Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes # 6

Cast of Characters
Sun Boy aka Dirk Morgna
Element Lad aka Jan Arrah
Chemical Kid aka Hadru Jamik
Dream Girl aka Nura Nal
Star Boy aka Thom Kallor
DragonWing aka Marya Pai
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Mon-EL aka  Lar Gand
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle

     The comic starts in the sea of fire, Xinjuan region. Earth 31st century. Sun Boy starts by saying. Seriously ugly. Element lad with him and looking too ads. How did your people do this to your world, Dirk.? Chemical Kid also with them adds. And what are We supposed to do about it?
      Below them cities covered by shields are surrounded by magma. Sun Boy adds. Keep it from getting worse, For a start. Be nice if we could fix it. Element Lad then adds. It took generations to ruin-- we won't undo it in a day. Focus on your flight ring, Land-- ANd follow me down. He starts down and chemical Kid says. Ulp.

      Still up high Sun boy says. Take off, Leave me be.. thinking to himself he adds. I'll take care of this myself. Jan doesn't play well with others.. He uses his power and thinks more. Though it's good to see him trying to teach the new kid..
      Element Lad and Chemical Ki are in some kind of city down their. Element Lad is talking. Follow me-- I'll protect us and create enough oxygen. Chemical Kid can only say at first. S-sure. But then adds. But what do you need me for. At this Element Lad says. You're the main help the Legion's going to provide. Chemical again can only say. Me--? Element Lad then explains this place. Ever since the sea of fir swallowed Urumqi 300 years ago, Earth gov's been using a catalytic converter to reduce the pollution and reclaim energy.. But this latest eruption interrupted the process. Restart it. I'll keep a circle of pure air around us. Chemical Kid again only says one word. Right.
      Walking along Chemical Kid asks. So how do I know.. oh as he see;s the device. Element Lad adds. Pretty obvious Earth technology usually is. Chemical Kid then adds. Okay. I can do this.. Right? You SAID I could? But it's noy working. Element Lad in his wisdom then says. Patience. As the device starts. he adds. There. Chemical Kid adds. Whew! He then adds. If we're done here, Maybe I could catch up with DragonWing on her vacation-- She's supposed to be around here-- Except she'd probably kill me.
       At the Legion H.Q a voice says. Your're sure killing me wasn't part of Brainy's plan? He's never liked me. Dream Girl at this to Star Boy says. Lose the old grudges... He has. You need all your strength to heal. Star Boy at first can only says. uh-huh.. getting on Dream Girl Lap he adds. I could use some motivation.. Dream Girl moving over to kiss him says. MMM...? and then kisses him. Picking him up she say's that's enough. And put's him back in his wheelchair saying. You have exercises to do-ALONE- and with Mon-EL and Brainy both away-- I have work to do.
       The scene shifts to DragonWing knocking at a door saying. Do you want me to DROWN out here? Weathersat must be set to monsoon today. Knocking more she adds. Open up, Bao! Suddenly the door opens and a dog is on top of her. She says. Easy, Fu! I'm glad to see you, too. But I'm looking for--
      She looks inside and see's it is a mess. She says. BAO..? At a symbol of a red dragon she says. Red dragon and use her powers on it. Going to look at the dog under the table she says. I can hear Luornu droning, Academy rules: call in science police. Picking up the dog and seeing it made a mess she adds. Maybe.. AFTER I find my sister: Fu.. looks like you added to the mess.
        The scene for a time shifts to Panoptes. A voice says. Mess of Panoptes we made stopping Rus-Vir.. Another adds. The reconstruction teams will handle it.. About 7.1 billion credits worth The two voices are Brainiac 5 and Mon-El. Mon-EL adds. Shouldn't have been so HARD to stop him. Brainiac at this ays. The dominators' formula boosted his powers beyond even Daxomite levels.. would have burned him out in moths.. But I can't correlate the formula to his ability to control the troops here. Telepathy's not an intrinsic daxamite ability. Even latently. A old man comes up and says. The soldier's weren't affected by any form of telepathy as we knew it on titan, Legionnaires. Brainiac at this says. You're confident of that, Doctor Aven? The doctor adds. This is entirely different. They're imprinted by the dominators.
       Mon-EL adds saying. Maybe we shouldn't have let the dominator fleet limp home, after all. Brainiac at this says. In all probability. This will have convinced them of the futility of attacking the United Planets. Mon-EL can only at first says. Maybe. Mon-EL then digging his hand into a piece of rock says. But sometimes, Brainy.. now holding a large piece. Sometimes, We choose to do what's futile.. hurling it into space he adds. Even when we know better.
      The scene then shifts to the Dominators homeworld and the fleet and its leader returning. Rule of behavior are started as he walks to the big leader. Rule the first: Lesser shall always approach greater humbly, in hope of survival being permitted. Rule the second: No metter how great your disk has grown from you'r deeds, There is always greater. Rule the third: For the great to thrice, The lesser must submit. Rule the fourth: Nd ultimate: We all are food. The leader of the fleet knelling in front of the greater says. Primus Dom, I have failed.
      The daxamite was defeated. And our fleet damaged. The Primus says. You are inworthy of your disk, disgrace yo your caste. The fleet leader says. I abase myself, And-- The primus adds. Enough words.. Your deeds have spoken..And then eats him saying. Your blood will serve.
      The scene shifts back to DragonWing. She is walking and thinking. Serves my purpose to look around like this. Without flashing a flight ring around. I still look like I fit in. Walking past a doorway a person says. Loverly pattern on your wrap. Marya-Ink it on your back for you? Make a nice complement for my old work... At this DragonWing says. No. But then asks a question. But did you hear anything about Bao and red dragon clan? The person says. Red: the "restore the middle kingdom crowd? Didn't she look to blue tiger for protection? DragonWing adds. Didn't work.
     The person as the dog comes up with something adds. Your little beast has you on a leash. Marya? As she leaves DragonWing says. Guess so.. Gotta go. A little after she says. Was that really necessary?
     They come to doors and they open. DragonWing to the person who comes out says. BAO-?? Bao says. You shouldn't have come looking for me.. reaching down to pet the dog. She says. And Fu was a VERY bad dog. I left him behind when I destroyed my old life. Should have broken him, too. reaching down she adds. Not too late. The dog talking says. Actually, It is.
       The dog is in fact Chameleon Boy and he adds. Consider Ahimsa as a philosophy.. You can't be sure who you're dealing with. DragonWing adds. I've made friends, Big sister.. and learned that going it alone isn't always best. Bao at this says. I am not your sister any longer. As other people come out. I have choosen to be beautiful, strong, And part of the future...
      A future you shall not share! Chameleon Boy says. Nice family, DragonWing.. The forming into a big monster. He adds. Glad you invited me to the reunion. DragonWing can only say. Yeah... Didn't think this is what you'd help me sniff out. Flight her sister she adds. Nice moves... Do i get to learn that now that I'm a Legionnaire? Not that I don't have a few moves of my own. Her sister says. Oww and she grabs her by the neck saying. Now. Big sister.. I have a QUESTION for you..

        A guy covered in flames comes out and says. Bao Pai will be of as llittle use to you as she has proved to be to me. perhaps I my assist you before you die? I'm to be the phoenix fire of china's rebirth. Thus ends the comic with them surrounded.

my thoughts

This issue was not bad. It helps to set up the next ark for what will happen in the Legion stories. It also helps readers get to know DragonWing a little bit more and helps to set up more of her character. Outside out this it also alerts readers that something happened to Star Boy in the past. Another thing this issue had going for it was that it was a quite and fun read. over all another fine comic in the current Legion series.

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