Sunday, January 29, 2012

Legion Secret Origins #4 of 6

Comic is propriety of DC Comics

Cast of Characters
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Mycroft: head of Security Directorate
Zarl: Works with Mycroft
Anisa: also works with Mycroft
Phantom Girl aka Tinya Wazzo
Chameleon Boy aka Reep Daggle
Colossal Boy aka Gim Allon
Invisible Kid aka Lyle Norg
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Lighting Lad aka Garth Ranzz
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Triplicate Girl aka Luornu Durgo
R.J Brande: Legion funder

            The Comic opens in Metropolis. Brainiac 5 is walking down stairs in a space port. He is thinking. As overcrowd and overstimulating an experience as I anticipated. Obvious why so little quality thinking takes place on this planet. Yet Circadia Senius chooses to do his research here. I suppose Pax Colony had inadequate resources. He bumps into people and his shield comes on. He soon walks away thinking again. We must talk. The Phantom Girl's remark was so intriguing.

          Soon Brainiac comes to the lab. Senius is tossing two people out saying. Out, out! k-k-clumsiness is UNFORGIVABLE! one says. But professor Senius, We- He grabs Brainiac and says. You-l-l-Coluan- You can't be as k-k-clumsy as those two. Brainiac surprised as he is grabbed says. I--? Senius then adds. Touch nothing. But observe. Tell me if l-l-controls for time pool approach k-k- criticality.  We re-k-k-create anicent experiment. Try to retrieve object through time. Brainiac to this and as Senius is touching something says. Extremely dangerous, Professor. Molecular torques like this are theoretically-
        As a large explosion happens. Impossible. Brainiac who has surrounded Senius in his shield makes them both safe. Senius then says. K-k-quite a usefull tool, Lad. Perhaps you'll make an adequate lab assistant. You k-k-can start by making one for me. Brainiac at this says. Sorry. Professor. But it's necessarily unique. And while I'd like to discuss time research with you. I'm not available as lab assistant either. He then tell Senius his name. Querl Dox. And shakes his hand. Senius at this says. Oh, the Brainiac heir. Of k-k- course. Good paper on l-l-cosmic determinism. Though you glossed over Urso's theory of perseverance. Brainiac at this says. Speaking of theories, What about asynchronous worlds?
       The scene shifts to the wormhole and a U.P fleet. A voice says. Hundreds of worlds in the United Planets. And what duty does our fleet pull? Another says. Standing guard over this blasted wormhole. Waiting endlessly in case another hostile emerges. Inside one of the ships. Admiral Allon is talking to Mycroft. He says. Can't you talk the council into authorizing us to rotate with other patrols, Mycroft? You have influence with them. Mycroft at this says. Not enough. Admiral. I couldn't talk them into making the Brainiac youth stay with you when he decided he needed to come Earth. At the security directorate he adds. The Security Directorate has its limits. Allon can only say. BAH!. Zarl after this says. It is simple wisdom to listen to the Brainiac, Mycroft. Mycroft at this says. Colu places too much faith in that child, Zarl. Anisa at this says. I doubt it. There is an Aura of destiny to these times and these young people coming to Earth. If the high seer's apprentice was older, i feel she would be attracted here as well.
       Mycroft at this says and speaking of the call of destiny, Admiral, Is that your son Gim I see travelling like a moth to Brande's flame? Allon at this says. He wouldn't listen to me and join fleet... Always more of his mother's son. A real EARTHER. Behind him a officer says. Admiral? Wormhole activity. Allon at this says. Another probe? Blast it, So we don't encourage them to bring more though. The probe explodes.
       Back on Earth at the Legion HQ a voice says. Though here, Sir. Mister Brande wished that you be shown every courtesy. Brainiac 5 at this says. The most idiosyncratic rich man in the U.P is aware of me? Colu is apparently becoming more open then I knew. The man showing him around says. Mister Brande is-- As you say-- Peculiar. And quite interested in individuals whom.. are... Gifted. Brainiac at this says. I wish to see Miz Wazzo. Not him. Phantom Girl comes through the wall and says. Nice to see you again too, Querl. Come to join up? It's a fun club! Brainiac at this says. Me? No, No. Much more important things to do.
        He adds. That's what I need to speak with you about. The way you described BGTZL. Is it truly an asynchronous world? Has any scientist there used that quality for time travel? Phantom Girl phasing though the table partly and thinking says. Hmmm. I told you I'm a traveler, not a theorist. That's a whole other Gene Code. But I'm pretty sure no one's ever figured out time travel. or well. Brainiac with a happy look on his gace says. Absolutely achievable once the unified field theory is truly complete and inherent simultaneity is induced and controlled. You must help. Phantom Girl getting ready to leave says. Not my field, But good luck. Brainiac at this says. B-but-- Phantom Girl about to move through the wall adds. Give the Legion another thought. It would do you a world of good!
      The scene shifts to a U.P meeting. A voice says. It's not good!. Inside the Space Police Chief is talking. Not only is Brande building his own private army. He's pulling recruits away from my science police! He even got Admiral Allon's kid applying. Mycroft next to him joins in. The security Directorate is monitoring an increasing trend on the outher worlds. Councilors... This Legion is fascinating to young people. Particularly those with unusual abilities. Runaways are up thirty percent, Councilor Chu-Fong. The council at this says. As we're pulling the United Planets together after the sundering. Our young need inspiration, Mycroft. Let us take our chances so far, This Legion seems to be behaving Heroically.
       After the meeting in a Lift down. The chief and Mycroft are talking. The chief says. They never listen to me. But I thought you had more pull Mycroft. At this Mycroft says. On some matters. The directorate knows quite a bit about our precious councilors, And they know that we know. With Brade. Though, His credits have bought him amazing leverage. The chief at this says. We've never been able to fill the holes in his dossier. Where he got the starlighting technology at ever where or even where he really comes from. Mycroft at this says. A riddle, Our R.J. Brande.
