Sunday, November 25, 2012

From the Vault: Adventure Comics 309

       The comic opens with the Legion of Super-heroes at School. This includes members away from school on missions. Saturn Girl informs us that Shrinking Violet on planet Xolnar and Superboy is back in his own time. Brainiac 5 then points out all the Legion members accounted for and it is time to scree new applicants.
       Sun Boy tells Rainbow Girl that she is rejected. However, he gives her a fly belt. Coming in after is Jungle King with a creature called a Borlat. We learn that he can control animals thanks to his farther and special rays. Suddenly the Borlat starts to charge him as he has stopped controlling it to tell his story. Sun boy is forced to daze it with his power. Because of this Jungle King is rejected and he leaves in a angry huff.

     Jungle King gets into his space ship and plans to recruit monsters to fight the Legion. He sets course for a monster world. He soon arrives and uses his powers on a Earthquake beast. nearby is a tower which he sets up as a base of operations. He sets up devices and starts to form a Legion of Super Monsters. He takes control of a super-spinner and a eye laser monster. Next he takes control of a gas creature and a mirror monster. The last two monsters he gets is a drill beast and an omnibeast that that can walk on land, sea or air.

     Soon he attacks a bank with his monsters and the police call in the Legion of Super-Heroes when the Legion gets their they learn that it was Jungle King that did this and is off to get the rarest jewels in the universe. The Legion asks Brainiac 5 what the rarest is and he tells them the comet-jewels in sky city and Korr. Jungle King is soon their at Sky City and sends out a ultimatum saying he will destroy the city if they do not give him the comet-Jewels.
     The city says no and the monsters begin to attack the foundations of the city. However, the Legion of Super-heroes soon show up. Sun Boy powers hit the mirror monster but it reflects back on it. Brainiac 5, Sun Boy and others are dazzled. However, Bouncing Boy is nearly hit but uses his powers to evade. The City begins to collapse and the Legion is forced to save it. Back on their ship afetwards the Legion admit defeat but plan to get back at Jungle King. 
     Soon after a bit of a trip Saturn Girl uses her powers to learn that he is headed to the world of Giant Flowers. In the ship the Legion talk about the beasts and Sun Boy says they need to outwit them.


      Soon the Legion land on the planet. Bouncing Boy asks to come along but Brainiac 5 states someone needs to stay with Saturn Girl. During the flight Brainiac 5 says Bouncing Boy power will not help. Sun Boy points out he is jolly but Bouncing Boy will not help. The three(as Chameleon Boy is along) Jungle King's ship and find the driller monster guarding it. The three then work to take it out.
      Chameleon Boy then turns into the Driller monster. He then goes to Jungle King. However, Bouncing Boy has grown bored and decides to fight. However, when he bounces too high and is spotted by Jungle King who then flees. Brainiac 5 and Sun Boy are not happy with him. Chameleon Boy is now on Jungle King's ship. They travel to a rock planet to hide in a cave so that the Legion can not find him. However, Chameleon Boy changes and tries to use a radio to control the legion. Soon Chameleon Boy is forced to flee and the Omnibeast and outsmarts it by turning into it.
      The Legion arrives and buy Jungle King has escaped. The Legion finds Chameleon Boy and he informs them that Omnibeast is here and they can use it to get to Jungle King's base as it would fly home. Jungle King is indeed back at his base and is looking for new creatures. He finds a gas monster but chooses not to use it as it has no great powers. The Legion soon comes but since the Earthquake monster is guarding the base they decided to draw cards to see who will fight(minus Saturn Girl) Bouncing Boy wins and Sun Boys tries to talk him out of it. Bouncing Boy finds the Earthquake Monster and uses his powers to make the monster defeat itself by causing rockers to fall on it. 

     Jungle King comes out the scene but the gas Monster shows up and attacks him and vaporizes him. The Comic ends with Bouncing Boy saying what happened and the monsters returning back to normal.


This comic was quite interesting. It shows what happened when a powerful person is rejected by the Legion and the danger that can come from it. This issue also helps to show that while Bouncing Boy can at times be funny he can also fight with the best of them.

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  1. not sure why but at the end i found the mona lisa funny lol