Saturday, January 21, 2012

Legion of Super-Heroes # 5

Cast of Characters
Star Boy: Thom Kallor
Dream Girl: Nura
Shrinking Violet: Salu Digby
Lighting Lass: Ayla Ranzz
Gravity Kid: Tel Vole
Cosmic Boy: Rokk Krinn
Power Boy: Jedidiah Rikane
Element Lad: Jan Arrah
Harmonia: Harmonia Li
Polar Boy: Brek Bannin
Sun Boy: Dirk Morgna
Black Witch: Mysa Nal
Invisible kid: Jacques Foccart
Chemical Kid: Hadru Jamik
DragonWing: Marya Pai
Chameleon Boy: Reep Daggle
Shadow Lass: Tasmia Mallor
Ultra Boy: Jo Nah
Phantom Girl: Tinya Wazzo
Mon-El: Lar Gand
Lighting Lad: Garth Ranzz
Saturn Girl: Imra Ardeen-Ranzz
Bounching Boy: Chuck Taine
Duplicate Damsel: Luornu Durgo
Comet Queen
Brainiac 5: Querl Dox

        The comic stats at 6:00 Am at the Legion Headquarters: December 20. Star Boy is in bed and is just waking up. He says MMMMM. Beside him the bed is empty. He then says. Nura...? You're up early... Did you dream any disaster? I didn't hear you cry out. Dream Girl coming in of out the shower and in a bathrobe while drying her hair says. Not a single nightmare prediction. Handsome. Only a weird image of some big old stones. She comes closer to the bed and Star Boy grabs her and says. Then I'm predicting I skip physical therapy this morning... Dream Girl smiling says. oh..? he adds. or at least Dr. Gym'll prescribed version..

      The time shifts one hour later to 7:00 and shrinking Violet is working out in her room on a treadmill. Someone in the bed says. VI! To this Shrinking Violet says. Mornin' Sleepyhead. Lighting Lass who is in bed says. Do you have to be so loud before sunup? Shrinking Violet growing back to full size says. Sorry my little toes are annoying you, Lazy Lass-- Get your beauty sleep. Turning something on she adds. And 'cause I Love you, I'll use the sound baffle. Lighting Lass says. Thank you and goes to sleep while shrinking Violet is surround by a sound barrier.


          The scene shifts to eight a clock. A prisoner says. URK. Gravity Kid is talking to Cosmic Boy over a comm device says. No new leads fromy my interrogations on Takon-Galtos, Sir. Cosmic Boy at this says. Seven Legionnaires dead. And still no hints as to how it happened beyond shards in the time lab. A solar cycle of looking, and NOTHING. Someone must be responsible. Power Boy at this says. There ARE accidents, Lad. Gravity Kid adds. Tel and I will keep checking from the science police side. Cosmic Boy looking at another member called Quislet says. And where did you go, Quislet? Vanishing in the middle of battle... Back to your crazy dimension? Dead? or were you ever REALLY alive. Covering his face ge adds. Garth... IMRA... How'd we let it come to this?
         One hour late it is now 9:00. Element Lad comes in on Cosmic Boy crying. he says. You can't give in to the darkness, Rokk. I contemplate my losses every day, And try to justify them. I can't. The motives of our creator are beyond my imagination.. or my right to judge. But we have to go on. Cosmic Boy still crying says. In a moment... one more datascan... Element Lad walking away says. sigh... Element Lad walking into a room where Harmonia, Polar Boy and Sun Boy are eating and having coffee says. Morning. Harmonia at this says. To you as well. Jan. Polar Boy not notching this says. Three More degrees to a perfect iced coffee... Sun Boy at this says. You DO ruin all your food, Brek.
         Soon it becomes 10:00. Element Lad is talking to Harmonia. He says. Who ever said opposites attract? Those two... Harmonia at this says. There are different harmonious rhythms. To this Element Lad says. They get along-- They enjoy the bickering. At this Harmonia says. But not you? Come. She takes him to a musicial instrument and says. Perhaps a softer sound...? Playing it she says. Music feeds the soul better then the nutria-mix confections your technology produces... Element Lad at this sounds says. Lovely. However Sun Boy says. Yeesh! Not my kind of music. As him and Polar Boy are leaving Polar Boy adds. I have more fun places to be today. Anyway.

