Sunday, September 23, 2012

Legion Lost #12

       The narrator starts the issue with. His real name is GANGLIOS, But everyone just calls him TELLUS. Like TIMBER WOLF, WILDFIRE, TYROC, GATES, CHAMELEON GIRL and DAWNSTAR, He is a member of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES who sent from the 31ST CENTURY on a special mission that has left them stranded in the present. Trapped without their friends or futuristic technology, They are.. LEGION LOST. In New York in the present Tellus is being hit with multiply TWAM's and a voice says. Isn't this FUN, Tellus?

      It is Alastor  in Dawnstar's body and he adds holding Tellus by the throat. I know I'm enjoying myself.Feels so invigorating to get some PAYBACK on you and your fellow LEGIONNAIRES. Your brains may be a little SCRAMBLED at the moment, But I can see that you still RECOGNIZE me-- Despite the radical change in my apprance! Yes, it is me-- ALASTOR-- The man you hounded from the 31ST CENTURY! My powers have MUTATED since last we met. Not only can I instantly LEAP from body to body, I bring certain ATHLETIC ENHANCEMENTS. The best part is that I also have complete ACCESS to my host's mind. I'm rather shocked by what i've already learned from dear, sweet DAWNSTAR. She apparently believes i've been used as a pawn-- And was manipulated into releasing the mutagenic HYPERTAIXS VIRUS into this time period. What do you know of this CONSPIRACY, Tellus? No need to respond. I can get the answer myself. he goes into Tellus's body and then says. Tellus.. You sneaky old Hykraian!
      He then adds. You've been keeping SECRETS. picking up Dawnstar he adds. Come, my dear.. I cannot wait to spring these nasty little SURPRISES on your teammates. If the SHOCK doesn't kill them, You may rest assured-- I WILL! he then adds. Thanks to your mind link. I have already located TYROC and CHAMELEON GIRL.
      The scene shifts five blocks south and seventeen east. Major Nicholson is talking to Metamerican and says. Well done METAMERICAN. When HOMELAND SECURITY assigned you and your fellow META-MARINES to take down these ALIEN TERRORISTS, I anticipated a far less satisfying result. Metamerican at this says. As with all battles, MAJOR NICHOLSON-- LUCK played a pivotal role! Inside a armored personal carrier holding Tyroc and Chameleon Girl and Tyroc is thinking after hearing this. That's an understatement. Your primitive weaponry managed to injure my throat-- And give YERA a mild concussion. Now that we've had a chance to heal-- suddenly he breaks the mask covering his face and thinks. you'll face the real LEGION! Yera who has also taken her mask off then says. About time you freed yourself. At this he says. We need to proceed with cation, Yera. These soldiers are only doing their jobs and we mustn't-- Chameleon Girl sighs at this and says. I liked you better when you couldn't talk.
      Outside Tripwire says. Did you HEAR something? Metaamerican to this says. Check the prisoners, tripwire! The major adds. BE CAREFUL! These creatures posses amazing abilities. Gunner seeing something then adds. Eyes SKYWARD, troops! There's a BOGIE streaking towards us. Suddenly with a KATWAMM Dawnstar is tossed at them. It is Alastor still in Tellus's body and he says. While I sincerely appreicate the sublime irony of the moment-- I must RELIEVE you of your prisoners. The major at this says. IT"S ANOTHER TERRORIST! Fire a warning shot, Gunner! Gunner at this says. Aye, Major! and fires off a shot with a BDAM. Alastor at this says. IGNORANT SAVAGES! TYROC and CHAMELEON GIRL may have foolishly put themselves at risk to AVOID injuring you-- As he fires at civilians he adds. But I lack any such RESTRAINT! 

      Metamerican yells. FALL BACK-- And HOLD FIRE! We need these hostiles ALIVE. He jumps into the air and hits Alastor with a Qwakkk saying. We have to STUDY them and LEARN what they-- Suddenly he yells UHHH! As he lands wideload asks him. y-you all right, sir? As Alastor goes inside him he says. Better then ever wideload!
       The major at hearing this says. Something's WRONG with Metamerican. Wideload at this can only say. YA THINK?! In front trip is dodging energy blasts from metamericans eyes with kaa-zakk and and talks. You stupid aboriginals came in search of an ALIEN MENACE--  But can't even RECOGNIZE the real thing when it STARES you in the face. The narrator then states. Even as ALASTOR forces his current hos forward-- The forgotten armored transport suddenly IMPLODES, bursting outward! Chameleon Girl starting to transform after this says. See what you can do when you TRY? That's got to be so much more SATISFYING than chastising me. Tyroc at this says. Believe me, Yera, NOTHING is more-- TELLUS? DAWNSTAR? What are you doing here?! Tellus who is in control himself again says. Returned.. Has ALASTOR.. And he now inhabits the human.. Called METAMERICAN. 
      Chameleon Girl grabs Metamerican saying. You mean THIS scrawny human? NO PROBLEM! Tellus at this says. Yera.. NO.. You must not... Chameleon Girl to what tellus is saying says. You need to pick up the PACE, Tellus-- And think BEFORE I act. She then tosses Metamerican into the air says. Go LIMP, Soldier! I have you. She then catches Metamericans and Metamerican at this says. WHAAA--?! Why would one of you save ME? Dawnstar at this says. Why WOULDN'T We?

