Sunday, January 15, 2012

Legion Lost #5

         The comic starts in Rapid City, South Dakota. A young girl says. Mommy--Daddy-- I don't feel so good. Her parents look at her shocked as she has six tentacles growing out of her back. Tellus looking at this from his powers thinks. the HYPERTAXIS spreads. In Manitoba, Canada. People are watching a news story. It states. A reported METAHUMAN apparently died of a heart attack during a conflict with the JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL-- Tellus thinks. The diesease is affecting... more humans. The scene again shifts to Dever, Colorado. The news story adds. Who was emitting electrical discharges that have blacked out the city. It is then stated that it has been 112 hours and 22 minutes since release. Tellus adds thinking. And the one sentient... who might be able to.. stop it...

       As the scene shifts to Alastor fighting Dawnstar and Tellus. Tellus thinks. Is also the... one who... STARTED it!
      Thinking more he adds. His name is ALASTOR. One thousand years from now... He sought REVENGE against the HUMAN.. race... For the hate crime.. Death of his sister. THE LEGION.. OF SUPER-HEROES.. tried to stop him. We SUCCEDDED... In delaying his.. terrorist act.. In the future. But we FAILED... Because he was shunted... BACK in time... And he released... the HYPERTAXIS pathogen here... NOW... And we are TRAPPED... The Legion field team who came to stop him.. infected with the pathogen... Much of our TECHNOLOGY lost to us.. and apparently... now.. so too.. our LIVES...
       Out Loud Tellus says. DAWNSTAR.. We only have... one chance. Dawnstar to this says. I see over SEVENTY-THREE options that ensure our survival, TELLUS. At this Tellus adds. DO any of them... not involve... a desperate RETREAT...? Dawnstar at this says.. no. Tellus then says. Alastor is too strong... with CAEGGITE DNA in him, can TRIPLICATE himself... He can only be... restrained... TELEPATHICALLY. I will go.. DEEP into his mind.. Make him... understand.. the folly of his... actions... But I will need time. I ask.. Much of you.. My friend.. Can you DISTRACT him.. DELAY him.. Long enought.. For me to succeed...? Dawnstar at this says. Either I can or I can't, Tellus. I imagine we'll find out which soon enough... Tellus thinking to himself says. Her passionless manner... always a PRETENSE... I know she... is burdened... by passion.
       As Dawnstar attacks Tellus thinks. Passion for Life... For DISCOVERY... for JUSICE... She attacks... three beings,,, EACH strong enough... To SUNDER a city... Without a single thought... To her own well-being... And it comes... As little surprise.. She not only survives. But THRIVES in combat.
       To honor her effort... I must attend.. to my own... And telepathically engage... the Alastors-- AAH- so quickly... RESISTANCE... FEAR... He is so VERY afraid.. of what he has done.. and what it.. has done To him... And yet all of that... overwhelmed.. by.. self-righteousness... By revenge... By.. ANGER... Great Mother Ocean. No... Alastor Shouts. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, NOW!! Tellus says. His mind.. As strong... As he is body... And silently in pain... I cry out...
      The scene shifts to Timber Wolf, Tyroc and Wildfire. He adds... For help... Unintentionally... My telepathic scream... KNIVES through my friends.... WILDFIRE... TIMBER WOLF.. and TYROC were in pursuit.. of a HYPERSAPIEN... Who they discovered was really our lost shapeshifting teammate CHAMELEON GIRL. surrounded by the military Wildfire asks. That was Tellus-- Even felt it and I'm just a ball of energy-- TY-- she-- then-- need help-- Tellus thinks. As we confronted Alastor.. They were.. AMBUSHED by... A cadre.. of HUMAN MILITARY. The group unaware of Tellus thinks is talking. Timber Wolf talking to Tyroc says. You can't get to them fast enough carrying me and' YERA.Tyroc at this says. We can't leave you behind, Wolf. Timber Wolf at this idea says. Sure you can, TY. My FLIGHT RING doesn't work. I'm grounded. I'll get her out of here. You and' WILDFIRE give me some cover.
       Tyroc get's ready to use his powers to attack the trooops. He says. get ready and is singing as he does. After this is done Timber Wolf says. You used HYPERSONICS? How come I'm still standing? Tyroc at this says. Because I targeted THEM. You have five minutes before they start waking up. Timber Wolf picks up the Alien that has Chameleon Girl in it and as the two blast offs says. Call me if you SURVIVE. Up in the air WIldfire asks Tyroc a question. Can you handle SUPERSONIC SPEED after pulling that stund? Tyroc thinking says. No. Go Ahead.
       The scene shifts back to Alastor and DawnStar fighting. Tellus is again thinking. Our friends come.. But will it be in time.. will it be enough...? I have managed... to navigate back into.. Alastor's mind... I am inside his FRONTAL LOBE-- sifting past the anger... Searching for REASON.. But it has taken... too much time.. The DAMAGE he can do... The toll it is taking on Dawnstar... To stop him.. I might have to LOBOTOMIZE him... Which goes against.. everything I believe in... But to delay.. This course.. could cost Dawnstar her LIFE. I have made.. Many COMPROMISES... Since becoming LEGION.. Am I willing to make this one...?
      Tellus keeps thinking. Behind... his vicious rampage... so much anger and loss... Alastor lashes out.. to Alleviate his pain... He hates humans so much. Alastor joins in and says. And why shouldn't I? Flashing back to his past he begins to talk to Tellus. I had to take backbreaking work in the mines of Rimbor so Maryessa could have a better life. And I was proud to do so! I thought it was an honor for my sister to go to university on Earth. I didn't know that emergent Xenoprobia-- Had created an "Earth First" movement proclaiming their isolationist views-- through violent action. It took me. Tellus finishes it says months. Alastor adds. Months to get answers. And my hatred. Tellus finishes Grew. Alastor adds. Grew.
       He adds. Months of Work to amass the credits I needed to go to earth-- Tellus adds. You found a job.. tending bar.. in a cargo transport... Alastor adds. Where I met a drunken psion.. A brilliant Geneticist who HATED humans... Tellus finishes Almost as much.. As I did.. you did... Alastor adds. And he created a miracle. Tellus says. A monstrosity. Alastor adds. While he created the hypertaxis pathogen that would destory the human race forever... Tellus finishes. You trained... and planned... for how you would.. release it on... Earth.
     Alastor firing something at Tellus adds. And your damnable Legion of Super-heroes ruined my plans! Tellus shield breaks. However he adds. Savaging a species... will not bring.. your sister back-- Hurting ALL... For the actions of.. a sadly misguided FEW... Is THIS the person... Your sister would have.. Wanted you... To become...? Alastor at this sas. No, you damn fool-- It was her death turned me into this!
     Alastor beings to head somewhere while Tellus thinks. While he.. struggles against me.. inside his mind.. All three of his bodies. RAMPAGE.. unbated... in the PHYSICAL PLANE... But in.. order to succeed... I need his.. Blind rage to CONTINUE... Alastor get's to a highway with a semi truck coming. Dawnstar says. of course. Perfect Timing  Tellus thinking says. But how much longer... Before Dawnstar-- Or an inncent civilian-- is HURT...? As Alastor get's to the end of the highway and close to the semi he says. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Inside the truck the driver says. AH--
       A crash happens and the driver goes threw the window. Tellus thinks. The collusion.. is deafening... I read Dawnstar's mind calculating. Every movement... Of the truck-- the Drover-- Every INDIVIDUAL piece of glass- trajectories, angles... Knowing, even as she makes her decision.. That she would reach the driver.. But LACK the time.. To avoid.. The falling vehicle. Dawnstar catches the driver just as the truck explodes. Tellus thinks. Yet knowing all along.. That HE would come in time. Be at her side, PROTECT HER... Whether she wants it or not... Wildfire arrives and says. Hey, Kiddo. You did great here. Now, Grab some cover. I'm going to do something I don't do that often.
      He let's out a large burst of energy on Alastor. Tellus surrounded by his shield thinks. Dawnstar flies.. Ten Kilometers in.. five seconds... She could have gone further.. But the civilian would... have been.. turned to ASK.. From the friction. I cannot recall.. seeing Wildifre... release so much ANTI-ENERGY at once... But I know.. Well before he did it.. Wildfire looking down says. Bloody Nass. Alastor has not taken any damage at all. Tellus thinks. That his effort.. would be futile. As I also know... As I have known.. As I have since this began...

