Monday, January 2, 2012

Legion Secret Origins #3 of 6

Cast of Characters
Phantom Girl aka Tinya Wazzo
Brainiac 5 aka Querl Dox
Admiral Allon- United Planets Fleet Admiral
Zarl: Security Directorate member
Mycroft: head of the Directorate
Anisa: Directorate member
Cosmic Boy aka Rokk Krinn
Lighting Lad: aka Garth Ranzz
R.J Brande: Legion backer
Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen
Invisible Kid aka Lyle Norg

        The comic starts at the Metropolis starport on Earth in the 31st century. A ship has arrived. Some UP soldiers come up to it. One(the officer) says. We have barely shut down the engines and our passenger has vanished! The Admiral will have our commissions. A alien trooper says. Ship's seals are intact, Lt. Singh. Its impossible. After this a voice says. Excuse me? The two are surprised and one says huh?
           It is Phantom Girl who has appeared from the floor. She asks. But is this the fastest way out of here? I'm supposed to meet with something called the Security Directorate?

          The scene shifts to a U.P fleet above a planet. A voice says. It was absolutely irrational to let the phantom go. Admiral. The voice is that of Brainiac 5. He further adds. She had useful information on the potential invaders. Admiral Allon at this says. Colu is new to the United Planets, Dox, But you should understand civilian control over the military... Brainiac finishes this with. In theory-- He then adds. An outmoded symptom of an overly democratic polity. Surely meritocracies function better? Allon at this says. When you're running the universe, you fix it, son. I have a fleet to keep me busy. A officer then says. Admiral Allon, the wormhole... It's moving away from Anotrom... and expanding!
         At this Allon says. Projected course and velocity? The officer says. It's not going far or fast, Sir. Looks as though it's simply distancing itself from the planet enough to increase the size of the gateway. Brainiac at this says. Atypical. A controllable wormhole? If it was a natural phenomenon, it seems improbable that it would move in an Axial line ninety degrees to Anothro's orbit. Allon at this says. Dox? Brainiac adds more. You may want to move your fleet, Admiral NOW. Since it previously opened to transport one of their warriors. A larger gateway indicates the likelihood of a larger intrusion. The scene shifts to outside the ship. Brainiac adds. A warship, perhaps? Allon at this says. FULL POWER! Get us away from that! as the wormhole grows bigger.
       The scene shifts to the Security Directorate. Zarl says. That is curious. Brande's staff is buying up several starcruisers-- including that new experimental one at Nullport. Mycroft at this says. Annoying as the man is. His every action isn't a security directorate concern, Zarl. Anisa says. I disagree, Mycroft. Three attempts on his life, And all the portents I've felt about these young people he's been assembling in a so-called Legion. They are now watching the Legion. She further adds. His existence is the nexus of a dilemma for us. Mycroft at this says. I'm more worried about the fleet movements near Anotrom. Has Allon sent us that odd phantom women ye-ttttt? Suddenly Phantom Girl appears and says. More of a Phantom Girl, If you don't mind, Sir. And I', here. Zarl at this says. AMAZING! No disruption to the circuits as she passed through.
      Phantom Girl at the door at this says. Oh, would you like me to disrupt them? I think I could do that. Zarl to this says. No, No. Mycroft then speaks to Phantom Girl. He says. on behalf of the United Planets, I welcome you. Tinya Wazzo. Was it? Phantom Girl says. As close as your auto-translators can render it. Thanks. Phantom Girl with something in her hands. Adds. And if you're the official government representative. you should have this. It's all the Data BGTZL could gather on the hostiles from the far side of the wormhole that destroyed Anotrom. Or at least all we could gather before we moved our planet out of their reach. Mycroft shocked and holding the device says. y-you moved your world? Phantom Girl who attention has turned to a monitor says. Sure. haven't you learned that trick? oooh! who's that?
      The scene shifts to a ship in a asteroid field. A voice says. That's sharp handling! Whew! Cosmic Boy inside the ship says. The goal isn't to crash-test the cruiser. Garth. Lighting Lad at this says. Did that once-that was enough. In the back R.J Brande and Saturn Girl are talking. Brande says. Good. Banging up nice new toys would be wasteful of my credits, And wasting them is MY hobby. Speaking of which, You got nothing from the heads of men who tried to kill, My nice telepath Lady? Saturn Girl at this says. Y-you didn't bribe anyone to get me acress to them, Did you, Mister Brande? Brande at this says. If I did. It was bad bargain. Saturn Girl adds. All I found were blocks. Compulsions someone put there to trigger the attempts. I don't think think they even knew who you are.
      Brande at this says. Whooboy. Even strangers want me dead? I will need bodyguard. Cosmic Boy at this says. I thought we'd protected you well. Sir. Brande says. Just fine, Lad. But my little legion has something bigger to do in this crazy universe than keeping old man's skin wrapped around his guts. Even if I can't tell you what it will be.
