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Star Trek Legion of Super-Heroes 4 06

cast of characters
Group A
Brainiac 5
Cosmic Boy
Saturn Girl
Group B
Lighting Lad
Shadow Lass
Chameleon Boy

     The comic starts at the Emperor place, Earth. The Castellan is seen to be talking to Ruk of the Imperial Elite. Ruk says. And by the time others regained consciousness and restored me to full functionality, the violators had fled with our transport. Readings suggest they employed transtemporal technology to enter the time stream. the Castellan walking away says. This is intolerable! INTOLERABLE, I say. Return to base IMMEDIATELY and submit yourselves to DISCIPLINE. Ruk at this says. As you instruct, Castellan. In a hallway the Castellan says. Twelve unknown OUTSIDERS defeating the elite guard. UNTHINABLE.

      The Castellan soon comes to the emperors room who further up is getting a report. A officer says. Report that the quarterly quota is expected to be reached by cycle's end. the emperor says. MMM. Suddenly the Castellan comes up and says. My emperor, I must peak with you, IMMEDIATELY. The Emperor says. Ah, Castellan of course. Leave us (to the officer) The officer says. yes majesty. The emperor speaking to the Castellan says. I would say that you forget your place, Kajz, but knowing you, I'm sure that there is some JUSTIFICATION for the impertinence. Castellan Kajz at this says. Forgive me for not standing on ceremony, But what I have to tell you is URGENT. Time-travellers, Majesty. We have sensor reading and visual confirmation. But they have so far eluded capture, and appear to have re-entered the timestream.
     The Emperor standing near the throne says. Time-travellers? going up and pushing a button on the wall besides the throne adds. Impossible. The sensors have NEVER detected any transtemporal activity that HE didn't first alert me to. As a hidden door comes down. Castellan Kajz says. I understand, your majesty. However, the reports ARE confirmed. The Emperor adds. But if THAT"S the case... Then why did he not alert me?
      The scene shifts to Limbo in the timestream. With group A. Brainiac 5 talking to Spock says. The retofitted chronometer is working as well as can be expected, and my force field is maintaining our structural integrity. But we can't keep this up forever. Spock at this says. Fortunate for us then, that "forever" is not required, so long as we "keep this up" until we reach the point of historical divergence. Brainiac adds. We're homing in on it. But we're not progressing as quickly as I would've hoped. We'll make it there-- or CLOSE, at any rate-- But I'm not sure if we'll be able to make it BACK.
     In back Bones is talking to Saturn Girl. Bones says. A mind-reader, Huh? No offense, young lady, but I've never much CARED for the idea of telepathy. My thoughts are my OWN, and I prefer to keep them that way. Saturn Girl at this says. I understand completely, Doctor MCCOY. But if that's the case, you MIGHT try not THINKING quite so LOUDLY. In front of them Cosmic Boy and Chekov are talking. Chekov says. oh, yes. The steam engine, the printing press, even SCOTCH-- all inwented in Russia. Cosmic Boy at this says. That's AMAZING. Our timelines must be even more different than I thought. In front Brainiac suddenly says. Damn. That's as far as we can go, it appears. Okay, Everyone ! We're coming in for a landing, but it is going to be a BUMPY one.
     The makeshift time bubble clashes into the past. Bones talking to Spock says. Spock, are you okay? Spock at this says. I appear to be uninjured, But I appreciate your concern. Cosmic Boy in back helps Saturn Girl up. Saturn Girl then says. There's a.. A WILL here. A MIND. COMMANDING me to... ooooh. Cosmic Boy then says. It's okay, I've got you. In front Bones says. Looks Like the locals have rolled out the welcome wagon!