            The scene shifts to 11:00 Blok and the Black Witch are on a holo device in front Glorith is writing. This Earth feels strange today, full of magic I haven't felt here, and with a taste of rock and stone... I am not attuned to this world to place it. I wish you two were here to guide me... I have learned much here, but I am not confident in my knowledge... or power... or anything. I am so out of place. When may I go home to you/ The letter goes poof and is sent somewhere. Suddenly their is a knock at the door. Some one says. Man'selle? Glorith at this says. Enter. If you wish...
           The Time now is now noon. At the door is Invisible Kid. Glorith says. The portal was closed though. Invisible Kid says. There is a msall 'privacy" activator... excellent for blocking noises, visitors.. Really anything other than Phantom Girl she cannot grasp the concept, I think. Glorith adds. I was busy. Invisible Kid grabbing her hands says. Not too bust to eat, Mam'selle. Come. Glorith at this says. But everything feels.. strange today. Invisible Kid who has taken her to the hall of the fallen Legion members says. And you must trust your feelings, your instincts. But you cannot let them paralyze you. Look around, At those we have lost... We lead the life tres dangereuse. As they leave he adds. We must be careful. Yet we must still eat.
        The clock turns to 13:00. they are now at the Legion lunchroom. Invisible Kid adds. And it is not acceptable to constantly eat alone in your room. Meals are the social moments that bond us.. Do you not feel the warmth in the room. The sweet smells... Even if I can never get the Autochef to properly prepare Mafe! Perhaps we should join your friend Grava-- She is always amusing... Suddenly Chemical Kid bumps into them. Invisible Kid says. Hey there! Chemical Kid says. M'sieur! is what Invisible Kid says. While Glorith says Hadru. Chemical Kid then says. C'mon, Glorith-- Great to see you here for a change. Invisible Kid arms crossed says. BON APPETIT. DreagonWing at a table says. Oh yeah, great.
        Times moves foreword. The place changes to the sorceres' world. Blok says. Do you feel Glorith calling? The Black Witch says. There's anxiousness. I hope she's safe/ Blok reading the letter says. "Earth feels distant and unreal..." The Black Witch says. But she is as close as the flame... Blok at this says. The sensations she describes, Do they concern you? The Black Witch at this says. No.. my burden is within, and contained for now. Glorith's fears are the legion's to mange. It is why she must stay among them.
        The Scene shifts back to Earth. This place is the Science Police HQ. The time... 15:00. Chameleon Boy as a eagle is close to landing. He is thinking. Much better than using my flight ring. Transforming as he lands and talking to a SP officer he says. SIngh... Sorry if I'm late.. I got caught up in the wind. Singh at this says. Better than in traffic, to be sure. I thank you for agreeing to personally brief us on your Panoptes mission. Walking together now he adds. We have grave concerns about the DOMINATOR incursion. At this Chameleon Boy says. That worked out okay, After a few touchy moments.. But traiing our new Legionnaires... that was a Challenge
       The scene shifts back to the Legion HQ training area. The time now stands at 16:00. Shadow Lass and DragonWing are training. Shadow Lass is firing energy weapons at DragonWing. Shadow Lass is talking. Going easy on you, Girl-- I let you keep the lights on. At this DragonWing says. Easy, My foot! Shadow Lass at this says. Foot? sure. DragonWing at this says. Yeow! This is a DRILL. As it hits her foot. Shadow Lass can only say. Just keeping it real. DragonWing says. thanks. Shadow Lass adds. You'll appreciate it when you face something set to burn hotter and now-- FASTER! In a room over Ultra Boy is training.
       He trains for one hour. As he trains a voice says. Ahem. It is Phantom Girl. Ultra Boy to her says. You're messing up my aim. Phantom Girl can only say. Aww... too bad... Besides, Is this how you treat the girl of your dreams? as weapons go off around her.
       Phantom Girl comes close to him. It is 1800 soon. Ultra Boy says. I didn't dream of you interrupting a target practice! Phantom Girl at this says. Grumpy Boys don't get kissed. Behave you're making a mess, Anyway. At this Ultra Boy says. Brainy cooked it up- Said it sublimates in eight seconds, or something. Already disappearing. Phantom Girl says. Like me? At this Ultra Boy says. Hope not. He then says Dinner? Dessert? Phantom Girl touching his nose says. So much for the dedicated athlete. All Ultra Boy can say is. I'll get my exercise. Phantom Girl at this and smelling him says. Not before you hit the showers, Lover. You smell like one of Brainy's lab experiments left WAY too long.
       The scene shifts to the meeting room. Full of pictures of stones. Dream Girl looking at them says. Now.. None of THESE stones. Though these blind stone fish of thanaton are tasty... Had some in a great sauce in a little parisian bistro.. Mon-EL siting next to her says. Be serious, Dreamy. Dream Girl at this says. I don't even know if we NEED to be searching. It might not have been prophecy-- I have ORDINARY dreams too. Mon-EL at this says. But your predictions always mean real toruble. We need to be careful-- I'll run the prog one more time. It shows a picture. Mon-EL says. Stone Boy...? Dream Girl adds. Seriously... Laughing she adds. Computo needs an upgrade. This is getting RIDICULOUS.


