from now. Wildfire at this says. You're NOT helping, mister. I'm more confused then ever. As for your force-field. I doubt it'll survive more than a few of my ANTI-ENERGY BLASTS. As the two are forced away from Harvest he says to them. Such power is precisely why I wish to RECRUIT you, Wildfire. But, for your own safety you must never underestimate my NULL FIELD. After this and as Kid FLash comes upon them Kid Flash says. Blah-Blash-Blah! Wake me when you're done yakking. Or I could just hit you a few thousand times in the nest few seconds-- And then see how CHATTY you feel!


      Harvest then adds. While your speed is quite impressive, young Mr Allen-- your manners are sadly LACKING. Not surprising considering your UPBRINGING. Kid Flash evades a attack of kra-twunk. Tyroc using their mindlink says. Try to get inside his mind, Tellus! He sounds like he's familiar with our time period. He's got to be lying. Tellus at this says. Unable am I... to pierce.. His mental defences. Red Robin then asks. What if we launched a simultaneous attack from multiple sides? Harvest at this says. Surely you can predict the outcome of such FOOLISHNESS, Red Robin. I would simply REPULSE your efforts-- As easily as I penetrated your TELEPATHIC LINK. The group look stunned and as Harvest does an attack he says. As for my knowledge of the future, Have you never heard of OCCAM'S RAZOR? contrary to what you LEGIONNAIRES have been led to believe, you did not come to this particular time and place by CHANCE. I SENT for you!
       The scene then shifts to meanwhile, far above the crucible... Dawnstar is fighting men with her group and says. INCREDIBLE! As we climb the levels, I realize that this edifice is like an inverted SKYSCRAPER-- One that extends MILES beneath the Earth. I'm surprised this primitive era possesses the necessary TECHNOLOGY to construct such an advanced compound. Beast Boy after this says. I remember this section. I-it's where they EXPERIMENTED on us before sending us down to the COLONY. Lighting at this then adds. Forget about that, Beast Boy! Think about the freedom that lies ahead of-- WAIT! What's that scratching sound. Thunder at this says. It's coming from that hatchway and-- LOOK! It is a Red Haired women that then says. THUNDER! LIGHTING! It's me- CAITLIN FAIRCHILD! Lighting at this says. I recognize you. You're one of the doctors who works here. Fairchild at this says. WORKED.. Until N.O.W.H.E.R.E. turned against me. Lighting at this says. Why should we believe ANYTHING you say? Fairchild at this says. Because I always treated you with KINDNESS and RESPECT. What are you doing up here, anyway? How did you escape the colony and the culling. At this a voice says. They had HELP--

           It is Rose and she adds. --From your precious SUPERBOY and his friends the TEEN TITANS. Fairchild at this says. Hello. ROSE. As she charges at her Rose adds. I wish I could say it's good too see you again, Red. These kids belong to HARVEST. They are destined to FIGHT-- And maybe even DIE-- in the culling. I can't allow them to ESCAPE. As she pushes Lighting and Thunder out of the way Fairchild says. Go! This doesn't concern either of you. Thunder at this says. B-but she said-- Fairchild interrupts and says. She lied. As the two come together Fairchild to Rose says. Please don't force me to fight you, Rose. I tried to give you the information you needed to ESCAPE this life. If our FRIENDSHIP ever meant anything--. Rose at this says. Stop trying to appeal to my better nature, Caitlin. I don't have one anyone. BULK UP as much as you want, I'll still take you down-- Before cutting a BLOODY SWATH through your new friends.
        In the same area but elsewhere Bunker and Gates are together. Bunker Fighting says. Hey! What happened to the kids who were following us? Gates at this says. Either they got lost-- or a bunch-a these fascist slimeballs caught up to 'em. Bunker at this says. I think we should go back. They're our responsibility. He then adds. By the way, I've been meaning to ask about your face. Gates at this says. Let's just call it an ill- advised FASHION STATEMENT. Sort of like these stupid WHITE SUITS Harvest shoved on my team and-- Suddenly he says. I.. I don't believe it. Looking a place he says. I-it's a sprokking TIME BUBBLE?!?
        The action shifts to just then, in the battle arena known as the crucible... Harvest is talking. "sigh" I wish we could dispense with this nonsense. Instead of wasting precious time in a futile attempt to resist me, You should all EMBRACE my cause. I am not a MADMAN, Nor do I seek POWER for it's own sake. My only desire is to save the future! Red Robin dodging a attack says. Nice words. Your actions belie them. If your goal is so NOBLE-- Why KIDNAP teenagers? Why EXPERIMENT on them-- And subject them all manner of TORTURE? WHy stage a CULLING that forces them to kill each other? Harvest at this says. Because I need RAVAGERS-- And will happily sacrifice a few HUNDRED lives to save QUINTILLIONS. Solstice at this says. ENOUGH, HARVEST! Your reign of terror can continue no longer-- No matter your mad motives. Harvest at this says. You would not say that if you knew what is at stake should I fail! I have made countless sacrifices to make certain we have all come to this moment in the here and now!
         Solstice at this says. WHAT--?!? As Harvest tosses her he says. Did you really think you met the TITANS by happenstance? There are no COINCIDENCES. Only the STRINGS of a great puppeteer. Wonder Girl running up at these words says. Don't listen to him, SOLSTICE! He's just messing with your mind. I don't know why the Titans got together. I'm glad we somehow found each other-- Suddenly Solstice crashes into her winding her but she manages to get out. And joined to stop monsters like HARVEST. Harvest at this says. Well said, Wonder Girl. Such spirit and dedication will make you a worthy RAVAGER-- If you SURVIVE! This day! The lost Legion add their thoughts. Tyroc talking says. I've noticed harvest favors his right side-- And alternates between offensive and defensive manoeuvres. At this Timber Wolf says. You thinking what I am?


