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Legion of Super-Heroes 4

        The Comic starts on Panoptes. Res-Vir is trying to break out of something holding his arms. Behind DragonWing says. Are you SURE that will hold him? Element Lad at this says. INERTRON has held VALIDUS captive-- But we can't be certain if the serum that's protecting RES-VIR hasn't amplified his powers. Chemical Kid to the side can only say. ULP.

        Looking at Res-Vir as he starts to break out. Chemical Kid adds. He's getting loose! Element Lad at this says. Not if you don't want him to, kid. THINK. His organics are too complex for me to change an element in his body without risking KILLING him. Your powers should be enough to stop him. Chemical Kid at this says. MINE? that's inertron he's destroying-- The strongest material in the universe! As he says this Res-Vir breaks out completely.
        Element Lad at this says. He's incredibly powerful but still fundamentally humanoid. Daxamites are similar to Kryptonians.. A lot of Human biochemistry with a few adaptive tweaks that make them DANGEROUS.. Like converting solar energy to powers. Dragonwing adds. He's not My idea of human. Chemical Kid agree's. Putting his arms around the two Element Lad adds. But it's still biochemistry-- A series of reactions your catalytic powers can affect. Take a deep breath... slow down.. As chemical Kid starts his powers he adds. In fact, slow down His carbohydrate catabolism... and since he's a Daxamite, Phototropism too.. try visvalizing-- it always helps me...
      As Des-Vir comes towards them Element Lad adds. quickly now. Des-Vir says. I told you that wouldn't hold me, Legionnaire. Chemical Kid says. okay, but. Des-Vir adds. And whatever you're trying to do, you-- Des-Vir crashes into where the three were but Ultra Boy and Mon-EL grab Chemical Kid before he hits.
     As Des-Vir rushes towards them in the air he adds. You can't hurt-- meee just as chemical kid powers hit him knocking him out. After this and holding him Mon-EL says. Nicely done. Just don't EVER try that trick on me. okay? Chemical Kid can only say. N-no, sir.
      The scene shifts to the dominators fleet. An alien says. Most honored sir, Approach initiated to starsling.. It will take considerable time to coordinate all the Vessels' courses and speed, However. The honored one says. I shall be in my quarters, meditating on how to repay the Legionnaires when they follow us into the Dominion.. One behind him says. As you will. this one says he sits in the command chair. Engineer castes, to your posts. Tracers on, so we may know when the legion approaches.However a alien starts to follow the honored one. He thinks Late for that, Pal. Since I'm already here. It is Chameleon Boy hidden as one of the castes.
      Chameleon Boy adds. If they want us to follow them back home THAT much, We're better off keeping them in United Planets space. which means fouling their starline maneuver, And getting a signal back to the others. And not giving myself away with the wrong reponse to these SUBMITTERS. The submitters stop and say. Honored one. Chameleon Boy says nothing but thinks. Guess higher caste to lower can be silent. Interesting. Might be easier to move around the ship in a less conspicuous form. It worked on Panoptes.. As he turns into a fly/insect. Suddenly alarms go off. He thinks but apparently not here DAMN.
     The scene shifts to Daxam and the Legion flying. Cosmic Boy talking says. Are you sure. VI? Shrinking Violet at this says. It doesn't make sense, Rokk. No one ever heard of a Daxamite "Liberation" movement. Lighting lass putting her arms around the neck of shrinking violet adds. And you know how seriously VI watches that kid of problem. Cosmic Boy at this adds. Of course.. But the science police said Res-Vir took the remote-teaching courses here. If the Dominators have a way to duplicate Brainy's serum to protect Daxamties. I can understand their wanting to recruit some.. But why is anyone buying into this "Daxam is a prison" propaganda. He adds. I wish IMRA was here.Shrinking violet as they land adds. You don't need a telepath-- this is detective work.
     At this complex. She adds. Res-Vir worked on the mironuclear program here-  Cosmic Boy at this says. But the science police said they checked-- Shrinking Violet at this says. I'm a little more PARANOID than they are. As they all come to the portal doorway. Invisible kid who has been quiet to this time says. Allow ,e, Mam'Selle--. Shrinking Violet to this says. Humor me. Invisible Kid at this adds. If there is nothing wrong, they will not even notice I was there.
