Sunday, February 12, 2012

Action Comic 6

          The comics starts with someone saying. Look HERE. I PROMISED an opportunity UNIQUE in all time and space, And I ALWAYS deliver. This box contains the most SOUGHT-AFTER substance in the known UNIVERSE. Because THIS, my friends, is the only material guaranteed to KILL superman. Or CHANGE him forever. Unshielded, unrefined, The UNLIMITED POWER SOURCE of the lost planet KRYPTION in the form of a ROCKET ENGINE CORE from THIS ORIGINAL derive all the unstable, Exotic ISOTOPES such as RED-K and SILVER-K and BLACK. These deadly variants including BLUE, The most terrible of all, Can and WILL BE grown from this one PRIMARY crystal. IF my lovely assistant from the planet TROM will change the LEAD SHIELDING to GLASS for a few moments only... A Green Engine is shown he adds. I give you KRYPTONITE. Soldiers in the ANTI-SUPERMAN Army! WHAT will you give ME?

        One of the members in Green letter box says. We're the ones who ripped the K-ENGINE from the guts of superman's ESCAPE POD. Another in red says. It's ours by rights. A man with a blue letter box says. What? A big monster says. I'm with the K-MEN! You sit there with all this power at your command!  He adds. DON"T FORGET WHO DID YOUR DIRTY WORK, LITTLE MAN. The green speaker add. We ALL have reasons to hate Superman. The one in red adds. Each of us is dedicated to his SOWNFALL and DESTRUCTION. Finally the one in blue adds. WE already have K-powers, What we need is VENGEANCE!
         The man speaking from before them adds. You'll HAVE it, Doctor, ALL of you. His greatest ememies. I'm offering EACH of you a splinter of Kryptonite, To do with as you CHOOSE, And in RETURN-- In return, EACH of you must perform ONE TASK in my name.

