Sunday, November 11, 2012

From the Vault: Adventure Comics 308

         The comic open up with the Legion of Superheroes looking at their new Legion flag and wishing Lighting Lad could have seen it. Saturn Girls at a meting states that her and Mon-EL are going off planet to investigate destructive Space Fungus. She then asks one of the other members to place their new flag over Lighting Lad's coffin. Later they go to the crypt and place the flag on the coffin Bouncing Boy notices that Lighting Lad twitched his arm. Cosmic Boy says he must be dreaming it. However, Sun boy who is also their says the same thing and they open the coffin.

        Lighting Lad then asks where he is.

      Shortly Lighting Lad reveals that all he recalls is pain and nothing else. Bouncing Boy says his memory will come back soon. Cosmic Boy whispers to Sun Boy and says he could have lost his powers. It then reveals that he got his powers after landing on the planet Korbal which had Lighting monsters which surrounded him and give him electric powers. Cosmic Boy that says that they need to test him and luckly for them a Scientist needs a electric charge that Lighting Lad could easily do. Lighting Lad says he will do it. However, Sun Boy decides to create a thunderstorm as Cosmic Boy say if Lighting Lad fails he will be expelled.
       A thunderstorm shows up and convinces some Legion members. However, Cosmic Boy does not fully believe it. Suddenly before further tests can happen a Science Police ship arrives and says the Science Police needs the Legion.

        The Science Police need the Legion to go and stop a thieves planet. Soon they come to a planet and land. However, a ship has spotted them and Cosmic Boy tries to attack it. His power does not work and he asks Lighting Lad to attack. However, Lighting Lad appears to use his powers but it was Sun Boy who truly did it. The Legion then broads the crashed ship and over powers the Aliens on it. They find animals from across the Universe. One beast gains the attention of Chameleon Boy when it turns into him. It turns out to be the Legendary Protean Beast of Antares. Brainiac 5 discovers that the compass is pointed to a nearby planet. Later on the Protean Pet turns into a diamond when asked to by Chameleon Boy. They then think they may be able to disguise the Legion Ship so it can land on the Thieves' Planet.
       They then land on the thieves' planet and look around. A Autom Guard doesn't recognize them and asks who they are. Sun Boy explains they have looted rare animals. The robot takes them to the head of the planet which is a sphere of electrical energy. However, it can read minds and knows they are the Legion of Super-heroes and they are put in jail. Chameleon Boy uses his new pet to make a gun and get the guard to open the prison door. The Legion then begins to take apart the thieves planet.
        Suddenly the head of the planet arrives and uses his powers to paralyze the Legion. Suddenly Lighting Lad uses his powers to attack the leader. He was able to as the leader had read that he had no powers. However, Sun Boy then states that Lighting Lad is in fact not a boy but a girl.


        It turns out she is the twin sister of Lighting Lad who got her power at the same time. She also took his body to a safe place and then took his place. The story ends with the Legion welcoming Lighting Lass into the Legion. However, she still wishes that Lighting Lad will come back.


This comic is actually not that bad for a silver age comic. It brings back one and the main characters of the legion and has a great twist ending that helps to make it possible for the future of in fact bring back Lighting Lad.


  1. That's want I want them to do. Quick reads that showcase the story and what happens in the comic but without going into too much detail but help to show what happened in the past