Sunday, October 14, 2012

From the Vault: Adventure Comics #307

      The story starts with a group of sinister astronauts attacking a park planet. The only thing they find of value is lights that are sued to light the cities of the planet. In a monitor room on the planet they call the Legion of Super-heroes. The Legion gets their. However, the crooks are gone and Sunboy uses his powers to make a peak whitehot to give the planet light as the crooks take all the light sources. Behind Sunboy Brainiac 5 is looking at a shot down rocket ship.

      Brainiac 5 is then soon able to determine that he rocket is far faster then anything they have. Cosmic Boy to this says they need to head to Earth to prepare the struggle. Back at the Clubhouse Brainiac states that he can make a rocket that is better then the villains.


         At a Legion meeting the Legion decides to add more members as may are not around due to them being on missions and they need people to help fight space pirates. The first two applicants fail as their powers are not suited to the Legion. However, the third Jan Arrah who is known as mystery Lad. Saturn Girl goes into the room with him and comes out saying he should join the Legion. Some Legion members don't like the fact that his power is unknown to them. Soon after Brainiac completes new rockets and a Radio system to catch the pirates. The Legion takes off. Out in space Saturn Girl uses her powers to find out that the pirates are attacking the water world of Vuruna.

        The Legion is holding their own against the pirates when the fighting states and during this Bouncing Boy see mystery lad make a iron spear crumple against his chest. However, Roxxas the leader of the pirates sets off bombs on the pontoons and then escape the city in the confusion. The water city is faling over and Cosmic Boy uses his powers to hold the city up. The Legion soon fixes the city. Saturn Girl again get a sense of where the pirates are and they head to a new planet. The planet is abandoned and in ruin and Saturn Girl scenes the pirates but also a trap. Their is a trap but Mystery Lad stops it with his powers. Colossal Boy grows to great size and the pirates are disarmed. They find out that Roxxas is not here and Saturn Girl who reads their minds their minds and see that they know Mystery Lad.
       The Legion goes back into space and is about to be hit by a nickel asteroid and Mystery Lad is able to destroy it. However, Mystery Lad then asks to go ahead and leaves a message for the Legion and then deserts the Legion. The Legion comes to the message and learn that Roxxas is after  him. He is turning himself over so that the pirates will leave the universe alone. He arrives at the space ship and is known to them as Jan Arrah. We learn that his power can change things at the atomic structure. Only a few people could do this on his planet and the pirates killed all that could do. Mystery Lad then uses his powers and turns the hall of the ship into Gaseous Elements. However before this happened they had taken his helmet away and so in the vacuum of space he begins to die.

         The pirates who are starting to escape are caught by the Legion and soon the Legion come to where Mystery Lad is and find he before he dies from lack of air. The story ends with the Legion telling Mystery Lad that he will be known know as Element Lad and his power is safe with the Legion.


While this comic is quiet cheesy in places it helps to bring in a important Legion character into the fold that of Element Lad who goes on to play important role in the Legion from then on and is still on the  current roster today.

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