    Invisible Kid enters the lab and there is a eerie glow. He thinks. But I have seen that glow before in Brainiac's Laboratory. KRYPTIONITE? After the lab is cleared out a scientist is talking to Lighting Lass and Cosmic Boy. He says. I-I din't realize it was a restricted substance.. It was only a tiny meteor fragment. Cosmic Boy at this says. That one of the students collected. I bet. The man at this says. Res-Vir fou-- oh. Does this have something to do with his disappearance? Lighting Lass at this says. Professor, More tan you'll ever know.
     The scene shifts back to the fleet. Over the comm a voice says. Known to be on Board! Attention! security stations! Inside one of the ships Chameleon Boy thinks. The sensors didn't spot me in Dominator form, so their analytics are limited. Let's see if I can use their limitations against them. Give those soldiers a nano headstart... And let's give them some new orders. He turns into his figure from earlier.
     He then shouts at the soldiers. ASSEMBLE! one says honored sir. Chameleon Boy in his form says. Form a protective cordon-- we proceed to the engines. They may be protected from the intruder before the starsling maneuver begins. To himself he thinks. Or until I figure out how to signal the legion with them.
    The Scene switches to Earth. Brainiac 5 is using computers. He says out loud. I can't figure out how you do it. Little Glorith. How can you be displacing that much energy? Behind Dream Girl is walking down to talk to him. Brainiac adds. Impossible. Dream Girl appears behind him and says. Talking to yourself again, Brainy? Brainiac at this says. Glorith's Shield defies a number of the fundamental laws of the universe. Dream Girl at this says. Really...?
      She then adds. Don't you feel that way about Jeckie, and Mysa and even me? Brainiac to this says. Most forms of magic are completely consistent with scientific principles. If viewed from a sufficiently INFORMED and INTELLIGENT perspective. You don't understand Nura. Glorith's demonstration of her shield DEFIES all that my family has studied about creating force-field effects for a MILLENNIUM. An astounding body on the subject that has never been duplicated. Dream Girl at this says. Humbling perhaps?
     Brainiac at this says. Citing magic is NOT a viable explanation. He add's projectra's abilities, while complex, reduce themselves to the ability to amplify or distort the natural humanoid senses,, your, on the other hand, are a manifestation of an ability to unpredictably and uncontrollably view events through ti.. TIME! how did I MISS that?! Her shield displaces energy through time.. Dream Girl going up the stairs says. Sigh... always lovely chatting, Brainy... You listen so attentively...
     The scene shifts back to the fleet. A comm voice says. Attention! All vessels hold formation as we arc around this star to gain acceleration towards the wormhole back to the dominion! Another voice says. Most honored sir-- another starship is intercepting our course! A honored one says. It is a SMALL cruiser. Smash it out of our path. The Craft is being propelled by Mon-EL. Another alien adds. Most honored sir.. We have a problem.
     The Legion get out of the ship. Sun Boy attacking a ship says. Don't go too close to stars00 you'll get SCORCHED! Polar Bo adds. Fire OR ice-- either way you can get burned. your pick? Mon-El punches his way into one of the ships bridge. Mon-EL says. Now, Can we talk?         
     First, you're leaving United Planets space and not coming back any time soon. And not withour permission, Either. As he wrecks more of the ship he adds. Second, No more interfering with my people on Daxam. And trying to imitate Brainiact 5's anti-lead serum with kryptonite and some home-cooked brew is out, too. A few more doses of YOUR version. And Res-Vir would be in worse shape than if he HAD BEEN poisoned by lead.
     Get your people together on what's left of your ships and go home... NOW. An alien comes up and says. I like that idea.. mind if I get a liftm too? as it turns into Chameleon Boy. They then leave the ship.
     On the Legion ship Sun Boy says. That's everybody-- I'll set course for Panoptes and pick up Ultra Boy and the team left guarding Res-Vir. Unless you think we should watch the Dominators limp home? Mon-EL at this says. No I can keep an eye on them. They don't have any fight left in that fleet anyway. Shadow Lass talking to him says. It's good to have you back. and acting like yourself, too. It's been a long time. Mon-El at this says. You have no idea HOW long, shady.. no idea. The comic ends and this story arc of the legion is now done.

my comments
I liked this comic. It was a great way to end the arc. It showed how the legion works. How they work together to win great battles and show that they care for each other. The artwork for the Dominators was great and made them look inhuman as they are.

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