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Legion Lost# 14

         The comic starts in Arizona in the present. The narrator states, His real name is TROY STEWART, But the people of the 31ST CENTURY call him TYROC-- A member of the LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, His reality-warping SCREAMS can stroke CONCUSSIVE FORCE to shatter a mountain range. An ancient LEGEND predicted he would DIE nearly a thousand years before he was BORN. A legend he never truly believed until NOW! Tyroc then let's off an attack with a AHHRRRRR!
         The narrator then adds. Barely an hour has passed since TYROC sent WILDFIRE to investigate the DEATH-SCREAM of a distant planet only minutes since CAPTAIN ADYM arrived from their future to give the team a new assignment. Just seconds since WILDFIRE was hurled from the heavens by a mysterious pair of predators. As he attack hits Lord Daggor Timber Wolf yelling says. Sprok 'EM HARD and NASTY, Tyroc! Not only did those ywo take down WILDFIRE, they murdered at least one inhabited world. Gates adds.

      Yeah, and they're probably the reason for MR. SCIENCE POLICE'S surprise visit. Where Wildfire crashed Dawnstar is looking over him ans asks to Tellus. What do you SENSE, Tellus? How serious are WILDFIRE'S injuries? Will he--? Tellus at this says. His condition is GRAVE, Dawnstar.. His anti-energy DRAINED... Strained to the LIMIT... But already he started... To RECOVER. After this Dawnstar kisses Wildfire faceplate and says to wildfire. Thank the stars! I will leave him to your care. She then flies off and Captain Adym nearby says. FASCINATING! I heard rumors about DAWNSTAR and WILDFIRE. What kind of relationship can a women like THAT have with a being of PURE ENERGY? Tellus at this says. RELATIONSHIPS... Are as VARIED.. As the ENTITIES.. that have them. A fact... you would do well.. to remember, Captain. The captain at this says. Y-you're... RIGHT... Of course. But we should table this discussion-- until this BATTLE is over!
      Timber Wolf coming through a portal above Daggor says. Thanks for the lift, Gates. Then adds. You have made a big mistake, DAGGOR, Or whatever you call yourself. When you attack one Legionnaire, you-- AKKK. Daggor grabbing him by the throat then adds. While such loyalty may command MY respect-- MY duty is to my glorious CONQUEROR SUPREME. He then tosses Timber Wolf who is caught by Dawnstar and adds. Unleash they fury, Mighty THRAXX. Let us see if this world can serve our master's pleasure. Thraxx to this says. So be it, Lord Daggor! As they aim at Tellus, The captain and Wildfire. Tellus brings up a Shield and says. BEHIND ME, Captain... I can... SHIELD us with.. telekinesis... Soon after the captain adds. That isn't good enough. These two may be responsible for the BREAKPOINT-- The critical juncture in SPACE/TIME that drew me here-- And threatens the very fabric of REALITY. Touching a device on his arm he adds. I'm beginning to doubt you and your fellow Legionnaires have enough FIREPOWER to take them down. We may need REINFORCEMENTS. 
       The scene shifts to New York City and the apartment of detective Jocelyn lure. She thinks. An ECHO distress call--? HERE? NOW?! only a P4-LEVEL threat would justify such a massive BREACH OF PROTOCOL. Out loud and staring at a screen she says. Computer, Locate EMERGENCY BEACON. It says. tracking.. X3. In the Khentii Mountains, Mongolia Harvest says. Gentlemen, they're playing our song...

         Back in Arizona Timber Wolf is dodging an attack and asks a question. What's your DEAL, Daggor? Do you want something SPECIFIC-- or do you just attack EVERYTHING you see? Daggor at this says. Your questions are as MEANINGLESS as your life, TIMBER WOLF. Timber Wolf at this thinks. sheesh. you always so harsh? Then adding grabbing his chest. Can't keep this pace much longer. My recent wounds have already reopened. Out loud he says. uhh.. team? I could use a little backup. Chameleon Girl transforming already says. Already on my way, Brin! However, she thinks. But I'm torn. Is it my primary duty to my follow Legionnaires-- or my ECHO Handler? Daggor seeing her says. A changeling--?! Thraxx adds. May I have the honor of incinerating her? Daggor happly says. Enjoy yourself loyal Thraxx!
       The captain firing a device on his arm says. THANKFUL?! This isn't a TEA PARTY, people. We're fighting for the lives of EVERYONE on this planet and the GENERATIONS that should follow. Daggor at this says. Such pretty concerns are BENEATH ME, Human-- For I must be about MY MASTER'S work! He activities a device that sends down blue energy which causes Tellus to say. That DEVICE--! Daggor flashing on.. Some manner of... PROBE. As it makes a hole in the ground Timber Wolf adds. Whatever its purpose-- WE MUST DESTROY IT!
        Daggor above this says. Ha! You and your fellow warriors provide great AMUSEMENT, Human! Do you truly believe ME so CARELESS-- AS TO LEAVE MY WEAPON UNPROTECTED?! A robot army has appeared from dust he tosses to the ground.

