Sunday, October 28, 2012

Legion Flight Equipment

      Over the years the Legion of Super-Heroes has employed many devices to make ground and space based movement go much quicker then other methods like walking. The Oldest and first scene device was the traditional anti gravity device of SCI-FI the rocket pack.

                                                                 Rocket Pack in use

       The pack was one or two single rockets together that covered the whole back. It was somewhat slow and quite bulky. However, As the comics and the Legion began to get more popular a new device was created. First appearing in Adventure Comics 302 but really first scene in Adventure Comics 306 is the Legion Flight Belt.

                                                                 First true appearance of FB

         The Flight belt as one imagines was a belt that was worn around the waist. Inside the belt was tech that let the user not be held by gravity thus fly. The belt existed as their main form of movement for many years. However, Much like it's predecessor the belt was still quite bulky and could be sabotaged or have sutff done to it that made it unusable. After the belt became phased out with newer tech it still seen once in awhile. In comics published after 2007 with the return of the original Lineup of the Legion stories have been published showing its use in the past.
       In the mid 1960's starting in Adventure Comics 239 the Legion's best know flying device came into being. In the comics created by Brainiac 5 the Legion Flight Ring came into being.

 <-First Flight Ring                                       
   Modern Flight Ring->

        Unlike older models of equipment this device was a ring that could fit on to anyone's finger. This made it easier to use the device and also the easiest to date to use for the Legion. Unlike other devices the flight ring was powered not by a battery or other forces but by will power. The ring soon came to have a Large L on it to symbol the Legion and soon became one of their greatest tools. Even when DC comics rebooted the Legion in early 90's and then again in 2004 both kept the ring in their stories. The ring with people who have significant Will Power can also be used to increase the fighting ability of the user.
      In the 2004 reboot of theLegion the Legion Flight Ring also gained an ability unique to that universe. The ring could used to shield the person from the state making them invisible and help protect them. Lastly the Flight Eing has also shown up in the Mythois of Superman. In stories before the 2011 reboot the ring for Superman helped to give him a sense and path and to know that he would do something greater then just being himself. Out of print the Ring has also appeared in media. During the 8th season of Smallville a T.V show that was about a young "Clark Kent" aka Superboy but without the tights. The legion and their ring made several appearances.
                                                              Legion ring in Smallville

         The ring would also help to set up events for Season 9. Ultimately these flight devices help to show a possible future for mankind and that Flight could one day be open to all.


  1. loved the pictures of this one and the legion ring that was featured in the show is super cool!

  2. yes it is a pretty nice one. I have a copy of the one they used in the show as well.