Sunday, November 4, 2012

Legion Lost #13

        The Comic Starts with the narrator stating. In a distant Solar System-- The fifth planet of an unnamed star brims with intelligent life. Over the course of nearly four billion years, the UTARI evolved from a single-cell organism-- to a race of TOOL-MARKERS, HORTICULTURALISTS and BUILDERS. Given enough time, they would eventually develop RADIO- And perhaps, even SPACE TRAVEL. Unfortunately, Time ENDS for the Utari-- In a single searing MOMENT.

       Suddenly in New Orleans in the present Tellus lets out a great croy of ARRRGH! Tyroc working at a computer pauses and says to this. You, big fella? Dawnstar also worried adds. What causes such pain, Tellus? Tellus to this says. The DEATH CRY.... of BILLIONS... echoes across the universe. A lone PRESENCE... Rides this wave of DESTRUCTION.. and grows ever CLOSER. Timber Wolf jumping down off where he was then asks. Are you saying it's headed toward EARTH? Tellus to this question and walking over to the group says. The distance is... Too GREAT.. Far BEYOND my telepathic range, Timber Wolf. I cannot discern its DESTINATION... Only its DIRECTION. Dawnstar at this says. That will have to do. Tyroc giving orders then says. WILDFIRE, Follow the yellow brick road. This is strictly a scouting mission, So try to avoid any contract. Wildfire for some reason to this says. You want to tell me how to polish my containment Suit while you're at, TYROC? This causes Dawnstar to say. ATTITUDE, Drake...
     She then adds. We can discuss it on the way. Wildfire at this says as he flies off. That won't be necessary,  DAWNSTAR. I don't need another lecture. Besides, I can travel much FASTER on my own. Dawnstar can only say. But I wasn't and then only stares off at him since he is gone. After this Chameleon Girl says. Why are we wasting resources on something that may not concern us? Bad enough you have GATES teleporting us from city to city to avoid another confrontation with the military. Tyroc at this says. We have a responsibility to SAFE GUARD this galaxy and all others. That's exactly what we'll do until we can find a way to return home. Unless you have a better suggestion... Chameleon Girl at this says. You KNOW i do. We should concentrate on HARVEST. Not only is that MONSTER directly responsible for the deaths of wh-knows-how-many YOUNG METAHUMANS, We still don't know the true purpose of N.O.W.H.E.R.E-- Or the SUPER-ARMY he's trying to assemble. Tyroc at this then asks. You forget to mention that he also has acess to 31ST CENTURY TECH-- ANd there are no historical records of HARVEST or his SECRET ORGANIZATION in our time. How is either of those things possible, Yera? What do you know that we don't?

       The scene shifts to a flashback of Chameleon Girl in the future/past(events before) A voice ask. Do you have something to tell me, Yera? Chameleon Girl at this says. I'm tired of spying on the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. They put their lives on the line every day for the inhabitants of the UNITED PLANETS. They deserve BETTER. The man at this says. I assume you mean of this ASSIGNMENT. No one resigns from ECHO. Does this suddenly change of heart have to do with your recent breakup with. what IS his name? Chameleon Girl at this says. Gim Allon... COLOSSAL BOY... As if you forget anything. ANd... NO... Not as much as you think. Maybe I've been in DEEP COVER too long and gone NATIVE. I just know that i've grown to admire the LEGION and hate lying to them. The man at this says. You're doing your Job, Yera. Chameleon Girl at this says. And WHAT is that, Exactly, Captain? The captain at this says. When I first convinced the SCIENCE POLICE to establish ECHO, I did it so that we could covertly keep track of the TIME INSTITUTE. The Ability to travel through TIME is too important to be the domain of any single government agency-- I added agents to the LEGION because because they have a history of meddling with time. Chameleon Girl at this says. AGENTS--?! The captain at this at first says. Focus, Yera. Then adds. Our superiors decided to exploit my interest in TIME by adding our WITNESS PROTECTION PROTOCOL. Which leads us to your NEXT assignment... Chameleon Girl at this says. I was wondering if this history lesson had a point. The captain at this says. Sadly, it does. I believe we have a ROUGE AGENT operating in the past. Your mission is to IDENTIFY and TERMINATE him.. or her.
       Back in the present a voice snaps her out of her memory saying. Do you have something to tell us, Yera? Chameleon Girl at this says. No. The adds. I've already stated my case. Routinely repeating it is exhausting. Tyroc to Tellus then asks. You would tell ME if I was acting like a bloated, diseased CODENT, Right? Tellus to this says. With no... Hesitation. Tyroc then adds. Chameleon Girl is obviously hiding something. Why won't she trust us? Tellus speaking some wisdom says. SECRETS grow... like CANCERS.. And infect EVERYONE. Tyroc at this can only say. Yes... I know(as he thinks as his)
      Meanwhile elsewhere Wildfire is nearing where he needs to be and is thinking. What's wrong with me? I shouldn't have been such a jerk with DAWNSTAR. Tyroc takes himself way too SERIOUSLY and deserves a little LIP, but Dawny.. Why can't I just be HONEST with her? The truth is, she has to move on. My containment suit is damaged beyond repair. When it does-- So will I. I may not DIE in the conventional sense. But I will lose my ability to interact with her. To even pretend I'm still HUMAN and-- Suddenly he see's something and thinks. THAT DISTANT OBJECT--! It's moving through space even FASTER than I am-- Covering LIGHT_YEARS in milliseconds.