      The Scene shifts to Earth, The heart of the Imperial Planets. Group B is in their shuttle. One of them says. We can't just sit in here FOREVER. Inside Kirk starts talking. Look.. 'Lighting Lad,' was it? look, LIGHTING LAD, we will sit TIGHT until the time is RIGHT. And TRUST me, the time is NOT right, yet.
     Kirk adds. Run out there right now, And you'd get yourself KILLED. Sulu looking out the window says. Captain LOOK!. Guards are escorting a captured Dominator some where. Sulu says. They APPEAR to be escorting a high-ranking prisoner. Kirk adds. And chances are, wherever they're taking him is close to where WE want to be. Anyone else feel the need for a NEW LOOK?
      Shadow start to appear around the group. The officer leading them says. What the-- Shadow troops, what is the MEANING of this? The shadow troops says. But sir! WE"RE not doing this. A ball of shadow completely surrounds them and the group is taken out. Kirk along with Shadow Less and Chameleon Boy come to get them. Kirk speaking says. Come on, QUICKLY! There's no one coming!
      They lock the group in the back and change into their new outfits. Kirk speaking says. I think those uniforms fit well enough to pass muster. Lighting Lad adds. Good, Because they're NOT what I would call COMFORTABLE. Sulu adds. Or FLATTERING. Kirk turns to Shadow Lass and says. Ladies, May I say that you look absolutely STUNNING in those? You know, I don't know if I've ever met a women with Skin QUITE that shade of blue... Shadow Lass at this says. Well, now you HAVE. But don't count on seeing any MORE of it than this. Chameleon Boy talking to Uhura adds. I don't meant to sound pressimistic, But I'm not sure that YOU"LL be able to pass for Talokian. Uhura adds. I'll just have to keep the hood up and the cloak closed, And hope for the best. Kirk as they finish adds. Com on, people, no use hanging around any longer. E have questions, and need some ANSWERS.
       The scene shifts back to earth's past. Cosmic Boy looking at the group near them says. I don't remember anything like THESE guys from my studies of prehistoric Earth. We should be CAREFUL. Chekov adds. They're just fur-clad cossacks with spears. What's the worst they could do? The spear fires a energy beam at him and he narrowly jumps out of the way saying. Whoa. Cosmic Boy adds. is THAT bad enough for you? Saturn Girl then says. That Will I detected. These people, the animals-- they're all being MIND-CONTROLLED! At this Bones says. Now see, THAT"S why I don't care for telepathy! In front Brainac adds. This platform isn't going ANYWHERE in this condition. As the group moves to attack/defend Spock says. Set your phasers to STUN. If any of these primitives were fated to produce offspring of historical significance, But die here as a result of our actions, the results could be DISASTROUS.
      Brainiac at this says. The results are ALREADY disastrous, MR. Spock. Or did YOUR earth's history include cavemen with energy weapons and cybernetic mastodons? Spock at this says. More along the lines of stone knives and Bearskins. I see your point. Brainiac adds. That's because we've arrived several WEEKS after the point of divergence. Whatever changed history has already HAPPENED. Spock at this says. Then we must hope there is still a chance we can return history to its proper course, And repair the damage that has been done. As Cosmic Boy is using his powers on the attackers his says. There's just enough Ferrous material  in their weapons for me to hold them back, But not for me to disarm them. Chekov adds. Then we shall have to do it OUR way. The doctor is knocked down. Saturn Girl pointing in a direction says. The MIND-CONTROL signal. It's getting STRONGER. Spock at this says. If we were to locate the source of the mind-control, I believe we would also find the source of the divergence. Brainiac 5. If you could retrieve your chronometer? Brainiac at this says. I just got finished INSTALLING it...
      The scene shifts back to the earth of the future. Kirk and his group have arrived at a building. A guard says. Halt! Identify yourself and state your authorization code, immediately! Kirk at this says. We're simply escorting this.. PRISONER to an interrogation cell. I'm afraid there was a bit of a mix-up, thought, and we don't actually HAVE our authorization code. But there's no reason for this to get unpleasant, I'm sure that we can... A guard says. Failure to present authorization code is grounds for immediate execution. After this the two are suddenly knocked out. Kirk adds. I TOLD you that there was no reason for this to get unpleasant. Should have listened. As he walks on Kirk adds. Com on, people. We need to locate the source of that SECOND "temporal Disturbance" that Brainiac 5 detected, and hopefully get to the BOTTOM of this mess.
     Inside the building they soon get to a elevator. Kirk speaking to a Coluian officer says. Oh, just taking this prisoner to be interrogated. Nothing to concern yourself with. Inside the elevator Chameleon Boy talking to Uhura says. Is he ALWAYS like this? walking right into the MOUTH of danger with a smile on his face? Uhura at this says. Oh, It's usually MUCH worse. But one way or other, he always manages to make it work. As the door open and weapons are pointed at them adds. But I suppose there's a first time for EVERYTHING. Guards add. Drop your weapons and prepare for immediate judgment!
    The scene shifts to the past. Chekov firing his phaser says. So you say EVERYONE on your planet can control magnetism? Cosmic Boy using his powers says. Sure. Why, do you mean to tell me that there's something that you Russians CAN"T do? Brainaic get's wounded and Bones comes to fix him up and says. Green blood, huh? shoulda known. Brainiac to this says. With luck my FORCEFIELD"S power supply will recharge soon, and I can keep the rest of my blood on the INSIDE. Saturn Girl pointing in a direction says. The MIND-CONTROL signal that I'm detecting. It's coming from THAT direction. Spock at this says. Then It would seem the direction that WE should go as well.
     Back in the future the group is engaged in a fire fight. Kirk to Shadow Lass says. Any chance you could do that Shadow-trick of yours again? Shadow lass at this says. One "Shadow-Trick" coming up. She covers the group in shadows and as they get past and firing the wrong way a guard says. Keep firing! Don't let them reach the throne room! Kirk as they get closer says. The "throne room' must be THIS way. Thoughtful of them to point it out for us.
     At the door to the throne room Chameleon Boy says. I think we've lost them. Sulu at this says. I hope you're RIGHT. As kirk opens the door he says. Okay, the chances are good that the answers we're after are behind this door. Stat sharp, and keep your eyes open. In the past the group get to a village. Chekov says. No matter how MANY of these caveman we stun, still more come! Cosmic Boy adds. They've got to run out of caveman EVENTUALLY. Saturn Girl points to some on clouded in darkness and says. There! THAT'S the WILL I've been sensing. That's the mind that is CONTROLLING all of these people.
     In the future the group are shocked recognizing someone. In the past this happens too and Cosmic Boy says. But it CAN"T be! Brainiac 5 adds. That's... Vandal Savage? While in the future Kirk says. Flint? to the same person.
     Savage at this says. I have borne many names and titles in my life time, But only one which should concern you at the moment. One which I first took as my own Long millennia ago. I am VANDAR THE STONE, the master of earth and NONE shall oppose my will!. Someone says. That's what you think as the comic ends.

My thoughts

This comic was pretty good. The story flowed well and both groups worked well together. You got a sense they could work well together. With only 2 issue left now we get a pretty good sense of where this is going

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