Sunday, October 21, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #0

           The comic starts on the planet Colu, In the 31st century, Shortly after the founding of the Legion. Cosmic Boy, Lighting Lad and Phantom Girl are fighting Strange Monsters and Phantom Girl says. Okay, I see why they called for the Legion.. Unless Colu is always this UNPLEASANT.

            As Lighting Lad is fighting the monsters he says to this. That would explain why Colu has no TOURIST business. As he hits more with a KRAKL he adds. It's been a CLOSED WORLD-- No one knows much about it. But this CAN'T be normal. Cosmic Boy using his powers with a Skreech adds. Here-- Maybe the inside of that thing is more vulnerable for you? Lighting Lad to this says. Perfect. With a KRACKOOM a monster blows up.

         The two then combine their powers to work together and Lighting Lad adds. The exterior's tough-- But the inside's not. Phantom Girl touching a green crystal then asks. But what are these things doing? I can go through anything, But I can't pass through this! Lighting Lad and Cosmic Boy who are highfiving and not really listening are talking. First Let's stop them, Then figure it out, Okay? Lighting Lad adds. These two down. Phantom Girl a bit concerned says. Okay, But what about the rest?
         A voice then says. Up here, P.G. Suddenly with a WAOOSH things go boom. It is from Ultra Boy and he adds. I got these. As they swarm him he adds. Sorta. Uses his heat vision and as things go up says. Damn.
         As he starts falling Ultra Boy think.s Switch.. C'mon.. Focus.. Switch.. C'mon... Now... Fly. As he just misses some Colu's he outloud says. Yeah! Phantom Girl comes up to him and placing a arm on his shoulder says. Nice, Big guy-- But could you lend a hand here? The trapped folks could use it. She then adds looking at him. I'd appreciate it.
         Ultra Boy at this says. B-but, I-- The bug things-- Cosmic Boy and Lighting Lad come up and say. We've got them and thanks for thanks for softening them up! They then defeat the bugs with a KABOOOM. Ultra Boy soon lifts the rock out of the way saying. Okay, P.G-- here Ya go.

      Brainiac 5 and some elders come up on a hover device and Brainiac says. There- precisely as predicted.  An elder adds. Yet sadly they did not arrive in time to prevent this destruction. Another Elder to this says. Earth and the United Planets are far, Dorvl, We cannot fault the youths for that. Dorul at this says. I do not fault but regret. He then adds. You are heir to our ancient overlords, Brainiac child, And to the source of our pain. Do you truly believe these children will preserve us? Brainiac at this says. I do arvid wix.. With my guidance, of course. Another Elder as cosmic boy comes up to shark his hand(which he does not) says. Legionnaires, We welcome you to Colu. Cosmic Boy to this says. Glad to be able to help, Sir. Phantom Girl seeing Brainiac adds. Brainy...!
       She runes up to him hugging him saying. I knew I'd see you again! He can only say. I-I-- The elders then say. "Brainy"? Another. An Earther..? The last then adds. Th-this was not in your report of your visit to Earth. Brainiac this says. Er.. May I present Tinya Wazzo of BGZTL, Not Earth.. To this she says. Phantom Girl, please. Brainiac then adds. Cosmic Boy, Lighting Lad and Ultra Boy of the Legion. Soon they are flying somewhere and a Elder is saying. We have incurred much damage awaiting your arrival, youngsters. Come and you may see our bane. A thousand years ago, The monster Brainiac went from our world to terrorize much of this universe, But after he was eventually defeated, We though Colu would be a peaceful world of Knowledge... Hus legacy was safely sealed away...
       As they arrive the Elder adds. But as you can see, Our ancestors' sins have emerged to haunt us again and have spread across our world... Phantom Girl at seeing the place can only say. Wow. Ultra Boy then says. I'll-- Suddenly Brainiac interrupts him saying. Wait, Legionnaire-- The weapons within are known to have vanquished cites, And have defeated Kryptionians. Don't be confident in your so-called "Invulnerability"  here.
       Inside a person is thinking. Her's the mother lode, jumped ship from that freighter at the perfect time. No more scavenging little bits of Colu's tech.. This must be where they keep the good STUFF. Why was that portal open... Maybe it automatically unlocks when this building activates?.. But I know an invite when i see it.. Gotta choose carefully.. Only so much I can carry... Somebody will figure out how to lock this joint back up soon.. Don't wanna be stuck inside for the rest of my life...