         Suddenly a guy on a dragon appears causing Wildfire out loud to say. HOLY SPROK! The man then says. HAIL, FELLOW WANDERER! Be thou PREDATOR or PREY? MASTER or MINON? Wildfire at this thinks. I.. i can somehow hear this guy in my head and understand his meaning. The man to this though then says. INDEED! Is that not MY intention? Let us take the meaasure of this warrior, THRAXX-- And MAY the SUPREME CONQUEROR grant that he be WORTHY of our mettle! The dragon Thraxx firing a beam at WIldfire says. SO be it, LORD DAGGOR! This causes Wildfire to say. Y-your Dragon TALKS?!
         The scene shifts back to New Orleans where Timber Wolf and Gates are training and Timber Wolf says. SURPRISING! (As his boot hits a park ride with a SWAKK) Gates you have any idea why this city has an abandoned AMUSEMENT PARK? Gates to this says. I think a HURRICANE trashed it. PAY ATTENTION, TIMBER WOLF! We're here to TRAIN-- Not discuss ANCIENT HISTORY. Timber Wolf at this says. Speaking of history-- You ever gonna tell me how you got the SCARS? Gates at this says. Maybe. I'm still hoping to avoid 'EM. Timber Wolf at this says. How do you avoid something that's already occurred? Gates at this says. Complicated, but not impossible. I'll example the process someday. Timber Wolf still surprised can only say. Why not now? Gates deflecting the question then asks his own. 'cause I want to hear more about Echo. Timber Wolf landing then says. Already told you all I know. They hide WITNESSES for the SCIENCE POLICE and... In the future/past Timber Wolf is talking to a prisoner. You made a deal with ECHO? The prisoner to this says. Yah, and so should you. The DARKSTAR SYNDICATE has a long memory-- And you TOP their list. Gates after hearing this says. I enjoy a god CONSPIRACY. Who doesn't? But even if Echo had a hand in sending YOU back here-- Why the rest of us?
       The scene shifts back to more of Chameleon Girl's debriefing in the 31st century. She says. GATES?! Why sned Gates? Unless he's one of your-- The captain then says. He isn't. There may be a TRAITOR in the Legion. His blatant disregard for authority makes Gates a logical suspect. WE have selected every member of your team very carefully. passing her something he adds. Do you recognize THIS? To this she says. I-it looks like WILDFIRE'S faceplate. The captain then says. That artifact was found in the Arizona desert and is nearly one thousand years old. Chameleon Girl at this says. But that would mean-- He can only say. Exactly. However, he then adds. Have you ever wondered why Tyroc's people treat him like a god? The answer is connected to an ancient gravestone that bears a PROPHECY of a hero who DIES BEFORE HE'S BORN. This mission will be a one-way trip for both WILDFIRE and TYROC. They represent TIME PARADOXES who are fated to die in the past.
      The scene then shifts back to Wildfire and the Daggor. Wildfire is thinking. None of this computes. Not only did DAGGOR attack without provocation-- He and his mount belong to ALIEN RACES I cannot IDENTIFY. Is it possible their natural aggression led to EXTINCTION before history could record them or--? Daggor at this says. Such questions are for AGED PHILOSOPHERS. Warriors such as we rejoice in the thrill of BATTLE and glory of TOTAL VICTORY. Thraxx the mount adds. This one called WILDFIRE is a true puzzlement, My lord. He fights like a WARRIOR BORN, but is burdened by CONSCIENCE and EMOTION.  Daggor at this says. More's the pity, THRAXX. They will surely cause the DEATH of him. AS a energy blast nearly hits him Wildfire thinks. INCREDIBLE! His weapon emits a form of COSMIC ENERGY so powerful it dwarfs my own. I'm taxed to the limit! Can't keep this pach much longer. Daggor at this says. Though you will soon FALL-- A world of such warriors may prove great sport to the glorious CONQUEROR SUPREME. Wildfire then thinks. EARTH! He's talking about INVADING the Earth. Daggor hitting him to this says. A MUNDANE name for a planet that inspires such profound LOYALTY.


