Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Legion of Super-heroes #11

Cast of Characters
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor
Duplicate Damsel aka Luornu Durgo
Otaki aka Bina Nawoti
Comet Queen aka Grava
Bouncing Boy aka Chuck Taine
Mwindaji aka Gahiji
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Mon-EL aka Lar Gand

       The comic starts on the approach to the Dominators' world in the 31 century. A voice on a ship says. Alert-Evasive pattern! Rouge Comet intruding on patrol zone! Data readings indicate extremely heavy mass-- Do not-- Do not-- Intercept! Main body will burn ON atmospheric ENTRY-- Primus Dom commands his world protect him! Evade! Evade!

       Inside the comet a voice says. Ready? one-two-- three! with a Ka Boom the rescue time enters the dominators homeworld. Star Boy says. We're in! Duplicate Damsel adds. It's getting out that's the trick, Thom! Otaki then adds. The dominator's minds are ALIEN, But I feel no anxiety directed at us. They have not detected our presence. Comet Queen to Bouncing Boy then asks. Permission to stop before burnout, Please with starshine sprinkled on it? Bouncing Boy at this says. Hang on, Grava-- Almost down. Star Boy as they go down asks Mwindaji a question. Which way to dreamy, Mwindaji? Mwindaji at this says. The captive Legionnaires are UPWIND, sir... All the fumes confuse... Star Boy at this says. And keep us from being shot out of the sky. Find my girl for me.
        Below on the planet a Dominator says. The comet is burning up in our atmosphere, Master.. It sputters as if trying to STAY intact... And the fumes poison many below. The master says to this. It is better for the breed that they die, if so. Primus Dom will be surved by mightier creatures when our work blooms. The sub dominator says. Then let the comet be an OMEN of your success, Master... And our rewards. The master at this says. Serve not in expectation of rewards-- The dominion requires what it will. Go.. Our captives' Cell should have RIPENED under stimuli... See if we may harvest them. We have wasted enough preserving their lives.

         Elsewhere in their cells Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl are talking. Brainiac says. Live.. Jetoj... (strange symbols)... Exister.. Existir. Dream Girl to this says. Could you stop? Brainiac at this says. Old technique for commanding the body. Dream Girl at this says. Command it to shut up. We're getting close to a CRISIS, and I want to rest. Brainiac can only says. Premonition? Dream Girl at this says. Maybe.. Or maybe deduction. I can't BELIEVE Mon-EL or Ultra Boy hasn't come smashing in to get us... Brainiac at this says. Political realities, Undoubtedly-- The United Planets must be keeping them out of Dominator territory. And NOTHING keeping the Dominators out of cell structures disgusting. Dream Girl at this says. Maybe you'll have more sympathy for experimental animals now, Brainy. Brainiac angry at this says. I have NEVER experimented on SENTIENTS... Without consent. I am NOT a monster.
      Suddenly the master Dominator comes into the cell and says. You are the result of five generations of forced evolutionary artificial breeding for single quality reinforcement, And you CLAIM not to be a monster? You are as monstrous as any caste ever created on our world, Legionnaire. And as USEFUL. As they grab Dream Girl she says. Get off me, You creepy things... The creature holding her says. Be silent, Food-thing. Brainiac can only say. unggg. The Master Dominator says. They must give their gifts to the castes-- to- come... Hold them-- Suddenly Girl breaks free and kicks the needle he was holding with a thump. The master dominator holds his head and can only say. I...I.. Brainiac looks over at this and says. An un-unnatural effect... I. To this Dream Girl says. Forcus, Brainy.. We have to focus.