        The scene shifts to something in space. A voice says. Werid. It is seen to be Superman. He adds. At THIS point in my career, I'd just faced the TERMINAUT INVASION-- Before everything CHANGED so dramatically. This was my ORIGINAL fortess of solitude, Where I came to be alone in those EARLY DAYS. Down there,right now, the word "Superhero" has just come into EXISTENCE.. And yet here you are. He further adds. The LEGION OF SUPER_HEROES. From a future with intergalactic travel and TIME MACHINES. I'll never understand how the TIME BUBBLE can have more room INSIDE than out. A version of Saturn Girl called Saturn Women says something. We use something called TESSERACT space for storage in the 31ST CENTURY. We can pack IMMENSE volumes in tiny containers. A vision of Lighting Lad and Cosmic Boy are working on Superman's space craft. A voice from it says. AM LOK AM LO-MAL VAN LOR VA LOR-Am. The version of Cosmic Boy called Cosmic Man says. It's DYING and when it does the COLLECTOR A.I. will RE-INFECT this station AND Earth's computer network. Saturn Women and superman are talking as they come in. Saturn Women says. The sunstone Lattice is still alive and COMMUNICATING, But without is K-MINERAL power source? Superman hearing what the other are talking about says. We can't allow that to happen, Cosmic Man. Can you translate the language of KRYPTION... Saturn Women. This version of Lighting Lad says. She was born into a Telepathic Social Network on Saturn's REBEL MOON. ALL languages are the SAME language to Imra Ardeen. Cosmic Man to this says. If we can't restart our Time Bubble ROTOR, None of this will matter. We're relying on the BATTERY you brought from EARTH, Superman.
       Superman at this says. But I'm from five years in the FUTURE: I already KNOW the rockey SURVIVES this. I REMEMBER coming back here and finding nothing AMISS. Which means w're SUCCESSFUL, Right? Lighting Man holding up a vial of something causes Superman to add. That's really ALL you needed, LIGHTING MAN? To repair a TIME MACHINE? To this Lighting Man adds. Zinc, chloride, Carbon, Manganese Dioxide. We can extract enough energy from this little cell to restart the BIG BANG. Not that we'll have to. HNNF. Does anyone else smell... Ammonia? Suddenly a monster comes along. COsmic Man says. We're not ALONE. Saturn Women adds. You saved his life when he FIRST developed his power and mutated into a MONSTER APE, But that was only the BEGINNING.. He can evolve and devolve his genetic material-- Suddenly Cosmic Men interrupts and says. You seriously know EVERYTHING about Superman's history! To this Saturn Women says. I can't help it, I'm TELEPATHIC. Lighting Man running up says. Groupie. Up front Superman says. Drekken? ERIK, Is that YOU?
        The monster says meaningless words and as it arms move towards Superman and the group Superman can only says. EURR. He then punches it. After this Lighting Man adds. GZZAH! I HAD that under control! To this Cosmic Man says. What did I say? The man's FASTER than LIGHTING Garth. Imra? Saturn Women at this says. We all know what happens next. You know why we returned to the past. THIS past... Superman getting angry then says. According to my FRIENDS here, The future of all CREATION hangs in the balance! You think I'll HOLD BACK? Erik, if you're IN there.. I need your HELP! Saturn Women to this says. It's okay. I'm trying to tune him back to HUMAN Form. As it starts to work. Superman adds. Erik! We don't have TIME. Erik suddenly starts talking. Me uh what human uh when menny mouth fill up but no space un no food. No conscience, no scruple, No moral.. HNNAHAH-- Superman about to punch says. HOW ABOUT NO TEETH? WHERE DID THEY TAKE THE KRYPTONITE ENGINE, ERIK! To this Erik says. Evull's in you, Superman!Saturn Women reading his mind says. I GOT it! You made him THINK about it, It, I GOT it The Anti-Superman Army is hiding in the one place no one would ever look.
        Erik starts to turn into a T-REX and Saturn Women tells. I can't CONTROL him! lighting Man says. Okay, THIS time as he get his powers ready. Superman starts to attack him saying. All YOURS Lighting Man. To this Lighting Lad says. NOW I feel normal.
        He adds. Charge, It builds up. If I don't GROUND it, I lose my sense of HUMOR, Followed by my TEMPER. Apologies. Erik turning back starts to talk. I'm there at the end with the rest-- The anti-Superman Army-- A bloody red sunset at the end of days-- A planet of Skeletons-- And you--I have to worm you... It's not the end.. not yet.. What are you DOING to me? Saturn Women then says. Give me your Psychic KEY, Mr. Drekken. Erik adds. She's inside.. Superman don't let her-- I'm sorry-- I-- uhrr uh. Saturn Women then says. I.. I found the location of the Kryptonite in his MEMORY. To this Superman says. What was he talking about? A planet of Skeletons? Evil in ME? Holding Erik who has turned into a worm Saturn Women says. NIMROD THE HUNTER used a TELEPORT RIFLE to fire a microscopic LEAD PELLET into your Brain. The pellet's HOLLOW, AND INSIDE< there's a TESSERACT SPACE big enough to fit 30 people. I need to access your MEMORY immediately. To this Superman says. In my Brain> WHAT did you say?
