Sunday, October 7, 2012

Legion Lost # 0

       The comic starts on the planet Zuun in the Early 31st century... The narrator states. INERTON-JACKETED PROJECTILES and ENERGY WEAPONS flare in the night as a lone figure EXPLODES from the shadows. An Alien pointing a gun at this figure saying. I-it's that sprooking LONE WOLF vigilante--! BLAST HIM! We can't let this rabid dog harm his lordship. This Lone Wolf then says. You CAN'T stop me.

        He then adds attacking. NO ONE can! The narrator then states. He BULLDOZES through the defenders-- Leaving a trail of SHATTERED BONES and BLOODIED LIMBS in his wake. But even BRIN LONDO is given pause. Even he is APPALLED by his own BRUTALITY-- And utter lack of MERCY. With every fiber of his being, Brin believes LORD VYKOR deserves to die. And. Yet, He HESITATES-- And QUESTIONS-- A Child's VOW!
       In the past Brin to his dad says. You should have come, Dad. We saw WOLVES at the zoo. Real live TIMBER WOLVES from planet Earth. His dad at this says. I'm glad you and your mother enjoyed yourselves, Brin. But someone has to work. To Brin's mom he then asks. Do you have a moment, Kana? I could use some help on the presentation. Kana at this says. Be right with you, Marr. Brin then says. B-but you said we were going on a picnic. He dad at this says. That will have to wait, son... Then adds. Our patron will soon be here, And I need to get ready. His mom then adds. This is a big day for all of us, Brin. If his Lordship is pleased-- And I'm sure he will be-- we'll have the resources we need to complete our work. And we'll all CELEBRATE by having a wonderful picnic in the floating park. As she ruffles his hair he says. Okay, Mama.
       Soon sometime the patron has arrived and says. My associates and I have invested a small fortune in your research, Dr. Londo. We're anxious to see what you've accomplished. Marr at this says. I assure you, LORD YVKOR and honored quests-- You won't be disapponited. At a holding tube he adds. Behold a simple CODENT. The poor creature has been infected with a most virulent CANCER and is covered with OPEN SORES. As he injects a needle he adds. My wife and I believe we can CURE any disease by tapping into an organism's Genome  or hereditary information. Our serum will make it RESISTANT to any disease-- Give it the ability to HEAL from, almost any injury-- And greatly ehhance all of its PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES.(the creature is healed)


       Marr then adds. Based on observations I've made in previous experiments-- This codent is now significantly STRONGER, FASTER and far more AGILE then his brothers. Vykor the nsays to all of this. Well done, Londo. The adds. You've exceeded my wildest expectations. How soon can you deliver this miracle formula for me, my family and a few hundred of my closest associates? Marr at this says. A-are you serious? A they walk up stairs and Marr family now is with him Vykor says. I never joke when discussing business. Sets the wrong tone. Is there a problem? Marr at this says. We're at least a YEAR away fro, human trails, your lordship.  Add another TWO or THREE before the government grants us permission to go into mass production. Yvkor at this says. That simply won't do. Can't you speed up the process? Marr at this says. I don't see how you can't rush the scientific method-- or the bureaucracy. Vykor at this says. Don't be naive! Any problem can be solved-- When you're properly MOTIVATED. He pulls out a gun and shoots Kana with a Kzamm.
      Marr looking at his wife on the ground says. W-WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Vykor at this says. I've provided you with an OPPORTUNITY, Dr. Londo. A practical application for your serum. My associates have been known to suffer from similar experiences in the field. Marr at this says. B-but there's no time to calibrate the correct dosage. I could be causing more harm by-- Suddenly he yells. KANA! She dies and Brin shouts. MOMMA! Marr can only say. Kana--! Vykor at this then says. Don't be discouraged, Doctor! I'm sure you'll do better next time. Your SON'S life may depend on it. As they walk out he adds. You have ONE MONTH to perfect the serum-- ANd don't even THINK about trying to leave the building. My men will provide you with 'round the clock security. And, just to prove I'm not totally heartless, they'll even give you sufficient time to say your goodbyes before removing the body.
      The narrator then states. Working night and day, the next three weeks pass in a blur of fear, anger, agony and fury.. In the lab Marr is saying. I'm so sorry, Kana. I heard rumors about Vykor, But I was desperate to find a sponsor. I'll make him pay for what he did to you. Brin hearing this says. Dad--? Why you talking to momma? Marr at this says. She won't rest until reget our REVENGE, Brin/ He then adds. We're going to prepare a little SURPRISE for Lord Vykor. A practical DEMONSTRATION of my new serum. (He injects himself) Brin then asks. W-what are you doing, Dad? DAD?! The only response is ARRRGH! Brin then asks. A-are you all right? Should I call the guards? Marr then says. I.. I'll be fine we'll both be fine. The pain is already receding. I need you to be brave, son. Brin at this says. Y-you're scaring me, Dad. He then is injected by Marr saying. This will only hurt for a minute. Brin at this says. It BURNS! Marr then says. Trust me, Son! I'm doing this for your own good. It may be your only hope. We can't let VYKOR win. We just CAN'T! 