           Lighting Lass is watching two boys playing at being pirates. One boy says... Ridiculous, Mom said, But we think they're so cool, Auntie Ayla!Lighting Lass at this says. Guess Titan didn't have pirates, Graym... The other boy says. Or mom doesn't have a sense of humor. Soon time turns to 21:00. A hand grabs Graym and says. That's enough boys. Graym says, Dad!. The other boy is touched by a female hand. He says. Mom. Mom says. No sense of humor? The two are seen to be lighting Lad and Saturn Girl. Lighting Lad holding his son says. Bedtime for the boys, sis. Lighting Lass at this says. Sure you wouldn't like to come back to active duty? Saturn Girl to this says. too easy. THIS is a challenge. The boys add. NITE!
         The time turns to 22:00 at the Legion Academy. A log is been written. Legion Academy Log: Candidate search continues for new class. Reviewed 812 files today. Check continued his exercise program. Bouncing Boy comes in and says. I'm home. Talking to Duplicate Damsel he asks. Can I help you.. Any of you? They all say no. He then asks or borrow one of you? Duplicate Damsel says. Later, Chuck. The Night's still young...
        The time moves to 24:00. Polar is just getting back. He has kisses all over him. He is singing  The night is made for kisses... sweet misses... need rhymes.. hmmm. Pisses.. yess... bad rhyme... Good idea, though.. Find toilet... soon...
        At 1:00 Comet Queen crashes into him saying. Party! She adds. Hotzone said you were at the BEST party tonight and you didn't bring me, Starshine, And i'm so mad at you, But if you just tell me WHERE I MIGHT forgive you... Polar Boy pointing says. urk... v.. village... Comet Queen says. Spectacular! As she flies off she adds. Race you there, stardust. Polar Boy says. Be right... BEHIND you.. He falls asleep.
      Time moves foreword to 0:200. Brainiac 5 is working on a time bubble. He says. Circuit sealed. Three more components tonight. Locked. Time bubble needs to evade flash point barrier. More motive power? Hmmm... flight ring for leverage.. There... Finish soon... soon... tomorrow as he falls asleep.  
        Time moves foreword to 05:00. Someone says. The WINTER SOLSTICE. Best day of  the year.. ANd the best PLACE for it... Sun Boy the speaker adds. Nothing but longer, Brighter days to look foreword  to, Friends to share them with... He is at Stonehenge. He adds. Sunrise!  Time to SHINE!

This was quite a fun comic. It was nice to have a rest after the events of other four issues. We saw some characters for the first time. It also captures the spirit of the Legion so it was nice.  

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