Sunday, November 18, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes #13

     The comic starts on a asteroid mine in the 31st century. Cosmic Boy, Chemical Kid and Element Lad are fighting and Chemical Kid watching Cosmic Boy launching an attack says.  WHY are we doing this, exactly? Cosmic Boy to this says. Because it needs doing, Hardu.

      Then adds, This is the fifth mine raid in this sector- time for us to lend the science police a hand. Element Lad adds. Past time. These raiders are nothing but pirates, destroying everything to steal a few credits of ore.  As a heavily armed raider attacks him he adds. Uhh. I don't think this gang was after a FEW credits-- As a space ship takes off with the ore Chemical Kid says. I think they're serious trouble. Cosmic Boy activating his powers with a SPROING to this says. SO are WE, Kid. As the ore starts to rock with a kreeaak Chemical Kid says. Wow. Suddenly the ore breaks off with a KRAK.
      As the rocks start to fall Chemical Kid loks up and says. Uh. guys-- ulp.. He then asks. Is there something I'm supposed to do..? Suddenly Element Lad yells. HARDU! As he pushes Chemical Kid out of the way with one nearly hitting them with a WHUMP he adds. Get.. out.. of.. the... way... idiot! Suddenly with a WHAM a rock hits Element Lad in the arm saying. Unhhh..

       As Cosmic Boy steps in to stop the falling rocks with a SPROING he says to this. You've had TRAINING, Kid-- If your powers won't protect you, use common sense. Element Lad grabbing Cosmic Boy arm says. He froze for a minute, Rokk-- We've all done it. Behind Chemical Kid says. I didn't-- As Element Lad glowers at him Chemical Kid adds. Froze, Right. The adds. Sorry. Element Lad to this then says. I'll live. Can you use your powers to accelerate healing? Chemical Kid at this says. Not without knowing which chemical reactions I should affect-- Brainiac 5 hasn't taught me that trick...
      The scene shifts to the Legion Headquarters and to Brainaic 5's lab. Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy and Duplicate Damsel are in it along with Comet Queen in a device. Brainiac says to a question asked off panel. Resting comfortably, Far more so than I did in the Dominator's captivity. Duplicate Damsel to this says. Which doesn't mean it's right to keep her PRISONER like this, Brainiac. Brainiac to this says. Until I understand why she betrayed us, it is. Bouncing Boy then says/asks.  Otaki couldn't read any emotion from her. Just a sense of COMPULSION, Do you think your machines can do better then her mindsnese? Grava's NUTS, But in a sweet way. Brainiac at this says. I don't consider putting our lives in danger SWEET. or easily ignored. Duplicate Damsel storming out says. It's a wonder YOU can sleep then, Brainy.. Or is that another human behavior you've "EVOLVED" past?

      Bouncing Boy putting a hand on Brainiac says. She's upset, Brainy. And not thinking clear-- Brainiac at this says. I'm AWARE of Luornu's attitude, Chuck. It doesn't make it any PLEASANTER. Nor does it change the need to understand why Grava acted as she did. Comparing her BRAIN SCAN to the one taken when she first applied for membership may be helpful.. Bouncing Boy to this asks. Do you think so? Brainiac can only say. No. But then adds. But at this moment, It's my only recourse.
      Outside Duplicate Damsel is still walking and talking. I can't BELIEVE that man.. It's like we're all Lab Animals to poke and prod.. Dream Girl appears and asks. Then why'd you RISK your life to save him? Duplicate Damsel caught off guard can only say. Oh... Then adds. YOU were kidnapped too. Dream Girl at this says. SERIOUSLY, Luornu? Then adds. Part of you has been wishing I'd disappear since the first day I joined the Legion. And your feelings about Brainy have been much more... CONFLICTED. Duplicate Damsel can only say. Th-that's not.. Dream Girl interrupts her saying. I won't argue with you. Especially since you're perfectly equipped to argue with yourself. She leaves Duplicate Damsel with a sour look on her face and her arms crossed.
      Back with the three from earlier and now on a ship Chemical Kid asks. Guys-- What was I SUPPOSED to do? Element Lad to this says. You could simply be CAREFUL-- We have to watch each other's backs, But it's always better to take care of yourself. Cosmic Boy adds. Or you could develop a couple of STANDARD uses of your powers for reoccurring situations-- Like the way Glorith has a few stock spells the witch taught her. He then adds. I'm surprised Lurornu didn't teach you that at the academy. Not like her to miss basics. Chemical Kid at this says. It's-- uh-- possible i skipped that class. Suddenly to the view screen he says. Hey- the tracker app worked-- there's the raider ship from the asteroid mine-- Cosmic Boy adds. Fresh trail, And the damage we did left it limping...