       The scene shifts to a memory of Superman's past. Pa Kent is saying. Murphy's missing bull had to be 'round here SOMEWHERE! Trail of destruction wasn't hard to-- as Superboy/man comes up with the bull. Pa Kent adds. Follow! Superman/boy then says. I GOT HIM! and forces the bull to the ground. Pa Kent then adds. Stronger than BULL! I never seen anything like it! Superman/boy to this says. Pa, I've been TINKINH a lot, the stronger and faster I get. You knowm About how they cast me out like they did, in a Rocketship. Pa Kent in his wisdom says. I don't think they cast you out, Clark Your folks put you in a LIFEBOAT. I think they SENT you here, To a place where someone like YOU could do some GOOD.
      The bull who has gotten up and is about to attack is stopped when Superman/boy punches it saying. DOWN, BOY! He then reply's to what PA Kent said. That's pretty much what I figured. You think they'll ever come back LOOKING for me? If I had to go back WITH them to space, Would you and MA come along? Pa Kent can only says space! Super man/boy then picks the bull up and talks while he carries it. I don't think they will come back. They'd have BEEN have be now, right? I don't think I'll ever know hwat this weird "SS" is I came with. To this Pa Kent says. Well, then it's up to you to make it stand for something. You go use that strength of your to help and inspire folks, maybe that "S" can be something that reminds us of the BEST we can be. They get to a pick up truck and he adds. Now how about we load old TITAN on the truck? I say we leave him with a pile of BEER CANS and tell Murphy we found the beast DEAD DRUNK by the crossroads. Maybe THAT"L teach him.. At sunset later Superman/boy is playing with his heat vision. Three figures walk towards him talking. One says. Is it really him? WHERE"S the costume? He looks tiny. Superman/boy see's them and says. Uh. I don't know WHO you are or why you're STARING at me, But-- your lips don't MOVE talk. And WHAT are you WEARING? Someone says. Lips moved in the 21st century.
        The time moves back to the present of the comic. Superman says. You're from the future? Did I come from the future too? What did you just DO? Saturn Women to this says. THAT was the day we all MET for the first time. The memory is located in your Brain's AMYGDALA region. The pellets' causing PRESSURE there. Briefly time goes back. a memory. Superman/boy says. Are you serious? A FLIGHT RING? Saturn Girl says. We ALL have them. Cosmic Boy says. But this is 31St CENTURY TECH and we can only LEND it to you. In case we change the whole future and get into serious trouble. Lighting Lad says. B0-Ring. Memory over Saturn Women asks. Did you notice anything UNUSUAL? Superman to this says. The barn change color several times- RED, then BLUE. Usually my recall is PERFECT. Cosmic Man coming up to him and using his powers says. Lead's unaffected by my magnetic abilities, But I can detect foreign blood iron if I know where to focus. Oh, so faint. Lighting Man is the TIME BUBBLE ready?
        As they walk to the bubble. Superman is talking. This explains some of my recent BEHAVIOR, But-- can they expand, inside my Brain? Cosmic Men to this says. Theoretically-- But they won't take the risk of being crushed by invulnerable Brain tissue. Are they willing to commit SUICIDE just to give you a brain hemorrhage? To this Superman says. I've shaken of WORSE than a brain hemorrhage. Raw Kryptonite might be a challenge. But without it, The ROCKET that brought me to EARTH will Die, THE COLLECTOR wil reboot-- The three are now in the bubble. Saturn Women says. We have a TIME BUBBLE and drekken's TESSERACT key. We're ALREADY in there, in DISGUISE-- I can sense my own FUTURE SELF right now, inside your HEAD. She adds we've been friends since all of us were CHILDREN, Superman. We could never desert you in your darkest hour. As the bubble starts to move Cosmic Man adds. We'll try to do this as gently as possible. After this Superman says. ALREADY in there. "Long Live The Legion." The Rocket's system says. ROCKET MIND-- SYSTEM FAIL-- EMERGENCY.
       The scene shifts back to the Anti Superman Army. The doctor is talking. Who FIRST? Our allies from the SUNDERWORLD of UNDA, Perhaps? The SISTERHOOD OF ABIDING HATE in their SHROUDSHIP? And yet. I happen to know glass is TOXIC to the sisterhood. IMPOSTORS! His assistance says. TURN THE AIR TO KNIVES. The doctor then says. What? These are the KRYPTONITE_MEN! Our allies. Behind them is the Legion. Cosmic Man says. You can drop the TELEPATHIC DISGUISES, IMRa. He then adds. Nobody move. I have total control over EVERY molecule of Iron in your blood. This is COSMIC MAN for the LEGION OF SUPER_HEROES! In front the Doctor says. The Legion? Impossible.
       The Legion then get's their powers ready. Saturn Women says. Mind-shields. They're not giving in. Cosmic Man adds. The kryptonite's MINE. I have it's FIELD in my grip. Lighting Man adds. I'm SERIOUSLY losing my temper. This is good. The doctor then says to this. Turn LEAD to GLASS once more, AGAIN! Raw radiation flood is Brain! His next words are not heard. To this Saturn Women says. Where did he go? What did he says? It sounded like "Give in KENT next!" Cosmic Men holding a piece says. The Kryptonite tore APART! I couldn't STOP it. The other fragments have GONE! The Blue Kryptonite member of the army then says. That crystal will grow! and it belongs to me!Come and die inside your hero's brain, you fops!