         The scene shifts to the Khentii Mountains, Mongolia.. Harvest is watching a screen and says. AT LAST! The long WAIT is finally over. The sacred CIRCLE will soon unleash the events destined to SAVE this world-- or prove it's ultimate DESTRUCTION. He then calls someone yelling. OMEN! She comes and asks. What is you wish, HARVEST? To this he says. Summon PSKILL and WARBLADE. Inform them a STORM is coming-- And it carries a long-awaited GUEST. Elsewhere a time bubble has appeared.
         In New Orleans Tellus says. Can it.. BE? A BEACON.. I sense a TELEPATHIC SUMMONS.. That could only originate.. From a TIME BUBBLE. Tyroc happy at this says. THE LEGION! I knew they wouldn't abandon us. Chameleon Girl adds. They mush have learned about HARVEST-- and sent REINFORCEMENTS. Timber Wolf just coming in adds. NAH! I'm thinking they have a new mission for us. Gates then adds. Who gives a sprok why they've come-- As long as they take us HOME. Dawnstar then adds. Tellus, you must alert WILDFIRE. HE'S SAVED! He can finally get the necessary tech to repair his suit. Tellus to this says. Already.. Have I tried.. But too GREAT.. is the DISTANCE. Gates also adds. No worries, Dawnstar... We WON'T leave without him. Flash me the beacon's LOCATION, Tellus... Mustn't keep the RESCUE TEAM waiting.
       In space Wildifre is hit with a ZZORK and thinks. Can't fail! Must lead Daggor away from EARTH--! TELLUS! Tellus, Can you HEAR me? Daggor to this says. He CANNOT. We CAN. Thraxx adds. And your subconscious has already revealed the LOCATION you would sacrifice yourself to CONCEAL-- As well as the COMRADES-IN-ARMS you wish to warm. Die with the knowledge that BOTH shall be subject to the whims of our almighty CONQUEROR SUPREME.
      The scene shifts to Arizona and a Science Police officer is waiting for them. He says. Took you long enough. I was beginning to wonder if you would ever respond to my beacon. Gates at this says. You should talk, Mr. Science police. We completed our mission weeks ago and have been waiting for extraction ever since. Tyroc adds. What's the situation in the 31ST CENTURY, sir? We experienced an alternate timeline where things had gone BAD. Gates again adds. How soon can we leave this sprokking place? I'm dying for a KONO. Tellus adds. Have you any news... on our fellow... LEGIONNAIRES? Dawnstar then adds. We cannot leave until WILDFIRE returns! The officer who starts to take off his helmet to this says. There appears to be some confusion. This is no EXFIL. With his helmet off he adds. I've came on a mission of extreme urgency to both this ANCIENT ERA and our PRESENT. Timber Wolf to this says. CAPTAIN ADYM--! This causes Chameleon Girl to say. Y-you know him? Timber Wolf says to this question. We've met on a few occasions. Then adds. What's the problem, sir?
       Adym at this question says. The TIME INSTITUTE has recently discovered certain BREAKPOINTS-- Fractures in the TIMESTREAM-- Capable of derailing TIME and REALITY. They can erase our WORLD and EVERYONE we knew. One may soon occur in this general vicinity. I've been authorized by the SCIENCE POLICE and the LEGION to commander you to help me stop it . Gates at this says. FORGET IT! we've already done our bit. Tyroc at this says. Gates, We have a responsibility to-- Gates interrupts and says. Don't let this SPAKKER con you, Tyroc! Do you honestly think the LEGION would sent ONE MAN if our entire REALITY was really at stake?! At the very least we'd have a dozen reinforcements. They'd alert SUPERMAN, the JUSTICE LEAGUE and every other SUPERTEAM on the planet. Why would we trust ANYTHING you say, Mr. Science Police? Where's your PROOF? SHOW ME YOUR PROOF! With a PWA-DWAM something hits the ground next to them. This causes Tyroc to say. W-what the-- Dawnstar seeing who it is and shouts. WILDFIRE--! Wildfire to this can only say. R-run! Runnn...

         Suddenly Daggor and Thraxx fly down and Daggor says. A true WARRIOR BORN never flees the field of HONOR. He FIGHTS OR DIES as the fates decree. If these be cowards, They are UNWORTHY of MY skill. KILL THEM ALL, THRAXX! This wretched world may yet serve our glorious CONQUEROR SUPREME. Thraxx at this says. As you COMMAND! The comic ends with the Lost legion being attacked with a FWA-DOOOM.


This comic was quite good. A perfect amount of story and action that leads to something fun. This is also the first issue of the Legion Lost series that I truly was annoyed that I had to wait a month to read the next issue. All in all this series has gotten a lot better and I help the next issue will be as fun as this one was.   


Legion Lost will be ending at issue 16 in three months time


  1. if ya can get more pictures that would be cool really helps along with the story. So 3 months end eh

  2. I can got more pictures sure but I try it space it out where its about every 2 or 3 pages of comics most time if its light dialog