         As they get ready to take the ship Cosmic Boy says. Hopefully we can grab that crew- And the ship they're rendezvousing with too. Element Lad adds to Chemical Kid. Kid? Then adds. Activate your transuit for outside work.. Unless you want to stay on the cruiser and coordinate with the sps when they arrive to clean up? Chemical Kid then says. No, Sir. I'm ready. I have some good reactions ready that will wreck any stardrive. He then turns on his flight ring for outside use. Outside Cosmic Boy says. Then let's drop in on these raiders.
        As they near Element Lad says. Let's finish what we started. Cosmic Boy adds. I'll get the ship they're meeting. He then calls in says. Whoever's on the monitor board-- Signal the Sps for a pick-up. As he uses his powers with a SPROING he says. I'm going to peel that ship down to its riverts. Suddenly with a SPROING his attack is thrown back and he says. What--??
       Back at the Legion HQ a voice says signal received, Rokk... relaying request to the Science Police. It is Mon-EL and he adds. But we have more important missions than simple piracy to worry about. In front are view screens with team missions on them. To Glorith Mon-EL says. We need you to find that Tharok chip before someone RECREATES the monster, Glortih. You said your spell of similarity might help... Glorith at this says. MIGHT. Pick up the trail from Zardon.. Mon-EL to this says. You'll do fine. She can only say. Perhaps.

      He then adds. The United Planets thought executing Tharok would finish the Fatal Five. But with that master circuit, Some Psychopath could try to bring him back we can't take that chance. Sun Boy on a screen puts his hand up and says. Hey, Leader-man--over-here-- wild--Goose--chasing team TWO. You actually want us to make sure an AXE is still locked up...? Mon-EL at this says. If an attempt is really being made to recreate the FATAL FIVE, Isn't it SENSIBLE to check on the persuader's weapon? Looking at a screen of acts of violence committed with it he adds. The science police think he's still LOOSE somewhere.. And he's much more dangerous armed WITH it.
      As they near Sun Boy then says. One inventory check of the prison of inanimate destruction coming up. To this Mon-EL says. Thanks. Out of the ship and flying Phantom Girl asks Sunboy. Isn't it the FORBIDDEN WEAPONS reserve, dirk? To this he only says. Whatever. Back at the HQ Mon-EL is thinking aloud. We have more than Enough problems.. I'd like to be able to put ONE worry to rest... Switching to Cosmic Boy he then asks. Ready for the sweepers, Rokk? Rokk?
      Back at the fight Cosmic Boy is fighting and says. Busy and sends out a SPROING attack. Attacking the ship with a SPROING he adds. Doesn't feel mechanical-- Not engine resistance-- more organic-- Like fighting myself-- He is then hit with a TWANGGG.

      --Times three! Pirates from home! The three then start to attack him. As he tries to block their attacks he says. Year's of training and I can't take three thugs from my homeworld-- I don't get it! One of the thugs then says. In the end, you are simply a man of Brall, Krinn. Cosmic Boy then says. Legionnaires-- I-- SUddenly with a WHAMM he is hit by a rock in the head.
      Elsewhere as a ship breaks apart Element Lad says. Nice- Good control on that oxiizaiton. Chemical Kid at this says. Wel'll be inside soo--- Suddenly a little mistake happens and he adds. -n-- oop. Element Lad at this says. relax-- Like we practiced. Chemical Kid at this says. Phosphours? And some oxygen, please. Element Lad says. right. Then as something breaks apart. Go.
      With a Kaboom something explodes. Chemical Kid says. Perfect-- I-- Hey, It WAS perfect, wasn't it? As Element Lad flies off somewhere he adds. Jan...?

        Coming near Cosmic Boy Element Lad says. Rokk....? Chemical Kid nearby asks seeing Cosmic Boy bloddy and hurt says. No-- What happened? Element Lad says. Can't tell, But his vitals aren't great. Let's get him to the cruiser. As the raiders pull away Chemical Kid says. The raiders are pulling away. Element Lad to this says. Rokk first. As he eyes go funny he adds. Priorties, Hadru. There are no hostages on that ship. So we can take care of our own- Then, we'll find those riadier.. And end their careers. Thus ends the comic.


This comic was not that bad. It had a good amount of action while still going on with story elements. Also with hurting one of the main Legion characters is a neat move. Also I think you will see Chemical Kid get better as the series goes on. Also at the end they had a mail address as you could vote on the next leader. As of writing this it is closed but I did get my vote in.   


  1. I thought the last pic if it was blown up it could be a poster really nice

  2. yes it would be. I think the second to last one as well would too