Sunday, December 2, 2012

Adventure Comics: 310

         The Comic opens with Chameleon Boy checking a rocket tube. Brainiac 5, Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are checking Flight Belts and weapons for the annual re-dedication.

       Superboy soon arrives and says it is good to see everyone. The Legion that repeats their Legion vow.
                                                    I pledge Always to use
                                         My Super-power only for the good
                                                of all people, and never for
                                                           selfish purposes!

       Soon after this Superboy is getting ready to return to the 20th century. When the Science Police call saying a raider is attacking Metropolis with powers similar to Cosmic Boy. Mon-EL and Superboy leave to confront the raider. They find the raider and he has a lead mask on. He also has powers similar to or stronger then Superboys. The rest of the legion shows up but the masked man tells and shows them that he has all their powers.
      However, Superboy sees something is up with the masked man legs and fires his heat vision at them. It burns off and reveals that the legs are fake up to a part and that the masked man is a midget. The Masked man is not happy about this and attacks Ultra-Boy and freezes him causing him to die. Next the man creates green kryptonite and stops Superboy. Mon-EL gets rid of the Krytonite but the masked man has gone. When Superboy and Mon-EL get back to the legion headquarters they put Ultra-Boy to rest.

        The Legion then has a meeting and they figure out that the man came from the Doll world. The Legion decides to send Chameleon Boy and shrinking Violet to scout the nearby world of doll people. When they get to the planet and its nearby town Shrinking Violet does in an asks a town person about the masked men. She is directed to Ak Aru the town's scientist.

         She goes their and suddenly Ak Aru turns out to be the masked man who tried up Ak Aru. He then attacks Shrinking Violet and she dies. Chameleon Boy soon finds her, and takes her back to where the rest of the Legion is waiting. However, it turns out to be the masked man who had also killed Chameleon Boy. The masked man is about to attack Saturn Girl when Superboy gets Brainiac to knock her out to prevent her death. Sun Boy and Lighting Lad attempt to attack him but it does not work. The Masked man then flies off but Superboy tosses a rock at him but it does not. However, soon after Superboy relates that the rock was radioactive and that Brainiac can use the radioactive compass to track him.
        As they get into space and come to area where space masks are. The masked man uses his power to make a face and cause one of the Legion Ships to hit it which kills Triplicate Girl, Element Lad and Phantom Girl. The Legion decide to build a citadel to defend themselves.

       Soon the legion has come to a planet to build their defensive Citadel. Saturn Girl is over come with grief but is snapped out of it by Sunboy and they start the building. Mon-EL and Superman use their powers to get material underground to get material. The material is metal and Colossal Boy grows in size and blacksmiths the material. Soon they assemble and the Citadel is completed. Colossal Boy becomes the gate keeper and Superboy gets Invisible Kid to patrol the corridors. Brainiac then starts working on a item to defest the masked man. However, the masked man begans to gather asteroids to launch an attack at the Legion.


       While they destroy most of the rocks one hits Colossal Boy and kills him. Inside the citadel Brainiac yells for help and we see Cosmic Boy is dead. The masked man used the asteroids to be able to do it. Saturn Girl and Brainiac return to the lab and work on the device called a power reverse. However, the masked man is still in place and kills Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5. Mon-EL and Superboy come running in and find Lighting Lass killed by being turned to stone. The masked man who is invisible says he has also killed Invisible Lad. He reappears with a Radiant Element from another Dimension and kills Mon-EL.
      Superboy is now the last member of the Legion. Superboy gets the idea to complete Brainiac invention. He completes the Item and heads into space and we find out that the masked is a descendant of Mr. Mxyzptik.

       Superboy soon tricks him into saying his name backwards and Mxyzptlk 5 disappears into the 5th dimension. Because of this time is reset to the re-dedication ceremony. The only one who recalls what happened is Superboy and the comic ends.


This comic was not bad. It also had a pretty dark story with the fact that the Legion is killed. Though the ending is ruined a bit with the fact that non of it happened since time was reset. Other then that pretty good for a silver age comic

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  1. That cover is pretty awesome, kind of shocked how dark this was for it's time frame. Good article.

  2. Yes it is. This is a very dark story for the silver age Legion. However, i think it marks that comics were being a little less goofy but they still had a ways to go