      The scene shifts to Mycroft and his group. Mycroft is talking to the space police chief. The chief says. tell me you have a plan to bring this Legion stunt of Brande's under control, Mycroft, Before it undermines my entire force! Mycroft at this says. calmly, chief. Calmly. The chief further adds. First he convinces the best telepath Titans's even sent to the force not to join up, Then he's got his staff scouting my cadets for EXCEPTIONAL abilites. And now the old conniver's bought nullport's new experimental starcruiser model out from under us! Mycroft at this says. And yet, you deputized them. The chief at this says. Under pressure from the council and against my better judgment. They're practically children. Anisa at this says. Denigrate neither the old man nor the young, chief. I see shadows of their glory to come. Mycroft at this says. And complications in the present, Anisa, For they do seem to attracting an exotic collection. I would know more of that Phantom and her world... Behind him on a monitor we see that Phantom Girl has joined the legion.
      Zarl to the group says. There are more immediate matters for the security of the United Planets, Mycroft. I have not concluded my analysis of the data-cube the phantom brought us, but Admiral Allon's fleet is in motion in the Anotrom system. Apparently preparing to be attacked. Mycroft to this says. Connect into the fleet data communications, Zarl. Let us observe directly. Zarl at this says. Exercising security directorate privileged acress, But some of the quark relays were apparently damaged in the apparently damaged in the accident aboard Allon's flagship. It is unclear why Allon is moving his fleet. The monitor shows a Alien ship coming though the wormhole and Mycroft says. or not.
     The scene shifts to Allon's flagship. A officer says. The alien craft is coming through the wormhole very slowly, Admiral. Allon at this says. scouting perhaps. Brainiac on the floor says. umm... No. Standing up he hadds. The rate of entry correlates exactly with the rate of expansion of the wormhole. When it's been enlarged enough, The whole vessel will come through. Allon at this says. But there's no technology that can control a wholehole. We can only use them as they are. Even that has risks. Brainiac to this says. Life has a constant coefficient of risk, Admiral. And our opponent clearly has abilities that we do not. Allon turning to someone says. operations, signal fleet positions and get ready to blast that craft as soon as it clears the wormhole.
       As the ship comes though the wormhole a voice says. Position for crossfire maneuver. Wait for it to clear so we don't block the wormhole with debris. Ready... calibrate... the fleet then fires at the ship.
       As the alien ship is being attacked a voice says. maintain full power on blasters. The alien ship fires on Allon ship. A officer says. No major visible damage, sir. Allon shouts. REPOSITION! try to push back out of its prime firing range and spread out. Brainiac says. Admiral? Perhaps....
      The Scene shifts to the new Legion building. A voice says. We should have tests or something initiations, Maybe? Cosmic boy is looking at holo's of recruits says. There's got to be a way to sort through all these applicants. Brande coming in says. Ah, you leave that to my staff, Lad, Marla, Pheebs, they'll find you your Legionnaires. The best young people of the century by Damn! Walking up to the table. He adds. Any one of them could be a hero! He picks out someone who looks like chameleon Boy(current legion member) He adds. Pick out of the pile at random, And he'll be fine legionnaire you'll see. passing the holo picture to his aid he adds. Come lad. walk with me.. We leave tedium of Holo cubes and histories to Marla. Let the man earn his pay.
      The scene shifts to Cosmic Boy and Brande walking in a crowd. Cosmic Boy talking says. So as leader am I supposed to make all the decisions on new members, or what kind of missions we should take on? Brande at this says. you'll figure it out as you go, Lad. No one's ever dopne this before, not since Ancient days. If Legends of superman are even true. Cosmic Boy at this says. Imra's researched him carefully. He was real. and awesome. Brande to this says. Good. You'll be awesome too, My legionnaires. you see.
      Brande then adds. Now shoo, Boy! I have to go over to the UP council and see today's price of cooperation. Cosmic Boy says. thanks for the encour- Brande interrupters him and says. Hush. An old man says shoo. try to listen. As he walks away he says. Children. Talking into his jacket comm device Brande says. Multitask help: check if Marla gets Reep's quarantine Pat- suddenly he is almost shot at and he says. what--??
     His assassin says. Lucky you tripped. old man. But that won't say you-- suddenly he is hit by a invisible force. Brande getting up says. old, yes... tripping over his own feet, no. He then says. Bodyguard actually not such bad idea. Invisible kid who has appeared next to him says. Got him, Mister Brande. no problem.
     The scene shifts back to Allon's fleet. Allon says. you're sure about this, Dox? Brainiac says. Based on my examination of material the aliens use for their weaponry, absolutely. It's highly energy absorbent. But with limitations. Allon says to a officer next to them. Line formation complete, Captain? The captain says, yes, sir. But on the word of a boy? Allon says. We asked for the help of a genius, Captain. I intent to take advantage of that. Fir until power's exhausted.
     The scene then shows three ships firing from three different positions. The ship get's fried. Brianiac says. excellent.
      A ship fires again. Brainiac says. Four point one seconds more. The ship takes more damage. Allon talking to Brainiac says. Good work, Dox! How'd you come up with that? Brainiac at this explains. It's a variation on an ancient technique called CROSSING THE T, Admiral. From before wars were fought in three dimesions. effective, though. The question remains. However: what comes next? Thus the comic ends.

My thoughts.
A fun comic and if anyone has read Legion comics from the past then It is a joy to read. It does a good job of setting up the legion for the relaunch as well.                     

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