Monday, August 27, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #10

Cast of Characters

Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Ultra Boy aka Jo Nah
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Mon-EL aka Lar Gand
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor
Duplicate Damsel aka Luornu Durgo
Mwindaji aka Gahiju
Otaki aka Bina Nawoti
Bouncing Boy aka Chuck Taine
Comet Queen aka Grava

      The comic starts in Meropolis, Earth, in the 31st century and Cosmic Boy is standing in front of the Dominator embassy on Earth and is thinking. Close enough.. Don't want to get picked up by surveillance equipment. Now on the roof to see if there is metal to use his powers he thinks. Resistance over here... Lots of metal below.. Can't cut the Embassy off from etherfeed data, But without power... ANd boy, Do the Dominators LOVE using powers... As he uses his powers to turn the power off he thinks. Not that I'm shy about it in a good cause.

      Now inside and going somewhere he thinks more. All the attention on the accident by the front door, please.. And as he opens a door with a Sproing he thinks. And I'll slip in this way... Not sure what I'm looking for, But there MUST be some evidence in this embassy to show the dominators were behind the kidnapping... Something so the United Planets lets us rescue Brainy and Dream Girl. As he comes upon a place he thinks more. Open workspace.. Perfect. As he pulls out a data device he adds. Cham keeps these Data-vampires stocked for his espionage squad... Hope it can mirror some useful proof with the system powered down.
       As the device works he thinks even more. Come on. Hurry. They'll have the power back.. Damn.. Suddenly the alarms go off with a Breet Breet Breet and worried he thinks. Though I'd have time to get back out before they rebooted alarms. As he hides he also thinks. Have to push my way out and hope they don't I.D. me. Shame Cham Wasn't here to do this subtly.

          As he thinks. Here-Goes...? Suddenly Ultra Boy has him with a SWOOSH taking him away saying. You-- the great straight arrow founder? As they come out he adds. Leave this to Tinya and her spy pals will ya? Can't wait while they're off-word.. I'm not letting any MORE Legionnaires go lost...
          The scene shifts to the Dominion and a vooice says. unhhhh... While another at this says. About time. Brainiac 5 just waking up says. uhhh. Where and Why.. Dream Girl also in the cell with him at this says. Somewhere in the Dominators space, And maybe the oracle at Delphi knows.. Not me. Brainiac looking over himself then adds. force Shield belt and fight ring gone... Looking at his shoulder adds. And this looks more like a deliberate tissue harvest than a wound. Smooth lasered edges... Dream Girl at this says. Saved the probing for you.. Nothing personal. But all those extra. Bunchy Coluan Neurons are ichy. Brainiac grabing her arm says. You? St this she says. Nothing a Spa couldn't cure but I'm pretty gross.. And if you hadn't noticed, This is o spa. Brainiac at this says. We've escaped from worse.
         Brainiac touching a wall says. Find anything useful? Dream Girl to this says. No, But you might.. I'm going to sleep on the job. See if I can't trigger a prophetic Dream that'll give us an out. 'Nite. And don't touch. You can wish me sweet dreams. Brainiac at this at first can only say. Sweet Dreams? But then adds. Without a doubt, One of the Smartest Legionnaires... And unquestionably, Certifiably...

        Meanwhile at the United Planets Council Mon-EL is speaking. ...INSANE! The dominators subverted Panoptes, Sent a fleet into our space, And now they've kidnapped two Legionnaires... And you won't let us go after them? A councilor at this says. ALLEGED to have abducted your collegues, Mon-EL-- On the most TRIVIAL of evidence. At the request of our representatives from Colu and Naltor, We have already odered our ambassador to make inquiries.. When he's finished apologizing for an apparent break-in at THEIR embassy here on Earth. Which I don't suppose the Legion knows anything about? Mon-EL pointing at the man says. Councilor Fajardo... He is interrupted by Fajordo who says. Please.. spare me.
     As Mon-EL flies off the council state their verdict. The Legion is ordered to do nothing that will make the tension between the United Planets and the Dominion any worse. No more overt.. or covert  actions by Legionnaires... Unless and until this council decides that a formal state of war needs to be declared. And need I remind you that the fleet is firmly convinced that such an act would be suicidal, And this body takes the advice of our military VERY seriously. As Mon-EL lands with a WHUMP he says. Idiots. Ultra Boy adds. Politicians, What do you expect? Cosmic Boy to both of these says. No more evidence from my aborted raid, Either. Ultra Boy then asks. What do we do? Cosmic can only say. Nothing. A voice behind them says. YOU do nothing.