      Timber Wolf and Gates near each other talk and Timber Wolf says. GATES, Those creatures--! There must be THOUSANDS of them. Gates at this says. Anyone else for a strategic retreat? I know a great BEACH this time of year. Timber Wolf jumping into the group at this says. I know you're only joking, Little Bug... BUT THIS IS MY KIND OF BATTLE! 
      Tyroc above the fighting and sending off a attack with an AHHRRRR! thinks. As if DAGGOR and THRAXX weren't more than enough--! Think, Tyroc! THINK! The team's counting on you to lead-- But all you see is your own DEATH! Below and in the process of gating in half robots Gates says. These sprokkers are multiplying fastern't I can send 'em sunward. Chameleon Girl transformed adds. They also seem IMPERVIOUS to pain and HEAL from all INJURIES. Tellus to Tyroc over the mind link standing near him says. I sense.. your DOUBTS... Tyroc... But know that.. OUR FAITH.. never waves. You.. will.. find.. a way... to win. Tyroc to this says. I wish I believed you, Tellus. Outnumbered by these DRONES and overpowered by DAGGOR, Out situation is annoyingly close to HOPELESS. Suddenly with a Kazamm a blue blot hits near them destroying robots and a voice says. Perhaps I can provide ASSISTANCE.
      A voice yells. HARVEST-?! To this he says calming. You shouldn't be so surprised. I warned you we would meet again. I have long anticipated this REUNION-- Much LONGER than you imagine, Legion! I do hope you remember my associates. PSYKILL!, WARBLADE!, LEASH! Tyroc then asks a question. Y-you once imprisoned us and tried to KILL us! Why help us now? As he attacks more robots Harvest to this question says. Perhaps I am only helping myself. I cannot protect this world and mold it properly if this ALIEN RABBLE annihilates it. I propose a TRUCE until we dispense with the invaders. Chameleon Girl at this says. ABSOLUTELY NOT! You're a MASS MURDERER! A monster who TORTURES innocent children! Gates adds. Don't hold back, Yera! However, Tellus adds. Though CHAMELEON GIRL.. speaks.. the truth

        LIMITED.. be.. our options.. Timber Wolf adds while fighting. In other words-- The ENEMY of MY enemy is MY FRIEND. It's your call, Ty. Tyroc after this says. If it was just me, I'd rather DIE than ally myself with HARVEST. Tellus adds. A wish.. readily granted. Tyroc then adds. All right, Harvest-- DEAL-- For the sake of the PLANET! He then turns and lefts off an attack with a AHHHRRRR! Chameleon Girl moves to attack harvest saying. NO! NO! NO end justifies a deal with this devil. Below Harvest says. I advise you to be more CAUTIOUS, Chameleon Girl-- Suddenly Daggor and Thraxx get her with a FZZZAK causing her to yell ARRGHH! in pain . Harvest then adds. I am not your sole ADVERSARY.
      The scene shifts to Cypress Hill, Brooklyn where Superboy is talking. Now that we're done with ROSE and WARBLADE can we finally- WHOA! Behind Ridge adds. Something's HAPPENING-- Causing a SHIMMER EFFECT in the air! Superboy then adds. GET BACK! It might be another attack--! Jocelyn lure appears in the portal saying. RELAX! I mean you no harm. I've just come for SUPERBOY. I fulfilled my part of our bargain by reuniting you with CAITLIN FAIRCHILD. I need you to keep yours by coming with me. Superboy at this says. FORGET IT, LURE! I'm HAPPY with Caitlin and her crew. Truly happy. Maybe for the first time in my life. Lure at this uses a device to grab Superboy saying. What makes you think you have a CHOICE? Fairchild to this says. JOCELYN, what are you-- As her and Ridge go through the portal following her asks. You know that crazy witch? Fairchild at this says. I thought I did. She's supposed to be a detective wit hthe N.Y.P.D. COME ON! We can't let her take Superboy against his will. 
     In Arizona gates is fighting and says. Look, I get the whole "Fight with your last ounce of courage" thing, Byt we may need to-- WHAT THE SPROKE?! What's with the GROUND?! As something happens to the ground Timber Wolf adds. It could be connected to the BURROWING DEVICE Daggor unleashed earlier- As Superboy and Lure appear he adds. Or NOT. Superoy know at the battle says. Send me BACK, Lure-- NOW! You don't want ME for any enemy. Lure at this says. I didn't bring you here on a WHIM, Superboy. I don't know WHAT we're about to face, But I truly believe the entire PLANET is in danger. Superboy at this says. Not my problem! You should draft those JUSTICE LEAGUE guys or-- Suddenly seeing someone he says. I-is that HARVEST?! Behind and coming through the hole as well Ridge says. BLOODY HELL! We got plopped in the middle of WORLD WAR 111. Fairchild adds. Look, RIDGE! Its those LEGION people who once helped us and-- oh, God! Superboy flying towards Harvest says. HARVEST! I want ANSWERS. Tell me WHY you created me and HOW you planned to use me. Harvest at this says. Ahh, Superboy.. I've been waiting for you to arrive. Since it's so much better to SHOW then TELL-- Suddenly he says strange Alien Words and something happens to Superboy.
      Harvest then says. Go! Kill. Maim. Destroy. And make me proud. Lure then asks. W-what's happened to SUPERBOY? He's gone BERSERK! Fairchild adds. HARVEST must have implanted him with-- some kind of SUBLIMINAL TRIGGER. In the fighting Warblade to Superboy says. Way to go, Kid! You've finally lving up to your POTENTIAL. Superboy seeing Warblade says. WARBLADE-- Warblade adds. You and me TOGETHER at last! We'll paint this world BLOOD RED. With a kaa-twork Superboy punches him away saying. THERE IS NO "WE" WITH US? WARBLADE! 