       The scene shifts to Legion HQ and them welcoming new members. They are Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy and Invisible Kid. Cosmic Boy is making a speech as well. Welcome to the Legion! You've passed your initiations and clearances. We're glad to have the three of you with us!. Behind him Phantom Girl says. Yah! Also in the room is lighting Lad, Saturn Girl and Triplicate Girl. In front Brande is talking with his employees. one says. pleased, mister Brande? Brande says. You did well, Marla. ALl of my hopes fall into place.
       After this the new members are being shown around. Lighting Lad is talking to Chameleon Boy and says come on in, Guys. We'll show you around. Cosmic Boy is also talking. It's going to be amazing. We had nothing like this on Braal. Brande bought us the latest everything, Communications equipment, Labs. Turing to Invisible Boy he says. You're a scientist, right. Lyle? Did you really invent the Mutagen that gave you your powers? Invisible Kid at this says. Uh, Yes. It was a thesis on-- Lighting Lad interrupts him and says. Talk about it later, Kid-- He shows a table full of food and adds. Now, Let's celebrate!
       They then all talk. Cosmic Boy is talking to Invisible Kid. He says. Garth get carried away, But you always count on him. Invisible Kid then adds. I'm still not sure why you choose me. I thought Mr. Brande just needed a bodyguard and that would be an exciting way to test out the martial arts courses I took. Stress relief and earn some money to fund experiments. Saturn Girl comes up and adds. I'm very concerned by the attacks. Whoever's behind it must be very powerful to able to tamper with minds so easily--. Suddenly they hear a nose of thooom. Saturn Girl at this says.-- That I couldn't Invisible kid adds. What? As others run off towards the noise. Colossal Boy says. GO! While Lighting Lad adds. Not a good noise.
       They come on Brande and his aids hurt. Colossal Boy boy yells. MAN DOWN! While Lighting Lad adds. Another attack. He is then attacked by equipment and says CRAZY! As he uses his powers. Cosmic Boy comes in and says. I'll cover Brande! Find who's doing this. Saturn Girl then adds. I'll try to identify the attackers-- Maybe if I can scan them before we catch them, Their minds won't have been blanked yet. At this Phantom Girl says. Okay.
           It is the construction machines. Chameleon Boy is jumping out of the way. Colossal Boy has grown in size and is attacking one. Phantom Girl says. There's no one in this? Saturn Girl helping to guard Brande says. There's no thinking being here! It's just the construction machines attacking... on their OWN?
      The scene shifts to the Security Directorate watching this. Mycroft says. Bande's own construction equipment is attacking him/ Most peculiar. Zarl at this says. That man makes enemies everywhere, Mycroft. Anisa adds. I thought Failsafe Asimov devices were placed on all such automotions so they couldn't injure humans. Mycroft to this says. So they are, Anisa. This is a rare failure. A picture flashes up of Triplicate Girl jumping out of the way of a attack. He adds. It would be a shame if Brande was killed before assistance arrived.
          The scene shifts back to Legion HQ where Saturn Girl is taking Brande back to safety. Brande talking to her says. You take good care of an old man. Young Lady. Saturn Girl at this says. we'll keep you safe. Mister Brande. And we're going to find out how to stop these attacks, too!. In front the Legion is winning against the equipment and Lighting Lad says. yeah, that's our clubhouse they're messing up!.
         Colossal Boy getting ready to attack says. only one more to-- Phantom Girl says. wait a nano... and moves to a machine. She adds. That nice security director though I was accidentally damaging his circuitry. I think I figured out how to do it deliberately. As the machine fails she adds. What do you know? It works!
         Back at the security directorate. They are talking. Mycroft says. Hmm.. Brande's youngsters have saved him again. Zarl at this says. You're preoccupied with him, Mycroft. Anisa to this says. This is more important. Admiral Allon is requesting assistance at the wormhole over Anotrom. Zarl to this and watching a monitor says. The wormhole is expanding again, And potentially dramatically. Anisa to this says. We should order the remaining fleet vessels there. Mycroft to this says. No. That will leave the inner worlds without any reserve. Why don't we ask Brande's Legion to help instead?
        The scene shifts back to Legion HQ. Where they are talking. A voice says. The fleet's asking our help/ That's great! Lighting Lad adds. We can really prove ourselves! Cosmic Boy to this says. It's a big challenge. And I hate leaving Brande unguarded. Colossal Boy at this says. The fleet wouldn't ask for help unless they really need it. Saturn Girl to this says. What makes you an expert? I thought you were an Sp trainee. Like I was going to be. Colossal Boy at this says. Ah... The Admiral's my dad. After this Cosmic Boy says. Okay, Well split up into mission teams. Garth, You and I can take a team to help the fleet. Imra, You keep a crew to watch over Brande and figure out what's going on. Brande to this says. NO.

         He adds. Very Nice children, But not enough. If Legion is to fight invaders from other worlds, You need more power. More heroes and more strength. Like ancient Superman-- Strong! Phantom Girl to this says. Oh, that twenty-first century Legend you were telling me about? He sounded amazing! That Dox boy from Colu was saying he was going to make time travel work. Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lighting Lad stare dummy at her. She adds. Maybe we should get him? Make this a job for superman

my comments
This comic was quite good. It was enjoyed and is building towards where the Legion starts in the new universe. The characters are done quite well and the story is getting quite good. All in all a great comic for long time friends and new people to Legion of Super-heroes comics and is a must buy

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