Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From the Vault- Adventure Comics 302

     The action picks up with Cosmic boy, Saturn Girl and Sun Boy flying with the aid of Anti-Gravity belts to Metropolis Stadium. As they get their they see something hidden under a blanket. The Statue is of Sun Boy and he is both thrilled and shocked by it. Suddenly the Statue starts to fall and Sun Boy is forced to melt it.

     As the trio are travelling back the cities lights go out. When Sun Boy tries to use his powers he finds out he can't. The lights come back on but Sun Boys powers do not. At the Legion clubhouse Sun Boy tells that he gained his power from being locked accidentally into a Atomic Reactor Chamber. He then states he needs to enter the chamber and get a recharge. However Saturn Girl says its too dangerous. Sun Boy goes in but it does not work and proves painful to him. He turns to using a Volcano to charge but that too does not work and he believes his powers are gone.
     At the clubhouse the next day a Entomologist gives them a collection of strange insects. As the professor is talking his pipe goes out and he asks someone to light it. Sun Boy does it. However when asked about it it lasted only for a moment. Soon Superboy, Ultra Boy and Bouncing Boy come to the club house. The meeting is to info that Sun Boy will be kicked out of the Club as he has lost his powers. However he asks for help to try and fix it. Superboy and Ultra Boy both agree to help him.
    However Superboy and Ultra Boy are unable to help him. Sun Boy then leaves the Legion. At his home Sun Boy listens to the adventures the Legion is getting up too. he watches the action on the porta-monitor when a knock at the door happens. It is Bouncing Boy who has come for the monitor as it is Legion Propriety.
     At a prison a guard is talking to Kranyak who was put their by Sun Boy. However thanks to a poll he escapes to the outside World. Kranyak goes back to his gang and plots revenge on a departed Sun Boy. Sun Boy while on a walk is attacked by them. However he runs off and tells the Legion of the attack and threat to them.
    Sun Boy takes a ship out into space and heads for Lurna where Fantastic Beasts like including the Kryptionion Flame-Beasts. He soon finds the beast and his power is restored by it's attack. he then heads back to confront Kranyak. As Kranyak comes into attack the Legion Clubhouse he stops them with his powers. After this he talks to the Legion how he got his powers back.
    Cosmic Boy asks why Superboy and Ultra Boy did not help when a beast did. Sun Boy then shows them to be Robots. Sun Boy then helps repair the robots and they explain when Superboy and Ultra Boy are not here.
     Both are in the past to help Superboy celebrate the birthday of Pete Ross. It seems the robots tapes on them being robots had be damaged in the time journey. The Comic ends with Sun Boy once again being part of the Legion of Super-heroes.

This again was a fun comic and shows more of Sun Boy who is a neat character 

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