         Nearby Fairchild has become surrounded and says. UH-OH! should have been paying less attention to SUPERBOY. As robots swarm her she adds. I allowed myself to get cut off from RIDGE. As she turns on her powers she adds. It's time to-- GO LARGE! As she catches up to Ridge he says. This ain't our fight, Red. We oughta ditch these clowns and rejoin our mates. Fairchild at this says. Yeah, we SHOULD-- But we owe these LEGIONNAIRES. Looking up at Harvest she adds. And I can't pass up a chance to take down HARVEST-- Even if he does APPEAR to be siding with the angels. Up on his hill Harvest is saying. HA HA HA!
        Elsewhere lure and Captain Adym's are fighting and Lure says to him. CAPTAIN ADYM?! I.. O'm surprised to see you in the field, Sir. The captain at this says. I apologize for compromising your cover, Agent Lure. Couldn't be helped. ECHO uncovered a CRITICAL JUNCTURE that could threaten our entire timeline. Lure at this says. Who or what are these CREATURES? The captain at this says. UNKNOWN, And that's a problem. I've studied every ALIEN RACE and METAHUMAN associated with this time period and can only identify the LEGIONNAIRES. I'm especially troubled by that young man in the makeshift SUPERMAN costume. Tellus hearing this says. Perhaps.. A mental upload will aid.. your understand. The captain after getting this link looks down at Superboy and says. I.. I now understand why CHAMELEON GIRL was so focused on HARVEST. But this so-called SUPERBOY  could be an ever greater threat. According to every historical record, Kryptionion clones are mentally unstable and prone to MURDEROUS RAGES. Why would anyone deliberately CREATE one? Harvest behind says. Desperate times call for desperate measures, my dear Nathaniel. the captain at this says. H-how do you know my name? Harvest at this says. My answer will eventually SHOCK you, Captain. The captain says to this. I'm not easily-- THE GROUND! it shaking with a RRRRR something happens in the hole created by Daggor. Above and holding Dawnstar by the throat Daggor says. BEHOLD MIGHTY THRAXX! Rewarded be our efforts. Thraxx with Psykill in his mouth adds. Praise be the CONQUEROR, Lord Daggor. Daggor then adds. REJOICE, Good warriors. I bring you good tidings. Though you lives are surely FORFEIT-- Flying over the hole he adds. AND those you have be DOOMED-- This seemingly wretched little world has passed the ULTIMATE Test-- And may yet prove worthy of my master's PLEASURE. As a device goes down into the ground that he had tossed into it the ground and around it turn into a shielded place. Gates looks and can only say. SPROK ME! SPROK ME! SPROK ME!


       Gates turns to Timber Wolf and says. We gotta go, Brin-- Now! With or without the rest of the team. Timber Wolf at this says. A-are you seriously suggesting we DESERT the others--?! gates at this says. Ain't like I got a choice. I recognize this MACHINE that's forming before our eyes. It's responsible for my BURNS AND SCARS-- AND WE"RE ALL DESTINED TO DIE! So ends the comic.


This issue was pretty good. Much like all comics that get canned the last few get good. After this their are only two issues left. This comic also handles the people from the culling event much better. Harvest is in fact done quite well and has some personality to him(image that) in this issue. Not to mention Dawnstar is done quite well too. All in all a nice read

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