      The scene shifts three blocks north and two west.. Inside Gates is saying. Easy, Brin-- Then adds. --you're still recovering from those fascist projectiles. Oz at this says. They're called BULLETS, Bugs. Gates at this can only says. "Bugs"? Oz goes on saying. As in the-- OH, MAN! You guys ARE from space! Timber Wolf at this says. Oz, we may not understand your culture references, But-- Suddenly Tellus interrupts saying. Legionnaires... COME.. you must. While these two are listening oz says seeing this. Guys--? Am i missing something? Gates who has opened a portal and lost his human camouflage says. Just a call to ARMS, Earth Slug. You keep TIMBER WOLF company while I-- Timber Wolf interrupts and says at first. Nice try, Gates--? Then adds. Like there's any hope I'll stay behind and jumps though the prtal. After this Oz can only say. seriously--?
      The scene shifts two blocks east and three south back to the fight. Alastor in control of Chamelon Girl says. Well, Well. seems I was a PAWN-- As were ALL of you!  Dawnstar at this says. W-what are you SAYING? Alastor goes on saying. From the beginning of her LEGION career, Little YERA has embraced a TREACHEROUS LIFESTYLE. Tellus then says. Heed him not.. DIVISION is.. his only goal. Gunner talking to Metamerican says. Stand DOWN, Metamerican! We're taking you into CUSTODY. Metamerican at this says. That's no longer necessary, Major. I REGAINED my own mind-- Suddenly Gates portal opens and Gates comes though saying. you're as stubborn as a LANGING GLEERK, Timber Wolf. Timber Wolf at this says. Watch your LANGUAGE. Gates-- And remember Tellus' warning to avoid CONTACT with Alastor's host! Gunner seeing Timber Wolf says. Timber Wolf-- ALIVE?! Then adds. H-how is that POSSIBLE? I.. I confirmed that kill. I couldn't have missed. Could I??
       Alastor goes on still saying. It seems there are schemes within SCHEMES, Tellus-- And even the TRAITORS are betrayed. He attacks Tellus with a thwomp. Tyroc talking to Tellus then says. Is there any TRUTH to his raving-- Or is ALastor only trying to DISTRACT us? Tellus at this says. I.. cannot say. Tyroc then adds. Cannot or WILL not?! Suddenly Alastor grabs Tyroc saying. Does it truly MATTER, Tyroc-- Now that you are MINE? SO! Even you have a secret-- A rather disturbing prophecy. Seems we ALL have our crosses to bear. I thought I came to this era to PUNISH Humankind-- Only to discover I was a flailing PUPPET. Suddenly he let's off attack with a AHHRRRR! Sending Chameleon Girl towards two civilians. One of them says. HOLY--! And other says. T-told ya we were too close! Suddenly Timber Wolf saves them saying. Ain't a good time to be sightseeing, people! MOVE! He then asks. Where the sprok is WILDFIRE? We could use his firepower. Tellus at this says. Already.. have I summoned him.

