Monday, September 3, 2012

Legion Lost # 11

        The Comic starts in New York city, the present. Tellus is in pain from something and thinks. Timber Wolf ATTACKED... Stuck by... Primitive PROJECTILES! Near DEATH... He lies! Tyroc besides him says. TELLUS zero in on Timber Wolf's location and Gates can-- As Gates teleports them in he says. Like I need a Schematic, TYROC. Tyroc seeing Oz and Timber Wolf says. What happened here? Oz turning his head and seeing them surprised says. WHA-- I know you guys! He then adds. Ain't real sure. Tim and I were just jawing-- When someone went all RESIDENT EVIL on 'im. I'm betting' on that MILITARY BABE. Gates at this says. Military Babe--?! Tyroc looking over Timber Wolf says. Even with his regenerative powers, BRIN needs medical attention. Oz at this says. I know someone-- CLOSE and COOL! Gates after this says. I just noticed YERA is missing. CHAMELEON GIRL was with BRIN. WHERE IS SHE?!

       The narrator states. After accusing the Lost LEGIONNAIRES of being terrorists, HOMELAND SECURITY has assigned MAJOR CLAIR NICHOLSON-- And a top secret Recon/response team code-named PROJECT METAMERICAN-- To APPREHEND or ELIMINATE then. Chameleon Girl transformed yelling says. IGNORANT SAVAGES! We risked EVERYTHING-- Abandoning the we knew and those we loved-- On your behalf. And Reword our sacrifice by trying to KILL us?! Trip one of the group says. A-Am I going CRAZY, Gunner-- Or dud a normal women just TRANSFORM into this monster?! Gunner at this says. You're crazy if you think she's a normal ANYTHING, Trip. WIDELOAD-- try to distract her while I go for a headshot! Chameleon Girl punches the gun out of her hands and says. I am not a mindless beast, Solider. I heard your stupid plan. Gunner at this says. UHHHH... No insult intended. At this Chameleon Girl says. Your opinions, Like your crude weapons, Are beneath my notice. Gunner at this says. Our weapons may seem BACKWARD to you-- Suddenly something sticks to Chameleon Girl with a twunnk! And Gunner adds. But they're still quite DEADLY.
      Tripwire getting ready to attacking Chameleon Girl then says. WAY TO GO, METAMERICAN! Love how you employ your MAGNETIC GRAPPLING HOOKS as offensive weapons. At this Metamerican says. We metamarines improvise. Your turn Tripwire As he connects with a Twamm! Chameleon Girl can only yell. YGGHH. As Tripwire jumps into the air and drops grenades he shouts. SIR, YES, SIR! FOur hits of BWOFF rock Chameleon Girl and as she goes down Metamerica says. Hostile is DOWN. Repeat-- HOSTILE'S DOWN. The Major coming up says. WHOA! That's a new for look for it-- Her-- Whatever. HEY! What's that RUSHING SOUND I suddenly--
      With a AHHRRRRRR Metamerican goes flying back from a attack from Tyroc and Tyroc says. BACK OFF! Leave her alone! To Chameleon Girl he says. Are you all right, Chameleon Girl? TELLUS located you, But the others must attend to TIMBER WOLF. Metamerican fires off his hooks and says. Face front, Marines! As he flies around a flag pole he says. Will attempt to PACIFY-- With EXTREME PREJUDICE! He then connects with a thwakk! and Tyroc can only say GAKKK as he is kicked in the throat.

        The scene shifts three blocks north and two west... Outside the Orchid Tree Clinic. The narrator states. Raised by a single mother who cleaned other peoples' toilets, DR. SHALEEKA MOSLEY named her clinic after a beautiful flower-- She has never once owned. Dr Mosley provides health care to the impoverished-- The uninsured-- And the illegal. She has treated far more then her fair share of stabbings, clubbing and gunshot wounds. Mummified remains, Not so much. Inside she is indeed looking at some and thinks. This corpse looks like it's over 100 years old. But I recognize EMILIO BROWN-- And he's only 22. She then thinks more. What could have caused such deterioration? Could it be some deadly new contagion? I've heard rumors of other bodies found in similar condition and-- Suddenly a voice says. HEY, DOC! WE GOT EMERGENCY--!
       She opens the door to see it is Oz and says. OZ! What have you done now?! Oz at this ays. Ain't my fault, Doc! My bro's the innocent victim of a DRIVE-BY. Tellus adds. Can you... Help us... Doctor? The doctor at this says. Get him into the examination room-- NOW! As she opens Timber Wolf's shirt and see the wounds she says. T-these are high caliber bullets and plenty of them. Please tell me a horde of gangbangers aren't about to bust in after him. Oz at this says. No way, Doc-- I SWEAR! I0is he gonna make it? The doctor at this says. I.. I can't make any guarantees. Tellus at this says. Have faith and then adds. Timber W-- TIM has.. Recovered.. From worse. Oz then asks. Where'd your  other friend go? The little guy who zapped us here? Tellus at this says. GATES has gone to gather our other associates...
      The scene shifts to the Antarctic... And Dawnstar is talking. It's no use, Wildifre. I've found evidence of more then a hundred vehicles that escaped the destruction of HARVEST'S COMPLEX. But many headed in different directions-- And I cannot determine if HARVEST was in any of them. Wildfire at this adds. Or if he was carrying my original containment suit. Dawnstar at this says. Talk to me, Drake-- Can the damage to your current suit be repaired? Wildfire at this says. Of coruse it can, Dawnstar. Tell you the truth, I'm more concerned about our relation-ship Dawnstar at this says. W-what do you mean? Wildfire at this says. Isn't it obvious? I've seen the way you look at-- Suddenly Gates appears and says. TIMBER WOLF has been shot! Used for target practice by a bunch of totalitarian STORM TROOPERS. Dawnstar horrified says. Gates! W-we must go to him! In back Wildfire says. Yeah. We must.
       The scene shifts back to New York City and the roof top with Metamerican saying. STAND DOWN! SURRENDER! We have you surrounded. Chameleon Girl talking to Tyroc says. What do you say, Ty? He can only say. GAAK. She then adds. TERRIFIC! You have a throat injury and I'm mildly concussed.  Should we play it smart and surrender?As she attacks she adds. Didn't think so. Having now been un-surrounded Metamerican says. You're well trained. I'll give you that.