       Suddenly he is stopped by the defense system and it says. pre-programmed activity-- New intruder selected. DNa match false-- unrelated to approved kilobase 8 pattern. Terminate. Suddenly it then says. About. About terminate. Alternative projected path. Select THIS. Tharok-Human. Select.. This... It does something to the guy and it adds. Go. Go.. Subroutine complete, End.
        Outside the building a group of Colu's are trying to take a stand and one of them says.. A fool's errand, Vyzil Cor! We cannot hold back a war machine with scavenged tools- things meant for gardening, or building. Another at this says. We must. Then adds. We guard what is most precious on Colu. Hold your fire until the things grows closer. So we many concentrate our effect. As he fires his gun with a ZZZOPPP adds. It will be our only chance. As the weapon hits with a Thoom it causes another Colu to say. It is no use!
        Suddenly the Legion shows up with Cosmic Boy using his powers with a SPEOING. Brainiac under his shield and protecting the guards says. Sloppy thinking. Do not assume an outcome until it is demonstrated and irreversible. Phantom Girl who is under the Shield adds. That force shield Gimmick really is useful. A guard adds. The Brainiac child!

         As Cosmic Boy again attacks with a SPROING Phantom Girl asks him. So the elders aren't sure how the old vault was operned, or how many of these dawn things got activated? Cosmic Boy at this says. Nope. Cosmic Boy who is making something then asks. Makes you wonder about all this boasting about super-intelligence, Huh? Phantom Girl at this says. Well, I think our friend Brainiac is smart. Cosmic Boy who has made a ball of some kind says. Great-- Ask HIM to figure out how to shut that valut, then. he tooses the ball and it lands on the robot with a klik causing it to explode with a THOOM and causing someone to say. Damn.
       As Cosmic Boy lands he says to a guard. We'll do our best to rescue what you were protecting, Elder.. But what's in there that was worth risking your lives? The Elder at this says. The child. Cosmic Boy at this says. Kids are important-- Hopefully Brainy and P.G. will be able to reach them. Another guard at this says. No, Not Children.. The Elder at this adds. THE child. We are long-lived, And reproduce RARELY. This is the first born since the Brainiac child. At this Cosmic Boy can only say. Oh. Elsewhere Phantom Girl to Brainiac asks. You realize you live on a totally weird world, right? You'd be sooo much happier on Earth with the Legion. Brainiac to this says. Is this an APPROPRIATE moment for that discussion?
       As Phantom Girl disappears she says. Guess not. To the group of guards looking her disappearance stuns them. As she comes back up she says. Found her. As Brainiac places the baby in a safe place she adds. Should I ex-- Brainiac to this says. Not now. As he comes up to the guards he says. We did it! Phantom Girl adds. Right, so-- As Brainiac hands the baby over he states. Not now. Please take her to safety first.
       Elsewhere Lighting Lad is fighting and says. That's done, But there's no end to these things. He let's out a attack with a Krackoom. As he lays a bit tired he out loud says. I don't know how much more I've got in me. He then adds. Charged out. As a big monster appears he yells. Yeow! Suddenly Ultra Boy appears saying. This one's mine, pal.
      As he breaks it in half with a Thooom and then crashes a voice says. Switch, Legionnaire- Switch! Legion Lad as the other come adds. Yeah, Yeah. And Cosmic Boy a nice. Brainiac who has come with the others states. A more permanent solution is required, And perhaps you're strong enough to provide it. Ultra Boy at this says. Haven't found my limit yet, Little guy. Brainiac then adds. The, Consider this. In my.. Uh.. Research, I believe the vault was built integrally-- Like a grounded starship, In one piece. Could you lift it, And throw it off world? Ultra Boy at this says. Long as it doesn't break, sure. Ultra Boy grabbing onto it says. Worth a try. With a unnnh. then one.. two... three! He tosses it into space.

      In space on a ship a voice says. That was creative thinking Brainiac. Now Starfleet can bring some heavy weapons to break it up, Without having to wreck the planet's surface. Phantom Girl adds. Yeah.. And we make a good team. Brainiac at this says. Th-thanks.. Lighting Lad adds. Uou'll enjoy being a Legionnaire, Brainy. Brainiac at this says. I'm sure i'll find it facinating.. And then thinks. And its's a excellent idea to get of Colu now.. And bury the memory of my opening the vault before I get anywhere near Saturn Girl's telepathic range.. And hope I can learn to forgive myself. Thus ends the issue.


This issue was not that bad. It give more of a look at how Brainiac 5 works and also the early Legion in its self. It also helps to show that the Original Brainiac existed in the DC universe and shows us Colu and a bit more of the characters. All in all a fun look back at some history.


  1. I've really enjoyed the legion since the 1960's ( with the exception of the Mark Said reboot, wasn't that the worst crap you've ever read!!!) This new start has been good and really reminds me of the run started with Superboy #195, which in my opinion was the best stuff, closely followed by the work done by Keith Giffen.

  2. That's a very good point. What I also like about this reboot for the current stuff is that the classic Legion story still happened in the past but the story is about the know.