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Legion of Super-Heroes #12

             The comic starts at the Dominator's world in the 31st century. A dominator says. Rule the fourth, And ultimately we are all food. A dominator somewhere says. Faster-- The moment grows near for Primus Dom to celebrate. Bring forth the Coluan whose genes will aid our new caste! The dominator from last issue the says. The Coluan is mine to gift to Primus Dom, And these others as well, overreachine one. This other dominator then says. I abase myself, Master!

            The master dominator sees Primus Dom and says. All hail, Primus Dom graces you wit his sight. We are honored to have you celebrate the decanting with us, Great Master. The Primus at this says. This caste will use the daxamite's strength and Coluan's mind to put the United Planets in it's proper submission... And these annoying Legionnaires.. A dominator then says. will please your palate, this one hopes. Besides him is Dream Girl and she says. This one doesn't.. She breaks free and the dominator says. seize the human. Dream Girl at this can only say. Human? The primus then says seeing this. Your offering seems to be.. Escaping...
         Dream Girl then says to this. So that's it- You think we're only Human? Humans you can kidnap, torture-- So you'd expect us to give up and be dinner? Sorry, ugly... She then kicks a monster with a WHAM. She then adds. We're Legionnaires, And we don't give up. Or get held with junky locks. She clicks on something. She has turned off Duplicate Damsel holds and says. Go, Luornu! Duplicate Damsel to this says. Thanks, Nura. She makes copies of herself saying. Now let's even the odds a bit!

          Duplicate Damsel comes up to save Bouncing Boy saying. You owe me. Bouncing Boy at this says. Whichever of you I owe, I shall gladly repay.. But first I owe these.. Things! He uses his powers to hit multiply targets with a thump. As Duplicate Demsel nears Comet Queen Brainac 5 comes upon her saying. Leave Grava-- At least until we understand why she gassed us.
         The dominator Genesist looking at the gene pods says. Doomed! My caste shall be demeaned for generations-- Unless my creation redeems us! Wake, Creature! The creature does with a. ARGGHHH.... It flys up and Dream Girl says. What is that thing? Brainiac at seeing this says. On surface characteristics, A Hybrid Dominator and Daxamite.. And let's hope without our genes that they wanted to infuse into it too. Dream Girl at this says. Eww.. That would be a  disgusting relative.
        Dream Girl taking to Star Boy then says. Wake up, Thom-- We'll need you if that thing's got Daxamite strength.. Star Boy at this says. Give me a Nano, Nura... Otaki using her powers on the creature says. The creature is confused, But attuned to the Dominators' power.. In front the creature to Primus Dom says. M..Master.. Dream Girl after hearing this says. Then Brainy's earlier idea about finding his force shield belt is making a lot of sense to me. Brainiac adds to this. Exactly, Mwindaji-- Can you-- Mwindaji can only say. Not Now.
       The creature attacks them and Primus Dom says. Worthy. Perhaps this nw caste will prove. Useful. As Bouncing Boy passes him with a swoosh. The Genesist Dominator to this says. The daxamites are the most powerful species in the United Planets, Master... I have tried to preserve all their powers.. He points to the Gene Pods saying. Soon we will have not one, But a full caste cadre!

         At the Legion HQ on Earth Cosmic Boy asks. What's happening? Mon-EL at this says. They're way beyond my vision, Rokk-- you know that. Cosmic Boy at this says. You have all those incredible Daxamite powers-- Do something. Mon-EL at this says. They cut off all tracers so the Legion wouldn't be blamed for invading Dominion space-- What do you want me to do? Cosmic Boy getting Angry says. Then use magic-- Maybe Glorith can help, Or call the witch! Mon-EL at this says. Hmmm. Not exactly, Rokk.. But maybe there is a way.. A way to SHOW the council that the kidnappers are the Dominators.
       Back on the Dominator planet Brainiac is taking to himself out loud. Dominator's Homeworld orbits a low ratio Fu/FB yellow star, And the star, And the clone hasn't had a full opportunity to charge it's cell in classic Krypto-Reaction, so potentially... yess.. To Star Boy her then asks. Thom-- If you can simulate a local G force of 250 G-- Dream Girl to this says. That's way outside his limits. Brainiac at this says. We're running out of options.. Star Boy this says. I'll try...
      Otaki at this says. He's not very confident. Dream Girl at this says. Then broadcast confidence to him, If your mindsense works that way, Child. Dream Girl to Star Boy then says. If you DREAM it, You can DO it, Thom. As he uses his powers Star Boy asks. Is it working, Nura? Dream Girl to this says. Not yet-- more, Thom!