       As they attack Tyroc says. ATTAXK FORMATION-- ALPHA 428K! Harvest at this says. EXCELLENT! This is the kind of coordinated, Paramilitary TRAINING that makes you so valuable. As he let's out a attack with a zzaak he adds. It's the reason I manipulated the LEGION into sending you here. Tyroc at this says. HA! Like you really know WHY we came! Harvest at this says. Are you referring to that ridiculous VIRUS? Surely you realized that Hypertaxis would continue to EVOLVE until it lost it's mutagenic contagions. INTERESTING! From your shocked expressions, I can see this news is quite SURPRISING-- To MOST of you!(shows tellus and that he knew this)
      The scene shifts back to above ground. Lighting fighting says. YEAH! These last few guards are all that stand in our way. Thunder adds. N.O.W.H.E.R.E is going to pay for what it did to us-- And especially to ARTEMIS! Gates comes in and says. Come along, Kiddies! You can plan all the vengeance you want-- AFTER you've escaped this madhouse! Back where Rose and Fairchild are fighting and Rose is talking. You BETRAYED me, Red! you LIED from the beginning. Fairchild at this says. If you mean about N.O.W.H.E.R.E-- it's TRUE! I heard about their plan to CAPTURE, Corrupt or KILL young Metahumans-- And vowed to STOP them! If you're talking about us, Rose-- Rose at this says. SHUT UP! I don't CARE anymore. I once said that it would be BAD BUSINESS to kill you for FREE
       As she sends Fairchild to the ground Rose adds. Looks like I LIED, too. Fairchild at this says. Do what you want to ME! Leave the KIDS alone. They deserve a chance to LIVE their lives-- to find HAPPINESS- and love. Rose at this says. I tried love once. wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  Suddenly Ridge appears behind Rose saying. We all make MISTAKES, mate. He hits rose with a thwak and adds. Cheers, Doctor Fairchild. Heard your little speech. Made me remember my time in the COLONY. Hated it. Hate being a RAVAGER even more. Hope you mapped out a good escape route. Fairchild at this says. So do I. All of my other plans have gone to hell..
       Down below Superboy attacks Harvest but is harmed with a uurk! Harvest then says. How sad you. SUPERBOY. Have you so little RESPECT for me or yourself-- As he goes on. To even entertain the remotest possibility that your TACTILE TELEKINESIS could disrupt my NULL FIELD? To think I once had such high hopes for you. After this Wildfire says. Tellus, Surround me and HARVEST in your most powerful telekinetic FORCE-SHIELD. Tellus at this says. Wildfire.. You dare not... proceed. Wildfire at this says. DO IT! For the sake of everyone here! Tyroc running up says. What's he planning? Tellus who has raised a shield says. MADNESS... and SUICIDE! Tyroc at this then says. STAND DOWN, WILDFIRE! That's a direct order! Wildfire at this first says. Sorry, Ty. But then adds. This is my choice. My decision. Harvest at this says. Do not be hasty, Wildfire! I anticipated this possibility-- And it will FAIL
       Wildfire at this says. SAYS YOU! As he open his armour he adds. You don't inspire a lot of TRUST. You've made some wild CLAIMS here. I don't know what's TRUE or what you PLUCKED from our brains-- to TWIST against us. As he attacks with a great attack he adds. EITHER WAY, THIS BATTLE ENDS HERE! ENDS NOW!
       Harvest at this says. So be it! As he starts to move the attack back at Wildfire Harvest addds. A pity you did not heed my earlier WARNING. Behold how effortlessly my NULL FIELD contains your ANTI-ENERGY-- And forces it DOWN-- DOWN-- DOWN into this CONTAINMENT SUIT-- That allows you a pathetic PRETENSE OF HUMANITY. As the attack full moves back on wildfire. Wildfire yells. AARGH!

             Harvest holding a Smoking Wildfire by his arm then says. Does anyone else intend such a VAIN and FUTILE GESTURE? I suggest you indicate your ANSWER-- BY KNEELING BEFORE ME! Thus ends the comics and part three of the culling


One of the things that now by issue three I have realized is how much of a weak villain Harvest it. So far we have found out he wants to save the future. From what? Why go about it this way and not get people willing to help. What get the Legion from a future that they know is fine involved? Some of you may not agree with me on this but I still thing that of all the characters in this comic that the Legion and how they are written is still the strongest.

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