       Soon at the lab a voice says. Dr. Londo--? It is Vykor and he adds. You might as well show yourself. I know you're here. You don't want to annoy me by wasting my time. I might take it out on your SON. Marr comes up and says. You shouldn't threaten my son, Vykor. Sets the wrong tone. The formula is ready. Vykor at this says. Excellent. Smiling Marr then says. Did I mention the bad news? I'm going to use it-- SUddenly he jumps them saying/ --To make you PAY for KANA! Vykor at this says. predictable, Doctor. I assumed you'd allow SENTIMENT to overwhelm REASON. Marr is then shot at with a Kzamm Kzamm Kzamm Kzamm.
      As Marr bodies smokes Vykor says. What a waste of potential. Gather his notes and hand me that vial. I'll have my scientists-- WHA?! Suddenly with a rrrr Brin jumps him and starts riding his back. Vykor at this says. That sprokking freak was hiding in the ceiling tiles and he-- Suddenly as Brin bites his ear he yells. AAYEEE! Marr still alive says. Run, BRIN! The lab is wired to SELF-DESTRUCT. You need to LEAVE like we discussed-- And I must JOIN your mother. Brin at this says. No, Dad! DON'T--! Marr at this says. It's too late, Brin! GO! As Brin jumps out the window his farther yells. GO!
       Inside the lab a minion says. HURRY, MASTER! Away we must. Vykor at this says. One second... Then he says. FASCINATING! The good doctor was already beginning to heal-- So I severed his jugular. I do hope his son finds a way to survive. Not only do I own him for the EAR-- His BLOOD may probe very valuable. Outside Brin alive and further down hears a KWA-BWOOM and starts to cry.
       In scenes of him growing older the narrator states. Alone, having nowwhere to go, No one to console him, BRIN LONDO wandered the streets of ZUNN-- Ending in LOWTOWN, A cesspit that masqueraded as a ghetto for the desperate and dispirited. A war zone haunted by predators who sadistic appetites sickened even the indisputably depraved. But Brin proved no helpless prey. An animal raged within him, One that he would forever struggle to control. As the years passed, The beast compelled him to hunt the hunters-- And defend those who could not protect themselves.


       Still haunted by his mother's murder and his father's desire for revenge, BRIN began to stalk LORD VYKOR. A man known to associate with both the POLITICALLY ELITE and LEGALLY CHALLENGED. But one who, in recent years, Rarely ventured from the shadows. Undeterred, Brin followed up every tip, every scrap of intelligence he could gather... Punching someone with a TWAMM brin says. I hear you sprok's work for VYKOR. WHERE CAN I FIND HIM? Trust me-- You'll TALK! You just have to decide how much FACE remains intact. Suddenly a light flashes on him and a voice says. THAT'S ENOUGH! don't force us to FRY you!
      The voice then adds. THIS IS THE SCIENCE POLICE! You've just ruined MONTHS of Undercover work. Another SP officer says. Captain, This man-- He fits the description of the lone wolf VIGILANTE! The captain at this says. Indeed he does, Lieutenant Whye. Why the interest in VYKOR, KID? Brin at this says. None of your business. But I can save you the time and expense of a TRAIL. The captain at this says. Thanks for the offer, We prefer JUSTICE to VENGEANCE. If you are the man we think you are, We approve of your GOALS-- But not your METHODS. The captain then adds. Why don't you clam down and come with us? Help us end the CIRCLE OF VIOLENCE. The Lt at this adds. You don't want to face VYKOR alone. We've been hearing strange RUMORS about him. He may be far more POWERFUL than you imagine. Brin at this says. Good. I like a challenge. We done here? The two SP officers look at each other and the captain says. Should we bring him in? The Lt at this says. Your call, nate. They then look don and see Brin is gone.
      As the months pass the narrator states. Over the months that followed, The science officer's words echoed within Brin. Yes, his father desired REVENGE-- But his mother was a GENTLE and LOVING soul. How could she ever know PEACE-- If Brin committed MURDER on her behalf? As Brin comes upon where his target is and breaks though the glass window he yells. VYKOR! Yvkor inside with a glass in hand at this entrance says. No need to SHOUT. I could hear you panting on the patio-- Thanks to a little enhancement that I owe to you. Took you long enough to get though my bodyguards. You really are a LOUSY DETECTIVE, Londo. I was beginning to DESPAIR you would ever find me-- Even with the BREAD CRUMBS I left for you to follow over the years.