           Suddenly the roof starts to come in with a krunchh. It is the rescue party and Dream Girl seeing them says. Thom! Thank cassandra you found us! Below Bouncing Boy to Brainiac says. You OKAY, Green? Above Comet Queen says. Spacetrash, You HURT my friends!  Star Boy then adds. We'll get you out of here, Nura... Mwindaji then asks. May I help, Ma;am? to Duplicate Damsel. Duplicate Damsel to this in her many forms says. Not necessary, Mwindaji, thanks-- I have them-- In hand. Otaki then touches the dominator with her powers and says. So this is the species I have been mindsensing? How PECULIAR... Howww... mwindaji comes up to her and says. Do not get LOST in its mind, Otaki. They are terrible beasts. Otaki at this says. Unh.. Yes...
         Dream Girl is now on Star Boy's wheelchair and he is talking.. We got them-- Let's get to the cruiser and get out of here before we have to face the whole dominator fleet on our way home! Brainiac to this says. No. Not without the force shield belt.. It is a thousand-year-old masterpiece, IRREPLACEABLE. Duplicate Damsel fighting says to this. It's a THING... e came here to save PEOPLE.. Not get killed for your toys. Brainiac to this says. Not leaving without it. Go ahead. Mwindaji points down a hall and says. There is something with your scent beyond the portal. Not many meters... I can lead you there. As they start to go down Duplicate Damsel putting her hand on Mwinidaji says. Are you CRAZY?  Brainiac to this says. I'm going, Luornu.
        Brainiac heading down to this says. After a thousand years, I will not become a legend by LOSING the regalia of my line. Show me where it is. Duplicate Damsel says to this. Dann you, Querl Dox. You want to risk lives for a THING. Well... What are you standing around waiting for? Either all of us go back.. Or NONE of us do.
        Meanwhile back on Earth at the Legion Headquarters with a voice saying. You realize this is RIDICULOUS, Right? It is Cosmic Boy talking to Mon-EL and he adds. Two Legionnaires KIDNAPPED-- And the rescue squad is two reservists, A Legionnaire on Medical Leave, A youngster who resigned to go, And two prospective members. We need LEADERSHIP here. Pointing he then adds. The Leadership we elected YOU for.


              Mon-EL to this says. I AM leading. Difficult as it is I am following the orders of the United Planets Council not to have any legionnaires attack the dominators... Unless and until we have more PROOF that they are responsible for the kidnapping. I am trusting the life of the man whose genius freed me from a thousand year imprisonment, And a women we all adore and respect.. To the strongest rescue team we could assemble on a moment's notice within the limits of those incredibly frustrating orders.. weak as they are.. As he walks away he adds. And you can give me a BREAK.
            Meanwhile on the Dominator home planet a voice says. BROKEN?? It is Brainiac and then a dds. Barbarians! They picked apart these beautiful devices-- Don't they REALIZE no one else could make a flight ring! Mwindaji after this touching a wall says. There is something MORE of yours here, Legionnaire-- But it is secured by a LOCK of some sort. The rest of the group shows up and Star Boy says. Should I use.. Brainiac to this says. No. Then adds. My force shield belt is there...
           Brainiac then says. Yes. There. Suddenly his belt appears in front of him with a Krakk. Duplicate Damsel shocked says. H-how? You're not telepathic. Star Boy adds. You didn't touch it! Dream Girl merely amused says, oh, Brainy... Brainiac to all of this says. You don't think you know ALL my tricks, Do you? Suddenly a monster appears and hits him with a whump causing him to say. unhhh.
          Duplicate Damsel holding some off then says. MORE of these monsters? Bouncing Boy coming up to help to ths says. Guess you don't have a monopoly on mass production, Dear, As he take them out with a whump and a boing he adds. They don't seem too dangerous. Suddenly he is shot in the back with a whamm causing him to yell. Unhhh. It is more dominator forces and one of them says. Don not damage the coluan. The rest do not matter.

         Duplicate Damsel fighting then adds. Now you're adding insult to injury!  Further back Dream Girl to Star Boy say pointing. That's the one behind all this. Thom! With a krunchhh he causing the stuff to full on them and says. Then i own him this for my sleepless nights! Suddenly he is hit with a whamm destroying his chair and sending him and Dream Girl flying.
        Otaki trying to do something then says. His creatures may protect his body, But-- The dominatior leading this all says. But you presume to touch my mind, Earther? How little you know of the castes! As he does something to Otaki it causes her to say. ohhh.. He adds. Our wills are stronger than yours.. And the harvest from the Coluan shall improve he breed more.
         As he stands up to face the dominator Brainiac says. My mind is mt own, Not simply a gene code you can steal. The dominator at this says. You are meat.. Brainiac only says. I am me. And then adds. You are NOT. Suddenly he is hit by a fireball going fwoosh causing him to yell. NOOOOO....

          It was from Comet Queen and she adds. Th-that's like, A present, Starshine... From someone who really, REALLY didn't like you. Dream Girl comes up to her and slapps her with a smak saying. What are you doing? Comet Queen can only say. Told me... Dream Girl then says. YOU"RE the one I saw betray us! WHY?? Suddenly she is shot in the back with a ZAAAPPP causing her to say. whiiii.. and Comet Queen to say. EEK!
          The head Dominator then says. It is done, Now we may harvest. A creature comes up and says. I have sshut down their devices, Master... No ssignals were ssent.. The master Dominator looking over the defeat legion members then says. Then the castes dine well. And this creature, who helped us... Perhaps Primus Dom will honor her personally with his hunger?


This issue was ok. Nothing special as neither the art nor the story were all that good. However the twist at the end is interesting and I did not see it coming. It also shines on some of the older and less powerful Legion members who are pretty neat but are not as well liked

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