        The creature falls from the pressure onto the ground with a THOOOM. Star Boy the nsays. Whew.. Dream Girl then says. You can't stop now. Brainiac then running up says. Hold him long enough for Mwindaji to find my Force Shield Belt! Otaki then says pointing to the pods. Hurry, Brainiac-- Because even if Star Boy can hold this monster-- Who will hold the rest?
        On Earth at the U.P headquarters a voice says. We've been through this, Legionnaires-- You have no real evidence the dominators are holding your comrades. Mon-EL at this says. This time we do councilor Fajardo. All we ask-- is that you believe the evidence of your sense... Sensor Girl appears suddenly saying. Gentlemen councilors.. You remember me from my time with the Legion... And my right to speak at council, As Ruler of Orando... So I ask you to see my friends, As I can see them on the far world of the dominion..
        And see their suffering... Shen then shows them and then says. Farewell. The councilor at this says. Quite upsetting, Legionnaires... IF TRUE. We shall have our experts examine the testimony and ensure there was no TRICKERY or even honest error before authorizing acts that could lead to war. As Mon-EL and Ultra-Boy are walking out Mon-EL says. Take all the time you want, Councilor. We've given you the evidence you wanted.. As they fly out he ads. We're going to get our friends.
       Otaki to Duplicate Damsel on the dominators says. Teacher-- The creatures in the cocoons-- Their minds are still quiescent-- They won't wake unless they "Bloom".. Duplicate Damsel at this says. If they don't wake, They're not dangerous, Huh? To Bouncing Boy she says. Chuck-- Never mind the trogs-- Knock over the tree! Bouncing Boy at this says. Over? then adds. Why not? He boings over to it. He hits it with a whamm and it falls over causing the pods to break. The Geniest dominator says. nooo. Primus Dom can only say enough.
       To the Geneist Dominator Primus Dom then says. The warrior castes have long guarded the Dominion. And this experiment... And you. The dominator can only says. I abase myself.. The primus adds. Are over and eats him. Nearby Star Boy to Dream Girl asks. Can i stop now, Nura?.. I'm so... Dream Girl to this says. You have to hold on, Thom. As she looks around and sees they are surrounded she says. I think we're still in trouble.
       Suddenly the monster grabs Star Boy causing him to say. eeelll... Suddenly a hand grabs the monster saying. No. It is Mon-EL and he adds. I think we're about had it with you. Below Dream Girl who has caught Star Boy says. Whew-- Good timing... Below Brainiac to Mon-EL says. Actually rather later than I expected. What kept you? Mon-EL at this says. Don't get me started... Bureau-crats.

      Mon-EL with lasers hitting him says. Take the Coluan Cruiser Thom came, And get everyone out of here. As he picks up a piece of the ground he adds. Jo and I will clean up the rest. Otaki at this says. The training holos do not do him justice. Duplicate Damsel to this says. Careful, Otaki you mindsense is broadcasting rather LOUDLY... Soon on the ship Otaki says. We can never earn places with Heroes like that. Mwindaji. Mwindaaji at this says. I am ready to return to the academy. Duplicate Damsel at this says. You did well both of you.. Or you'd be dead. As she walks somewhere she adds.  Some of our graduates have done well as Legionnaires.. And then there's you. Standing in front of Comet Queen to herself she asks. Why, Grava, Why?? Thus ends the comic.


This issue was not too bad. It was mostly action and went pretty quickly. Hopefully sometime soon we will see why Comet Queen did what she did. It was also nice to see a little more of the working of the government of the United Planets and how they deal with the Legion.  

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