Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the Vault: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 72

      The comic starts with Jimmy Olsen on a show called meet the celebrities as he takes three drops of the elastic Lad serum to make him movable for three minutes and he dazzles the crowd. With his rubber body like abilities. For his next act he takes another serum drop to turn into something like the wolf man and scare the crowd in the studio.

        After the effects wear off he says sorry to the  crowd he then puts on newsreels of his other transformations he has had in the past. First is the time time qimp from the 5th dimension turned him into the human porcupine. Next is when he was turned into the giant turtle man. As he finishes and asks the crowd if they have any questions on Superman or himself when suddenly a person calling himself the collector appears and states that Olsen committed a heinous crime against his people and attacking Olsen saying he must  be punished. Suddenly they appear elsewhere with the collector saying he has taken them to the planet Gion-EL.
        The collector then makes copies of Jimmy in his various transformations and roots Jimmy to the ground. The Wolf Man comes up and nearly attacks him but the collector says he won't attack saying worse is planned for him. Next the giant turtle Jimmy nearly steps on him but then the collector states he made him miss. Next his human porcupine copy attacks but again it misses. The Fat Jimmy copes does nothing but eat. It is up to Elastic Lad  to tickle him.
        Jimmy then tries to get his copies to get his copies to revolt against the collector which they agree to but the collector angry roots them in place.


     Jimmy uses his signal-watch to summon Superman who is nearby thanks to the hunt for a rare metal and the collector not caring. Superman soon comes but states he can not help as the collector can destroy the Earth and one person is not worth the risk. After Superman leaves the collector tells Jimmy why he is being punished. He used his signal-watch 18 times and the sonic waves penetrated his dimension world and caused a reaction that destroyed their greatest city.
     As the collector threatens Jimmy some more Jimmy tosses his microphone at him causing the Collector to say no and not toss that at him. After this Jimmy says to the collector to stop hamming it up and that he is in fact Mon-EL from the Legion of Super-heroes and the others Olsens are Legionnaires too. As Mon-EL takes off his mask he asks how he knew it was him and Jimmy states from tossing the lead microphone at him. He then guess the turtle is Colossal Boy from the talking it did which he could not. Next that Chameleon Boy is Elastic Lad. Wolf Boy is Proty 2 and he guesses that as it did not taunt him. The Human porcupine is Cosmic Boy and the Fat one is Bouncing Boy. Superman then comes down and says he is happy and that he is going to take him to the future.     

     In the future the Legion is waiting for them and Superman tells him that he is to be made a honorary member of the Legion of Super-heroes. They put him in as Elastic Lad and the comic ends with Jimmy a honorary member and Superman thinking he deserves the great honor.


This comic is one of the neater things about Silver Age. DC published this series as something where something fun can happen and was not meant to be serious. As for the events in this comic this would stay cannon until the Crisis on Infinite Earths event which rebooted the universe. All in all not too bad if you don't mind the silliness

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