        Outside, Superman is screaming and turning green. Behind Erik is starting to grow. The rocket system is saying. ROCKET SYSTEM FAIL- FARE_WELL_COMMENCING CRITICAL. Erik grabs superman saying. DY-ING! Superman says.. Not.. Not this time.. See.. I just... figured it OUT.. The rocket system goes on. MISSION MISSION FAIL.
        Superman trying to move about adds. Rocket;s powered by.. K-rediation.. the SAME k-radiation that's... KILLING me... Can save.. save.. Erik says. NEVER MAKE it! The rocket system adds. CRitical. Erik chasing up a tunnel adds. Knell! To this Superman adds. Save... Everyone. The rocket system goes on. SYSTEM FAIL! WELL FAIL WELL. The scene shifts to the past and pa Kent on his death bed talking. NO man on Earth has the amazing power's you have. Promize me you'll use them-- To become a force for good- A champion-- of the downtrodden- the oppressed-- Never give up the fight to make this world a better place, son. Back from the memory. Erik is saying. GIVE UP! GIVE IN!
       Superman fights him off and get's to the rocket saying. There! he sticks him head in and the rockey system then says. HA-LA KAL-EL! HA-LA-LA! MY LIFE RESTORED- MY MISSION CONTINUES -- TO PROTECT THE SON OF KRYPTON. It fires a beam that disables ERIK. Soon a voice says. Superman.
      He wake's up and we see that the Legion is back. Lighting Man with his robotic arm missing says. I HAD that. Saturn Women then talking to Superman says. Superman we BEAT them. We have the engine. The power source is SAFE. You can let Go now. He blanks out and wakes up in the time bubble with Cosmic Man talking to him. You did it. You kept the rocket ALIVE and saved the past, Which we KNEW you'd do, incidentally. And now we have to get out of here. Superman still a bit bit green says. Help appreciated. Cosmic Man adds. The YOUNG SUPERMAN gets back any second. He'll soon have trouble oh his hands with SUSIE and Earth's FIRST Superman without having to deal with us. Saturn Women to this adds. Now who's the groupie, Rokk? THIS superman needs sunlight and rest and time to HEAL. HIS greatest battle's still come-- and OURs, too. When I looked in his memories, I felt so ASHAMED. Remember we were so DISAPPOINTED in him that first time? We'd built him up as this IDOL in our minds, This MYTH, and he was just a gawky CAVEMAN kid. But for HIM.. Meeting US, that was when he knew the universe was BIGGER than he ever hoped. WE were the proof that planet Earth had a future worth FIGHTING for. Meeting us was the greatest day in his life. The comic ends with him younger and the Legion flying and his ship saving. AND THUS WAS THE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

my thoughts.
This is the first comic from the non Legion comics for the New universe for the blog I have done. This one is set five years before the others and looks at how Superman became superman. This comic helps to show the Legion History and that of Superman is intacted and is a fun read. It also shows a older legion. However it is one from before Lighting Lad getting his arm back so they man be from a different universe but it is hard to tell. The Legion is also shown to have the same ideals to what they have in their comics.

The comic is the owned by DC with all the rights    

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