           That this particular battle... Would be mine to win or lose. Alastor at this says. No-- Stop-- get out!  Tellus thinks. And the solution.. Was gleaned earlier.. In Alastors drive to PUNISH humanity's xenophobics... As he starts to do something he adds. Great mother Ocean.. guide me.. Alastor.. I understand your pain.. But you have addressed INFINITE issues.. in such FINITE ways. You seek... "JUSTICE" for Maryessa's death... But those you punish NOW.. Have yet to commit... The crimes which you blame them for. In truth, you have.. given the human race.. A great GIFT... You have FREED them.. Ultimately, Enabling them to EVOLVE... from their culture of species SEGREGATION... In the.. centuries to come.. They will never become.. Xenophobes... For the Hypertaxis will.. Eventually ELIMINATE... the BARRIERS of skin color.. Religion or.. Geography. You have turned a race.. Of diverse, different, diffuse Homo Sapiens... Into a UNIFIED FUTURE RACE OF HYPERSAPIENS.
        Rathen then REVILED.. As their SCOURGE... You will be REVERED as their SAVIOR.. The man who CREATED the race.. that will one day.. change the stars. As punishment.. for their crime.. You have REWRITTEN HISTORY.. Out loud Tellus says. And made the Human Race.. The BEST HOPE... For a BETTER FUTURE. At this Alastor says. NOOOOOO and faints. Dawnstar drops the driver and he ruins off. Tryoc who has now arrived says to Wildfire. Let him go, DRAKE. Tyroc then adds. We have to deal with Alastor. Wildfire at this says. Yeah, I was hoping to avoid that, Since I got no idea what to do with him when he wakes up. How about if I TELEPORT shim somewhere safe a voice says.

           It is gates who has suddenly appeared in a portal. He adds. LIKE SPROCKIN' JUPITER! Wildfire shocked says. GATES?! You little Bird/BUG/Whateveryyouare-- I KNEW something as simple as getting BLOWN up-- couldn't stop you! Gates at this says. NEver stopped YOU Energy-sock. Dawnstar coming up to Gates asks. What happened to you. gates says. Story best told over some spiked kon-juice, Big Guy. For now What say we lock up the reason we're in this mess! After this Tellus thinks. For the first time in days.. they smile. We have restrained Alastor.. And we may FINALLY learn details.. Of the pathogen he released. That our next move.. Remainds UNCERTAIN... is left UNSTATED. But at least.. After this very arduous mission. We have reason to hope. Gates is alive And hopefully... Timber Wolf will return safely with Chameleon Girl.
         The scene shifts to Timber Wold and Timber Wolf says. HRRR. Suddenly Martian Manhunter appears in front of him and says. YOUR presence here is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. And the MARTIAN MANHUNTER intends to get ANSWERS.

My thoughts.
This comic for the series was the best one to date. It had great action and shows how Tellus out thought the enemy. Also the group is only one character away from being back to full strength.

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