         The metamarines come running up and Metamerican says. This is your last chance to SURRENDER-Before we go WEAPONS HOT! Alastor at this says. I'm amazed the human race ever SURVIVED with forebears like you. Future Generations will THANK me-- He uses Tyroc body to send out a sonic attack saying. --FOR ERASING YOU FROM EXISTENCE! You are not doing the GENE POOL any-- Suddenly he says WHAAA?! Gates has opened a portal under him and says. ANd i used to think the real TYROC had a big mouth. Much as I HATE these fascist storm troopers-- They're under our PROTECTION. And no one DIES on the Legion's WATCH! He then hits him with a swakk.
        Alastor is then able to take over Gates and says. Poor GATES just couldn't restrain himself-- And he possesses the most startling SECRET of all. Not only has he witnessed his own DEATH-- He believes you're all DESTINED to perish with him. Unfortunately, I may have to change his timetable-- By opeing a gateway to the nearest BLACK HOLE! Wideload can only say. YEOW! Metamerican holding onto a pole then says. Grab HOLD of me, Gunner that's an ORDER. Gunner at this says. Wish I could comply, SIr-- But I'm not dragging you in with me! Timber Wolf jumps Towards gunner saying. You're not going ANYWHERE, Soldier. Not if I can help it. Gunner can only say. YOU--?! Timber Wolf at this says. Why so surprised? He then grabs hold of metamericans baton that was flying though the air saying. You head my friend-- Before ALASTOR co-opted him. NOBODY DIES ON OUR WATCH! He then hits with a spwakk. Alastor then says. A noble sentiment, Timber Wolf-- He moves into Timber Wolf's body saying. --Even if I must DISAGREE!   
       Suddenly Wildfire arrives saying. PLAYTIME'S OVER, ALASTOR! Unlike most of the others, I can strike from a DISTANCE-- and I'm not real fond of TIMBER WOLF at the moment. Alastor at this says. WILDFIRE--! I've been anticipating your arrival. He grabs Dawnstar by the leg saying. Thanks to your precious DAWNSTAR, I'm fully aware of your little LOVE TRIANGLE. Dawnstar at this says. What are you-- OH, NO! Alastor then says. You've just become a bargaining chip, my dear. Wildfire at this says. If you even attempt to HARM-- Then adds. What do you want? Alastor at this says. Save your threats. We both know I'll kill her without qualm. He then adds. You. Or, more precisely, your POWER. Tyroc at this says. NO, DRAKE-- NO! You can't surrender to him no matter what the consequences. Wildfire at this says. What CHOICE do I have?
      Tellus then says. Wildfire... But wildfire interrupts saying. I know the drill, Tellus. Tyroc adds. You CAN'T  do this drake! Wildfire at this says. What I can't DO is sacrifice Dawnstar. How do you want to play this, Alastor? Alastor at this says. Move closer! We merely have to make physical contract. Inside Wildfire Alastor says. WAIT! Something is wrong. Tyroc point up then says. NOW, DRAKE! GO! GO! As he flies into the air Wildfire to Alastor says. You made a critical mistake, Alastor.

         While you were digging into the psyches of my friends-- They studied YOU. They learned your secret-- You need an ORGANIC HOST to survive! A fatal error where I'm concerned. As they fly towards the sun Alastor says to this. You can't TRUST any of your so-called friends, Wildfire. Your containment suit is DAMAGED-- Leaking precious anti-energy with each passing moment! I may be the only one in this time period who can REPAIR it. Wildfire at this says. Save your threats and promises! I won't sacrifice a world to save myself. As they reach the sun Alastor says. DON'T BE A FOOL! You may destroy ME.. BUT YOU"LL NEVER BE FREE OF ECHOOOO-- As he dumps Alastor out of his suit Wildfire says. Farwell, Alastor. I have a hunch-- I may soon join you.
       And as he comes back to land with the rest of the group Wildfire says to them. AND IT'S JUST THAT EASY! Always told you I was the best FIGHTER on the team. Tyroc at this says. And you defeated him all alone. WIldfire then adds. The information you and Tellus gathered may have heleped. A little. But I almost lost it when you went all, "NO, DRAKE--NO!" Tyroc at this says. I thought I was qite convincing. Wildfire can only say. Much too melodramatic. The major comes up and says. hate to break up the bonding, But you people are still SUSPECTED TERRORISTS. We've been authorized under the PATRIOT ACT to take you into custody. Tyroc at this says. Seriously, Major Nicholson? After all you've seen, You still think we're a threat? The major to this says. Don't matter what I think. I have my orders. Metamerican at this and starting to take off his helmet says. WIth all due respect, Major-- Orders be DAMNED! During the brief period I was possessed by that Alastor creature, I got an insight into these LEGIONNARIES. They represent a TEAM composed of many diverse RACES and SPECIES working together to keep peace throughout the universe. With his helmet off he adds. Gives one real HOPE for the future.
        The major at this says. For the sake of your career, Metamerican-- I didn't hear your objection. Meta-marines, We still have a job to do. Gates who has opened a portal to this says. Good luck with that, you fascist sprock. You want to make an ARREST-- You'll have to follow us to KYRGYZSTAN. The major can only say. KYRGYZSTAN?! On the other-side of the portal Timber wolf says. Kyrgyzstan--? Gates at this says. Always liked the sound of it. Might even visit someday.


        They all smile and on a rooftop somewhere Wildfire says. I understand Alastor made some rather troubling ACCUSATIONS before I arrived. Tyroc at this says. Let's TABLE any discussion of Alastor or his allegations-- And just ENJOY the moment. Gates then 'sighs" and says. I could use a cold KONO juice right now. Timber Wolf then says. Make that SEVEN. The comic then ends.


Well this issue marks one year of the new 52 comics that DC is doing. This issue was not too bad as it helps to close? A villain from the start of the new series and for the comic to move into a new ark of stories. Hopefully the next few issue will focus a little more on the characters and a little less on events that they can't control. Though Harvest and ECHO will be playing a major role. All in all a year out this comic is better then issue one a year ago


  1. action packed article! I guess too the characters can also help understand the events also. Please keep up your great hard work I enjoy this! Hope you get lots more views on here too!

  2. If you go back several issue their is the first issue which helps to introduce the characters. Many of them have existed since the 1970's so they have interesting history