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Legion of Super-Heroes # 14

          The Comic starts at Legion Headquarters in Metropolis on Earth in the 31st century. Brainiac 5, Element Lad and Chemical Kid are in a lab. Chemical Kid asks. Are you sure this will work, Braniac? Brainiac 5 at this says. There's really no point in interrupting me to ask my help if you doubt its efficacy, is there?

    He then adds. There's a 72.6 % probability the detector will find the raiders who injured Cosmic Boy before he arrives on Medicus One for treatment. If you use it properly. After Brainiac closes the channel and on the ship Chemical Kid says. Whew. Element Lad adds. Not the most PATIENT Legionnaire... But often the most useful. Let's see what this can do. He clicks the device on. Looking at the device he adds. It the Algorithm Brainy uploaded works, The detector will screen out the natural concentrations at magnetism in this sector. Looking for unpredicted pockets- After a bit he adds. There. Time to go hunting. The ship sets off.
     The scene shifts to Medicus One, Above Earth. Over a intercom as a ship approaches a voice says. Paging Doctor Gym'll-- Incoming Patient! As Cosmic Boy is being checked Dr Gym'll says. Remember- Non-metallics, He's Braalian... Nearby one of the aids says. Never treated a Legionnaire before. The Doctor to this says. And if you don't get his vital signs displayed, you won't treat one again. Behind Night Girl has come up saying.Oh, Rokk... Now crying she adds. My poor baby.. The Doctor working and looking over Cosmic Boy says. Peculiar... No ambient magnetism reading.. Very unlike him.
      Back with Element Lad and Chemical Kid one of them says. Cranky but effect, Our Brainy. Those look like the starships the raiders were using. Chemical Kid adds. Why haven't they spotted us? Element Lad to this says. Landing quietly with our flight rings doesn't have any of the telltall signatures most alarms would pick up, Hardru.. Another Legion advantage. Still, the advantage of surprise can only last so long-- Getting ready to attack he adds. -- Let's use it!

     As Chemical Kid readies an attack he says. Yeah-- try being an oxygen-breather with me shutting down your hemoglobin receptors! As they fail to the ground he adds. That was a trick with practicing! As he turns to attack more he adds. Now you'll see what Legionnaires can-- In front Element Lad is punching something with a krunch. Suddenly Chemical Kid see's something and says. oh.
     The three attackers have appeared attacking with a SPROING. Element Lad to this as rocks with are staarts to fly says. We found our Braalians. Chemical Kid to this says. Don't you mean they found US? As he starts to attack he says. I'm ready this time. As one goes down he adds. Hey, I got one-Look- The raider can only say. Arghh.. As a rock hits Element Lad's head and causes him to yell out in pain. Chemical Kid can only say no.
     Back on Earth and at Legion HQ Brainiac is in his lab working and thinking. puzzling. I have no idea what I'm looking at. That woman's brain is as scrambled as her speech patterns. I wish I had a scan of her from before she transformed into a unique to see if it was part of the change. But all i can do is work with what I have. As he looks at a image of her brain scan he thinks. Baseline from her application is similar.. But if i run the variations through the procedures they developed on Titan. Suddenly Dream Girl comes in asking. Getting any answers? Brainiac at this says. Don't interrupt.

     As a picture flashes of Comet Queen yelling no. To this Brainiac says. There-- that's the moment that keeps replaying itself in her memory. Dream Girl adds. It's her memory of being brain-wiped by Saturn Queen... How does that connect to her gassing us on the Dominators' world. Brainiac can only say. Deep programming. Then adds covering his face. She was like a time bomb, set to go off when she had an opportunity. Dream Girl can only add. To betray the Legion? As Brainiac runs out he to this says. No. to make sure I died.
     Back at the fighting Chemical Kid to a hurt Element Lad says. Don't be dead-- c'mon wake up, Legionnaire! As he doges more attack from his three attackers they say. However you found us, Legionnaires, you were fools to come here alone. With a fleet you could have driven us away-- But by yourselves-- All you can do is die. They cause many rocks to start to fall. They then again add. We overwhelmed the Legendary Cosmic Boy-- you're no challenge. Especially HERE-- Surrounded by the ores we command. As Chemical Kid flies holding Element Lad he thinks. Cover, cover... Gotta be someplace RELATIVELY safe. As he flies into a cave he says outloud. Whew.. but thinks. Ok, now distress signal back to HQ. As the roof closes over them he thinks. Oh yeah, And stay alive 'till help arrives.