      But America has faced many foes that were well-prepared and caught us by surprise. Chameleon Girl taking a hit says. URRK but then adds. W-we're not your enemy, Soldier. Metamerican at this says. If you're not a threat, Why hie among us/ Why disguise yourself? Chameleon Girl at this says. We could aks you the same. Metamerican hitting Tyroc and causing him to say Arkk and Metamerican to say. I may be ENHANCED-- But I'm still HUMAN! At the clinic the Doctor says. INCREDIBLE! If I didn't know better, I'd swear his body is already HEALING. Tellus at this says. Mnay phenomena.. Deft explanation... Doctor. The doctor at this says. You have an odd way of speaking, Mr Tellus. Tellus at this says. Indeed.. (then thinks) For my words.. like my appearance... are pure illu... Suddenly he sees something and thinks. NO... No.. This cannot BE!
       The scene shifts east five blocks and one south.. The narrator starts to talk about a man walking walking. A firefighter for seventeen years. WILLIE POLESE is proud to be one of NEW YORK"S BRAVEST Stopping by the pharmacy for an elderly neighbor, He trudges home after a double shift. Suddenly he hears UNNN. He looks in a alley to see a guy saying. unnn again and asks. YO, BUDDY-- You okay? Want me to call an ambulance? The man says. n-no need. I'' be FINE and grabs willie with a ARRRRGH
       The scene shifts two block north and three west back to the rooftop. The major shouts. SPREAD OUT! They're deliberately bunching you together to take your weapons out of play. One of the group says. With all due respect, We know what we're-- Chameleon Girl kicks the speaker causing her to say URFFT. To Tyroc Chameleon Girl then says. Considering our differences, I'm surprised to find YOU at my back. Tyroc at this says. W-we're still LEGION Yera. She then asks. Throat any better? Tyroc at this says. N-need another minute or two. Y-YOU--? Chameleon Girl at this says. Head's throbbing and still can't-- Suddenly she is hit by Metamerican and can only say. OFFT. Metamerican then says. Do yourselves a favor and STAY DOWN! Your special abilities are apparently OFFLINE. As he sends Chameleon Girl flying with a SSWAKK he adds. We have you OUTGUNNED and OUTMANNED. Please don't force us to employ DEADLY FORCE.

