Saturday, September 15, 2012

From the Vault Adventure Comics # 306

           The comic starts at the Metropolis spaceport in the 21 century. A ship lands and a lad called Brek gets off and is happy to on Earth to realize his dream. He soon comes to the avenue of the super-heroes and he hopes that if he is successful he will be among them as a member. The next day he is standing in front of the Legion Clubhouse to try out for Legion membership. To the Legion he reveals that his Name is Brek Bannin from the planet Tharr and that his code name is Polar Boy from his powers of being able to make things cold/frozen. After he turns off his powers since the legion is cold they debate and his is rejected but awarded an Legion Flying Belt. After this Polar Boy is sad.

        Suddenly as he walks a person place a hand on his shoulder and tells him they know how he is feeling. The person is revealed to be a women called Night Girl who powers only work in the night who was also rejected by the Legion because of this power problem. She mentions other rejects and it gives Polar Boy the idea to form a Legion of Substitute Heroes. Soon they meet up with other people with powers and they introduce their powers. First is Stoneboy who has the power to turn to stone but only during the night. Second is Fire-Lad who can breath a fire breath who got it from a fiery meteor crashing near him breathing in the vapors from it. He was rejected because his power is too dangerous.
       Next is Chlorophyll Kid that can make plants grow super-fast. He gained his powers from falling into a tank of powerful plant-glowing solution as a child. After this they agree to work together and a new Legion is formed. They soon find a rocky pinnacle for their club-house and soon hollow it out for the clubhouse. Soon they start building a spaceship and in another part of the clubhouse a starmap shows where problems are happening. Soon they see something happening at the ocean research Laboratory. Soon they arrive and sadly see that Saturn Girl, Bouncing Boy and Colossal Boy and lastly Cosmic boy are their and fighting the monsters the substitute came to fight so they leave.
       Back at the Clubhouse the substitutes hope they will get something to help the legion. Soon something happens with criminals and a doomed city that flies off to into space. The substitutes fly up to help but the Legion has already handled it. However soon they see that Robot-ships are coming towards Earth. Polar Boy decides to to the Legion and ask if they want help. He talks to Brainiac 5 who says no as it's too dangerous.

       Outside their clubhouse the group is feeling sad and thinking the group should disband. Suddenly Chlorophyll Kid sees seeds falling down from the sky and uses his powers on it. It grows and starts to attack him. However the sun goes down and Night Girl is able to start to fight it. Fire-lad then uses his power to destroy it and many seeds on the group and coming down. Stoneboy comes running up saying he found the planet where the seeds are coming from and it is deliberate.
       The seeds are coming from where the robot-ships came from and the seeds are the real invasion. The substitute Legion fly to the planet and find out that the plant men can grow others like themselves and have made quite a army of themselves. As darkness comes they come to the city of the plant men. Stoneboy fly's off to make a diversion and uses his powers to turn into stone. The rest of this Legion then go off and try to destroy the seeds. They almost fail until Chlorophyll Kid then uses his powers on the seeds to cause a population explosion. The burst of population happens so fast that it damages their city and makes them unable to invade Earth.

           When they get back to Earth they hear over an announcement that the Legion of Super-heroes won against the robot-ships. The subs decide to keep their victory a secret for now and as they watch the victory parade to act when the other Legion is off Earth to help defend the planet.


This issue is important for Legion history as it helps to bring members of this sub group who in years coming would later join the legion and to show they could do a good job. Polar Boy has been seen in the current Legion comics doing things. Night Girl as someone who helps to train legion academy. However one of the problems with the comic is that DC comics had the problem of forgetting to have a stable time when the Legion comics. The Legion was seen to being place in the 30the century while this one is from the 21 century. However as the Legion grow in popularly this issue came to the end and the writers put them in the right time period.         


  1. It must be really hard to invade earth when the population doubles! I really enjoyed that how the boy worked for it too very enjoyable read. Question: how do you get the pictures for the comic do you take a picture then post it up?

  2. I have scans of the issues in a format called CBR. I then save them to my computer and then put them into the article when I need them