     He thinks more. At this rate, we could be dead before anyone get's here, even if Mon-EL rushes. I am a Legionnaire. I am not a trainee, not a pretty dace on hozone. Not a freak with powers daddy bought me. There must be a way out of this. And it's all up to me. He activities his powers.
     Across the galaxy with Sub Boy and Phantom Girl a voice says. Why exactly did putting all those terrible devices in one place seem like a GOOD idea? Inside the building a Alien person says. Seemed inadvisable to hold on Takron-Galtos. After breakouts there. Wiser perhaps to isolate, with fail-safe self-destruct if even one is removed. Sun Boy at this says. Taking you with it if it blows, M'wim? Phantom Girl looking at an item says. oooo. You even managed to preserve one of the biowepaons... M'wim at this says. Taken from wormhole invasion survivor. Legionnaire, And preserved by mimicking their symbiosis.. Believe your Brainiac 5 assisted... Phantom Girl to this says. he would. Sun Boy then puts his hand on her arm saying. Enough playing tourist, Tinya.
      She looks at him and he says. Tinya...? Phantom Girl to this says. No touching, Dirk.. You know that.. Unless I ask. In front M'Wim says. Weapon you inquire about in section Q63... As he opens the door he says. there. Sun Boy looking at it says. Like it's supposed to be, M'Wim.. Good job. Not that you do anything-- The defenses are all automatic, right? M'Wim at this says. Effective. No problem since fortress built.

       To this Phantom Girl moving towards the weapon saying. Really...? M'wim at this says. Do not.. Phantom Girl to this says. Stop worrying, M'Wim.. As her hand touches nothing she adds. You're protecting something that isn't really here-- As she turns to  face him and Sun Boy she says. So Either you've been protecting an image of the persuder's axe since your fortress was built.. Sun Boy adds and finishes saying. Or your foolproof precautions got fooled. W'Wim can only say. No-Not possible.. Sun Boy adds. If the Legends of the fatal five are true. ANYTHING is possible.
      Back at the fight Chemical Kid uses his powers and says. Come on you can do this.. Thinking to himself he says. Accelerating all your biochemical reactions should give you a jump-start.. Come on, Legionnaire... As his powers start to work Element Lad wakes up saying. unhhh. wh-why- Chemical Kid can only say. YES! Then fastly. takeananoandbreathhebutnottwonanos..spedupallyourchemistryanditworked.. Your're up... Element Lad at this says. Sounds like you sped yourself up too. But thanks.. As he turns his power on he adds. Let's finish this.
       Element Lad blasts the ore rocks saying. Hardu-would you speed up the oxidizing on the fuel tanks of these broken machines? There must be some inflammables left in them... Chemical Kid at this says. Sure, but not enough to do much. Element Lad at this says. You start the fire-- I'll provide plenty of fuel. Chemical Kid to this says. okay, the burn'll start soon...Element Lad says. Good. Then let it ignite and duck-- One of the raiders soon says. The platform shifts-- Another. But it should be--

     Suddenly, There is a large KABOOM and the two legionnaires come flying out. Element Lad says. I've had enough of this. You're been preying on innocent miners and cargo crews-- And you hurt my friend. As the three raiders attack with a SPROING. One says. Booastfull.. ANother adds. You Legionnaires think you're so speical. But our power-- Element Lad getting annoyed uses his powers and says. SHUT UP. Hard to talk with all Nitrogen around you. Huh? Or to breath.. The three with green gas in their helmets can only say. urrrk.
      Chemical Kid to this says. Wow. that's great. Element Lad to this says. I'll have to restore the oxygen in their life support system to a better level when we get them secured-- Then we have the rest of the raiders to clean up. Below the three have fallen to the ground with a WHUMP.

     Suddenly a hand grabs one of them saying. Do you mind if we do that, Jan? It is Night Girl and she adds. I was planning on exercising my-- Frustration-- On these creeps who hurt Rokk. Shadow Lass with her adds. You DID send a distress signal. Lighting Lass behind the two of them then adds. I could use a work out. VI(Shrinking Violet) says I'm losing muscle tone. Element Lad at this says. there's a whole basr to clean up, Ayla- Have fun. I think the Braalians are the only only dangerous ones. Chemical Kid to this says. Not anymore. To all of this Lighting Lass says. Trust the plantary adapted types to think they're so tough when they go offworld.. But they can't ever handle a unique.. especially a Legionnaire. Thus ends the comic


This comic is pretty good. It helps to progress the story arcs going on but also has some great fight scenes in it. Not to mention it also helps to learn more the characters of some of the Legion members and all in all helps to cap a good couple of months run on this series.  

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  1. i agree the fighting seems are pretty intense good read