         The scene shifts back to the Orchid clinic. Gates appears with the others and Dawnstar shouts. BARBARIANS! Then adds. What have they DONE to him, Tellus? Will he SURVIVE? Tellus at this says. I believe... so. Oz seeing Gates in his true form says. YIKES! I forget how freaky you look, Dude. Gates at this says. Like you're the most appetizing Glak on the Gleelpha. Oz can only say. uhhh. WHATEVER! Tellus then says. A moment.. I need.. to cast.. your human guises. Dawnstar now standing in front of Timber Wolf says. This is UNCONSCIONABLE! Timber Wolf will DIE if we leave him to these ancient rituals and outdated potions. She then adds. We must move him to a FACILITY that can provide the CARE he needs. Tellus at this shares. Such a place does not exist.. In this era. Oz then adds. And you realize the GOVERNMENT SUITS are still hunting HIM-- And all of YOU? The narrator comes on and states. Dawnstar merely glares in response. It then adds. The anti-energy creature who was once DRAKE BURROUGHS-- (Because that's how HE thinks of himself)-- Watches and mourns. More for Himself then his wounded friend. Suddenly the Doctor comes in and says. This isn't a REALITY SHOW, people! EVERY-BODY OUT! Dawnstar says. B-But-- However Tellus interrupts her and says. Oney.. We must... for now. In front Wildfire says. Reality show? What is that?
       The narrator states. Sailing on a blissful sea of pain-killers, TIMBER WOLF drifts though his memoires-- And recalls a distant planetary outpost after a distasteful mission. Timber Wolf says. Good to see you again, LIEUTENANT WHYTE. Whyte at this says. It's COLONEL  now. Timber Wolf then says. I assume the SCIENCE POLICE will ship ZOKAK to the nearest prison planet. Whyte to this says. No, He has agreed to reveal the secrets of the LOST STAR SYNDICATE-- BASES, SMUGGLING ROUTES and DISTRIBUTERS! He's managed to exchange LIFE IMPRISONMENT for A one-way ticket to ECHO. Out loud in his bed Timber Wolf says. E-ECHO--?!
       Outside Dawnstar says. Must I REPEAT myself? I don't trust that so-called "Doctor" What is it, Tellus? What's wrong? Tellus at this says. Timber Wolf.. will heal himself... Other concerns.. Have we. Inside the doctor's mind... I beheld.. This figure. looking at the body in the morgue Dawnstar says. H-He looks like he's been sucked dry from the inside out and I.. I detect the trace of a familiar energy signature...Suddenly she says. ALASTOR! Tellus says. Shall I.. Alert.. The other others? Are GATES and WILDFIRE still in the vicinity? Tellus says. No.. Both are.. occupied elsewhere.. As are... TYROC and YERA. In the air Dawnstar says. Then it's just the TWO of us! Time is running out. His trail grows FAINTER by the moment-- And ALASTOR is the reason we came here!

       Elsewhere Wildfire is flying and thinking. Maybe I should have told DAWNSTAR the truth. I've been fooling her-- As well as myself. I'm not ever close to HUMAN anymore. We don't have a future together. Never did. This containment suit is already failing. The available technology isn't sophisticated enough to repair it. It's only a matter of time before I began to dissipate-- And disappear forever!
       Meanwhile back at the Clinic Timber Wolf wakes up and says. G-Gates--? i-is that really you, Little bug? Gates at this says. Take more then an ugly disguise to fool you, Brin. Where are the others? I popper out for a quick bite-sampled some fresh vegetables from a nice form in upstate New York. Timber Wolf then says. W-we have a problem. Gates at this says. Aside from the missing teammates and gunshot sounds? Timber Wolf at this says. E-ever hear of ECHO? I-it's a top secret division of the SCIENCE POLICE from out time. Gates at this says. GRRRREAT! You know how much I lovve government conspiracies. Timber Wolf then adds. Th-they protect important witnesses by mind-wiping them and securing them here in the the past. W-what of that happened to us? How would we know? There could be an ECHO CASE OFFICER hidden among us/ Gates at this can only say. And people call ME PARANOID!
      The scene shifts two blocks east and three south back to the rooftop. Tyroc is saying. Hang on, Yera! Get ready for some serious sonics. Chameleon Girl at this says. Never though I'd be anxious for you to open your mouth. The major to Metaamerican says. Do something, Metamerican! They're about to unleash their powers. Metamerican at this says. Already have a plan, Major. All units, The WOMEN is now our primary target. Metamerican then says. TAKE HER DOWN--NOW! He then throws something at her with a twoom Tyroc just before this happens says. Yera, Get begind me and I'll try to- Chameleon Girl says. No, Ty, I'll-- Suddenly the hit connects and she can only say. Grak. Tyroc runs up to Chameleon Girl saying. NO! NO! He is then hit with a thwakk! And one of the group says. yes. Metamerican then says. We explotied their only weakness. Their concern for each other. The major at this says. Well done. Metamerican at this says. No.. It was a loathsome strategy.
        The scene shifts seventeen blocks west and five north.. Tellus speaking says. Fallen have... TYROC and YERA... No longer can I... Feel their thoughts. To them... Must.. We go. Dawnstar at this says. NO! They can wait. We're almost on top of AlASTOR. The ENERGY TRAIL leads directly to that  man-- But he bears no RESEMBLANCE to our quarry. Below is willie and Tellus adds. His mind.. CLOSED and LOCKED. Below ALASTOR says. YOU! I knew you would eventually come for me. Dawnstar then says. Apperances to the contrary, I'd say we have our man. GIVE IT UP, ALASTOR! We have you outnumbered and cornered. Alastor at this says. I have bad news for you, My Dear Dawnstar. You're the one who is TRAPPED. 

         Their is an ARRRGH! Tellus at this says. What.. Have you done.. To her? To this Alastor in her body says. Idn't it obvious? My powers have mutated since we met-- And DAWNSTAR doesn't live here anymore. The comic then ends.


This issue is not too bad. Timber Wolf helps to began to set up a plot point and we see a villain from the past appear. What will happen may be interesting and what will happen to Wildfire.

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