      It is Star Boy and he adds. I quit, So I'm GOING to get my girl.. ANd our annoying pet genius, too. With a little help from some friends. They are. Duplicate Damsel, Mwindaji, Otaki and Bouncing Boy. Mon-EL at this says. You can't-- Cosmic boy adds. The Legion can;t defy-- Ultra boy adds. Maybe that time in the ancient Nuthouse wan't a bad idea, Kallor, Your're gonna get killed. Duplicate Damsel at these to the three says. We can. We're not Legionnaires-- Not anymore. Anyway. Been killed-- Didn't like it-- And I think I'm out of "spare" lives, So I'll try not to do it again. But if that's what it takes. We're not leaving any Legionnaires behind. As they leave Bouncing Boy comes up and says. Oh yeah-- And here's the resignation from one more Legionnaire.. with their proprieties right.
       Meanwhile back in the cell Brainiac says. Right on time. Food has arrived. At his comment Dream Girl says. If you mean dinnertime, Sure.. But how can you judge chronometer time without one? Brainiac at this says. Measured internal biorhythms are quite as reliable, Nura... And harder to confiscate. Dream Girl at this says. I suppose feeding us is a good sign... Gross, Though. Brainiac up and looking at where the door was says. And no evidence of surveillance or techno-security, possibilities... I recall intercepted information indicating the Dominators had actually classified Legionnaires into MORE and LESS dangerous.. Dream Girl interrupting but also with a bit of humor says. Oh, let me guess? I was at the very, very bottom of their list?
       Back on Earth Ultra Boy, Cosmic Boy and Cosmic Boy are talking and Mon-EL looking at a screen says. Do you think they have a chance of finding Nura and Brainy? Cosmic Boy at this states. One recovering from massive injures, Two retired members, And two applicants we hadn't even tested yet...? Ultra Boy adds. Don't forget. However he is interrupted by Cosmic Boy saying. All right-- Add in an Ultra complex cruiser the Coluans donated to help get their Brainiac child back, And some credit bribes from the Naltorians to cover their trail.. Still. Ultra Boy gently tapping him on the shoulder says. Now.. c'mon cos... You're leaving out their secret weapon. Cosmic Boy covers his eyes with his hand and says. Nooo. Ultra Boy then adds. We're gonna go get them if they get in trouble right? Mon-EL at this adds. If we can, Jo, If we can.
        Back in the Dominion Brainiac and Nura are being attacked and Brainiac has somehow gotten a gun and is getting it to fire with a ZZAP and says to Dream Girl. Can you geta few of these off me so I can rig a better weapon, Nura? Dream Girl at this says. Got my hands-- As she tosses creatures-- Full! one jumps on her with a WHUMP causing her to say. o00f.. As Brainiac is being pushed back he says. These creatures place no value on their own lives! A Dominator watching says. Because their lives have non, Human...


           As they are put back in their cell it adds. And as you shall learn, Neither do yours. After it leaves Brainiac says. next time.. To this Dream Girl adds. Maybe help will arrive? Suddenly she falls back with a ooohhh... And adds. I- I just saw something.. Help IS coming. Brainiac at this says. Good. However she then adds. But one of them will BETRAY us. Elsewhere a Dominator is talking with the dominator from before saying. Primus Dom awaits your progress, Geneticist. The Geneticist at this says. I have modified the Coluan's genes so they should bond to our matrix, master. The other says. And yey you lety him live.. ANd the other Legionnaire as well? The Geneticist at this says. Until the experiment is successful concluded, I must keep his system renewing.. Coluans are long-lived but decay quickly. The Naltorian.. intrigues meee. If she can be decoded, Precognition would be the basis for a useful caste.. One that can ANTICIPATE OUR needs. But these, these shall be ready... very soon as he points to tubes.
        On the rescue ship a voice says. Panoptes at eighty degrees off heading. Inside Duplicate Damsel says. We'll cut through the wormhole if you're sure the fleet's not watching it on our side. Bouncing Boy says. Gim said they were back to their usual stations, Not on high alert-- I don't think he'd go all-confidential on us. Duplicate Damsel at this says. I'll watch the Navi-sphere, Chuck-- You help them get the kids ready. Bouncing Boy at this says . Are you sure we're doing the right thing bringing them-- They're so young! Duplicate Girl pushing him to go says. So were we. Go.

          Bouncing Boy using his power get's down says. Yo.. Everyboady ready? C'mon! Hurry! Shakedown cruise's over-- Hostile territory coming up! Come in close-- Let's-- With a WHOOSH Comet Queen comes on him saying. Waiting FOREVER to hear you say that, chubby! But my glow'll never dim for you! Bouncing Boy can only say. OOFFF!
        He then adds. I knew bringing you was a mistake, Get of me! Comet Queen Queen says. But starglow, Baby-- It was your awesome plan that needs me! Bouncing Boy walking away says. Out of my mind. Just.. Out.. of.. my.. mind. Coming up to the other Star Boy says to him. Figured you were close when your fan club went flying off. Bouncing Boy at first can only say. Yeah. But then adds. She actually does have uses. Thom. Star Boy at this says. If Luornu hasn't killed her, I'm sure she does. But these other two seem a bit more mature-- Even if they're only new trainees.

        Miindiji after this says. I have many years experience tracking in the outer worlds, Legionnaire.. And none but the legendary Dawnstar even bested me. Bring me to the world where they are, And I will find your allies. Otaki touching his Shoulder adds. We are both ready, Sir. I studied Doctor with Doctor Aven before Titanfall and even if my powers are not the same as the Titanians'. My range will make up for my other limitations. Muindaji adds. We will save your friends. Otaki finishing with. Or fall with them. As they place they hands on top of his Starboy says. Thank you. All. Thus ends the comic.


This issue was not bad. It helps to show the threat of the Dominators and how the United Planets is not willing to deal with them as they don't want war. It is also nice to them to focus on member of the Legion who are not big named ones or who have been seen as jokes in the past

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