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From the Vault: Adventure Comics 312

     The comic starts at the Legion club house. They are waiting for Mon-EL to come back from his planet. Suddenly Lighting Lass notices that Mon-EL is next to Chameleon Boy. However, Chameleon Boy say it is Protty his shape-shifting pet. Chameleon Boy then asks Protty to turn back to normal. Suddenly Superboy says he can hear a ship due to his super-hearing and then looks at with his super powers. He reveals it is Mon-EL's and soon Mon-EL comes in. They ask him if the scientific mind of Daxam his home planet have found a way to bring Lighting Lad back. He states he did not. Lighting Lass is sad over her brother being gone. Sun Boy points out it will be a terrible shock to Saturn Girl.

         Saturn Girl is waiting besides Lighting Lad coffin hoping Mon-EL had good news. Superboy say it will break her heart to tell her. The Legion travels to the world where the coffin is. Suddenly Protty runs towards Saturn Girl and Chameleon Lad states since they are both telepathic they understand each other well. Superboy adds that she blames herself for the death of Lighting Lad. Saturn Girl see's Protty and that through her powers that it is glad to see her. Superboy chokes out you will her to tell her Mon-EL. Saturn Girl comes up to Mon-EL and asks did you find a way. Mon-EL says he has failed. However, Saturn Girl catches that he is lying and their may be a way.
       She tries harder to read his mind. However, she cannot as it is guarded. At the coffin Lighting Lass is crying over never seeing her brother again. Superboy says he must say something to her. He then says that they are going to do something to bring Lighting Lad back. Sun Boy asks how and Superboy says that some how the killer ray has left a spark of life in Lighting Lad's body. Saturn Girl says he is right and they must search the whole universe for it. The Legion then began to use a reference library to search for information. It picks out a world around a blue sun in Sector AB-213 and superboy starts to plan to head their. Mon-EL says he will go and find a creature that dies and comes back to life on a world. Saturn Girl says she will go along as he will need her powers. She thinks to herself she will stay with him until she learns what he is concealing.
      In Space Mon-EL thinks to himself he must guard himself and his secret or his secret could be the death of her. The Legion also sends a ship that plots its course to else where in the galaxy where the planet Skor lies. Superboy heads to Galaxy Ab-213. Soon Superboy comes to it. The planet circles around a blue and orange star. Superboy goes down into the planet. They are all dead. However, suddenly the blue sun began to shine and they come back to life. Superboy is shocked by this and thinks it could bring back Lighting Lad. Superboy then uses his powers and takes a tiny bit of the blue sun. He takes it to Lighting Lad coffin. However, it has no effect and he takes the sun piece back to the blue sun.

      Meanwhile Mon-EL and Saturn Girl have reached the planet. Mon-EL reveals they are looking for the Taroc creature. However, Saturn Girl thinks to herself why is Mon-EL lieing to everyone. Soon they comes to the Taroc beast. They soon find one that has died of old age. Suddenly a young one comes out of the old one. It is much like the phoenix of Earth legends. Soon the two return to Lighting Lad's coffin. They find a note from Superboy statig he has failed but is going to keep trying. Saturn Girl feels that Mon-EL ley his thoughts down and is hiding that he can bring Lighting Lad back now. But that he does not want too.
      The action then shifts to the Legion ship. Lighting Lass and Sunboy are talking and asking if their is any chance of success. He says their might be but that Skor is far away. Suddenly a alarm comes over the Radio. The Interplanetary post office is calling for help. Lighting Lass states the office is nearby but if they deley her brother life is in the balance. Sun Boy says he has no choice and that as Legion members they took a vow to help others. Lighting Lass sobbing says she remembers. They soon get to the interplanetary post office to find it being attacked by space serpents. Soon Sun Boy and lighting Lass attacks them.

     At the same time Chameleon Boy enters the office and gets Protty to imitate one of the serpents. It works and the serpents flee. However, two men at the office could not be saved and the Legion members decide to take them along to Skor. They soon come to the planet. They manage to relieve one of the dead men. Lighting Lass is overjoyed that they could bring her brother back. however, a scientist points out it may not work for him as his atoms may have been permanently damaged. They head back to the body of Lighting Lad with the device. they soon put lighting Lad's body in it. However, due to atom damage the process does not work on Lighting Lad.
       The Legion soon goes back to try and find other methods. Saturn Girl asks Mon-EL to take her to a distant planet. They soon pass Daxam and Saturn Girl starts her plan to take her to Daxam by opening her value on her oxygen tank. Her air runs out and Mon-EL takes her to Daxam. Soon Saturn Girl wakes up in a medical center of Daxam in front of talking to a doctor Mon-EL asks if she will be okay. The doctor says yes and asks if he bought Lighting Lad back with the method he told Mon-EL about.
       Saturn Girl still in bed says she was right about him concealing knowledge. Mon-EL says he will explain but to head back to where the coffin is. Back at the planet he asks Saturn Girl to call the Legionnaires and he will get an device ready. The Legion soon get to the planet. Saturn Girl states one android is alive. Another in a coffin is not. Mon-EL states that what is about to happen is the only way to bring back Lighting Lad.
      The alive robot is holding a metal rod and suddenly it is hit by lighting. The lighting passes through the lving android and takes its life force and put it into the lifeless one. He then adds that a human must do the process to revive Lighting Lad. Saturn Girl then says that is way he concealed the truth and that he wanted to do it himself.

          He adds's he could not get away to do it. Each member tries to do it. However, Superboy adds we should all get a rod. Saturn Girl goes into a cave and starts painting Duralim wand to look like it is steel as it will attract the lighting. However, Protty who is also their suddenly runs deeper into the cave. Saturn Girl then does in deeper. A little later the Legion starts the process. Suddenly Saturn Girl is hit and it is revealed to them what she did.

 Suddenly, Lighting Lad wakes up and asks where Saturn Girl is as he last remembers seeing her. Superboy reveals she sacrificed herself to bring him back. Lighting Lad is shocked at this. However, Saturn Girl suddenly turns into Protty. The real Saturn Girl comes out of the cave and sees that Lighting Lad is alive. She states that Protty was devoted to her and read her mind and saw what she was going to do. The comic ends with Lighting Lad saying thank you.


This is not bad. In fact it was the first time that a dead Legion member comes back from the dead. Also this would began to mark to the start where Lighting Lad and Saturn Girl would began to fall in love and in time marry and stay that way into the New 52 series. All in all a nice classic comic of the sliver age  

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  1. the cover art was the best i seen well best one i like