         Taking a drink he then adds. I can't tell you how much I've longed for this REUNION. Let me begin by introducing you to my son-- TOR! With a kwump his son hits Brin in the back. As Tor stands over him Vykor adds. Your father's final vial had just enough serum for HIM-- And, of course, for ME. I've prepared for this meeting by hiring only the very best TUTORS-- Experts in every form of PERSONAL COMBRAT! He then adds. KILL him, Tor-- But try to keep his BODY in one piece. perhaps our scientists can reverse-engineer the SERUM when they study his CORPSE. Brin at this says. You have a rare CONFIDENCE, Vykor--
        As he jumps pass Tor and starts to move towards Vykor Brin says. FOR A MURDERING SACK OF SPROK! The narrator then adds. Springing forward, BRIN somersaults off the back of the onrushing TOR. His inner beast HOWLS with dark delight, Surging with an almost insatiable DESIRE, As Brin's hands clamp around Vykor's NECK. One crushing ACT, One satisfying SNAP and his parents are AVENGED! But Brin HESITATES. WHO wins if Vykor dies? And, more significant, WHAT is lost? Even as Brin wonders who is truly the PREDATOR and who is PREY-- Outloud Tor says. I have spent my entire Life TRAINING and PREPARING for this battle. Honing my FIGHTING SKILLS until I am the very BEST at--
       Brin at this says. BORING! You may have STUDIED personal combat. I've LIVED it. He slashes at Tor causing him to yell. ARRGH! Vykor to this says. Is that supposed to impress us? You're an ANIMAL. He then fires his gun at Brin several time with a Kzamm sound which miss as Brin get's out of the way and Yykor adds. A rabit little MONGREL snapping at your betters. A DOG who deserves to be PUT DOWN. As Brin doges lasers in front of him Yvkor adds. This could all have been AVOIDED if your father had only done his JOB and turned over the serum. I PAID for his rsearch. IT BELONGS TO ME! Brin at this asks. What about my MOTHER? As he kicks Yvkor he adds. How do you justify MURDERING her?

         Tor who is behind says to these turn of events. RELEASH MY FATHER! I... I'll KILL you if you harm him Brin at this says. Please tell me the IRONY of that statement doesn't escape you. Tor at this this only says. ENOUGH TALK! Brin answers as they close in on each other with. Fine by me! The narrator states as they fight. And so they CLASH. Two warriors born of the same GENESIS-- possessing equal PHYSICAL ABILITIES and the same enhanced SENSES. Yet, only one has ever depended on his ANIMAL INSTINCTS for daily survival. Only one ever rejoiced as the BLOODLUST sang in his veins-- And his heart THUNDERED to the baying of his inner beast. Only one truly stands at a PRECIPICE, knowing that while only one of them can WIN-- Both can LOSE! Brin wins and holds a claw against Tor's throat. Vykor at this yells.  NO! P-please DON'T--! I'M the one you want. Take ME instead. My son is as INNOCENT-- as WAS your MOTHER. 

      Sometime later the Space police are taking them away and the Captain says. calling us was the right thing to do. Brin at this says. Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself. I might even believe it someday. The captain adds. We already have enough evidence to put Vykor and his son away for along time. The captain then adds. A man with your special abilities could do a lot of good. have you ever considered applying to the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES? Brin at this says. Nope. The captain adds. I could write a letter recommendation. Brin at this says. Why? you don't even KNOW me. The captain at this says. I know enough. My name is captain Adym, by the way. What do you say? You interested in the LEGION-- Or do you prefer playing the LONE WOLF? Brin who is jumping off the building to this says. I think of myself more as a TIMBER WOLF. For sentimental reasons. Thus ends the comic.


This issue gives some good back story on how Timber Wolf came to be. The nice thing about it is that follows how Brin was introduced in the 1960's in the comics but also keeps it fresh with giving a more expanded one and more depth to it. The comic also helps to show that why humanity and the UP has moved out beyond Earth many of the problems and issues we deal with today still happen. 


  1. wow that was pretty entertaining a very good read

  2. good to know. It has been one of the better issues of the series so far.