Sunday, January 8, 2012

Legion wrap up September-December 2011

     DC comics in September of 2011 choose to relaunch it comics from the first issue. Some got full reboots and other did not. In the case of the Legion of Super-heroes time will tell. However as of the end of 2011 no nothing has occurred.

     It is now time to move to my thoughts on Legion comics during this period. First up is Legion Lost vol 2. This is the first comic to come out with the "relaunch". Legion lost's first issue was not very good. It required the read to know what had gone before in the Legion Universe. However by the end of this period it had become a much better comic. This comic could also be one of the first to be canned by DC. It really has been sub par to say the least. Compared to Legion lost vol one it has some work to do. However the characters are quite fun and this could redeem the comic in future issues.
    The second comic to come out in this period is that of the main comic of the Legion that of Legion of Super-heroes vol (7-8). Like Legion lost the first issue needed the reader to know what had happened before the events of the comic. However after this it got much better. The characters are great and the relations between them complex. The fourth issue showed the universe of the Legion and their importance in it. It also showed how much of team they are.
     The last of the cannon Legion comics to come out in this period was Legion Secret Origin. This six part series by December is now half done. This series has been the best of the Legion regular comics to come out. For those not knowing the Legion it helps to set up it's history and how it come to exist. It shows the growth of the Legion and the group becoming use to their future roles. It will also in the coming month show the place of superman in Legion history(I hope) in the new time line. For those who know the Legion history it has a lot of fun events of years past.    '
     The last thing to come out in this period is a special six issue mini series called Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes. This is a tale of the Legion and original Star Trek crew getting stuck in a alternate world. Both groups are well done and are what you expect of then. The world is a neat blend of Star Trek and Legion baddies and is done pretty well. This comic series has been the best and is a must read for its fun factor.
     Ultimately, this period was hit and miss. If one did not have the will to wait the comics would not keep their readers. However by December the comics were much better and helped to maybe make a a time in which great Legion stories and event will happen.  

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