Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legion Lost # 6

         The comic starts in a secret base with Martian Manhunter talking to someone. He says. No one can see me but you. I am manipulating what they think they see on their equipment. I rendered you UNCONSCIOUS in the wildness, leaving you for the MILITARY to retrieve. So we can TALK. Your mind... I'm having difficulty reading it. I can pick up only pieces of information. It's as if it is.. DIFFERENT EVOLVED, somehow. Your call yourself... TIMBER WOLF.. AND.... YOU... YOU APPEAR TO RECOGNIZE ME... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Timber Wolf in cuffs says. Wouldn't you like to know, MR. MARTIAN MANHUNTER?? To this Martian Manhunter says. Six days ago, An odd Quantum energy signature appeared not far from here. We've never seen such a thing before. Your body carries that same signature, Although it is FADING. Where are you FROM, Timber Wolf--

         The scene shifts to Gates coming though one of his portals saying. -And how do I find your friends. The locations is Clinic #6 Madison, Wisconsin. 147 hours after release. Tyroc is thinking while this is going on. I send GATES in first he HATES the MILITARY. SO it helps to have him VESTED in the fight. It's good to have him back. His ability to open TELEPORTATION PORTALS will really help us. At the base Gates attacking says. FASCIST TAXIDERMISTS!! Tyroc think more. And, hate to admit it, But his DISTRUST of all AUTHORITY will keep us on our toes.. And annoy the daylights of out us.. Dawnstar managed to track T-WOLF and CHAMELEON GIRL to this GOVERNMENT facility. Gates attacking again says. SPEW TEETH, NOT DOGMA! Tyroc still on his train of thought says. We believe these scientists and soldiers are only trying to PROTECT themselves from WHAT they see as "Alien THREATS" But our teammates are the priority... He adds. NO MATTER WHAT THE COST... Gates comes through a portal and throws a gun onto a pile of guns. Tyroc asks. Does that disarm all the guards, GATES? Gates at this says. All the ones I found, TYROC. Doesn't mean we won't find more WAr-dogs armed to the teeth. Tyroc at this says. Let them Bark, We'll BITE. WILDFIRE-- DAWNSTAR-- GO! The two brust though a wall. Tyroc thinks more. I posture a bit for show. Seems silly while wearing this primitive tech Gates "Borrowed" from the loading boy of an ELECTRONICS STORE. But it's my job to keep this team on track. If they knew how insecure I felt, They wouldn't follow my orders-- wouldn't follow me to the kitchen to get a Kono juice...
         Much less off a CLIFF. In the base Timber Wolf has been bough to a women. She says. AHHHH, our guest of honor has finally arrived. Just in time to witness the arrival of the rest of your crew. I am MAJOR NICHOLSON. My people have been curious about your's ever since you crashed a police car into the GREAT MALL OF FARGO. I believe you you're known as TIMBER WOLF and you seem to possess heightened strength and speed. "Faceplate" appears to emit some kind of ENERGY from that OH-SO-STYLISH SUIT OF ARMOR-- And it looks as if "Lenny Kravitz" controls SONIC VIBRATIONS. The WOMAN we caught on satellite a few days ago-- she can fly SUBLIMINAL with nothing more than PRETTY WINGS. Then there's this TELEPORTING little Bug... And a truck driver outside Duluth described another oddity- A huge YELLOW FROG. Unless there are any more of you. I'll like to know why you're  breaking into a government facility.
          Timber Wolf to this says. You forget to mention the invisible, seven-foot tall green guy who's standing behind you. To this the major turns her head and says. Your funny. Timber Wolf knowing Martian Manhunter is their says. Remember that line when you re-play your security logs after I've left. The major at this and sort of mocking him says. That confident you'll be checking out? Timber Wold dead serious says. MAJOR NICHOLSON< I could have left this torture chamber any time I wanted. I just didn't want to leave without my friend. The major at this says. It's a MEDICAL OBSERVATORY. Timber Wolf adds. Call it what you will, but I can still smell far too many Alien corpses. The major at this all story. We've had some recent extraterrestrial activity here. We study what we find. EVERYTHING here TEACHES us something that will help humanity. Your friend is ALIVE, just sedated. Timber Wolf can only say. Then I really suggest you unlock these cuffs-- And bring my "just-sedated" friend here now--
          Or you'll be studying a group of Alien Life forms as they TEAR this PLACE APART! The lost Legion is working on taking out guards. Wildfire says. DAWNY-- Anything yet? Dawnstar to this says. ABOVE us.. A magnetic field.. a bioheat signature of Timber Wolf.. and other.. Probably guards.. While BELOW.. Moisture displacing Air.. Rhythmic.. An intravenous line.. I believe it's CHAMELEON GIRL.. and she is... Gates coming though one of his portals interrups her and says. Two flights down. Shapeshifted into a scary, hairy thing. But unguarded. oh.. sorry.. SPLOTZED all over your hard work, eh? Dawnstar gives him a look. After this Wildfire says. We need to separate. Tyroc to this says. NO! We're not splitting up. Wildfire looking at him says to this. Ty, I know you were mission leader, but that was a THOUSAND YEARS FROM NOW! you're the diplomat, I'm the FIGHTER. Trust me on this! Tyroc thinking says. He's right. And he's also wrong. However he says outloud. Okay-- Gates and Dawny get T-Wolf. Drake and I will find YERA-- After I check in with Tellus!
         He then says. Tellus, can you hear me? Tellus at the motel says. Faintly, Tyroc... You are at the lmits.. of my telepathic range... Tyroc then thinking thinks. I hated to leave Tellus behind, But he was the logical choice to keep an eye on ALASTOR, who is the reason we journeyed to this time period. Out loud he asks. Did you learn anything from the prisoner? Tellus reply's I have.. experienced his pain.. From his sister MURDER... I empathize with his tragedy... But he did not create the HYPERTAXIS VIRUS... I can see FLEETING IMAGES in his mind... Of the PSION MADMAN who created the mutagenic pathogen... That we sent to CONTAIN. Tyroc then thinking. A mission we FAILED to accomplish. Alastor RELEASED the virus before we captured him. I was hoping for some new information-- anything-- to help us AVOID violence. That doesn't look likely NOW...
         The Scene shifts back to Timber Wolf and the major. The major says. This is Nicholson. I need a BIO/M.A.X. for support in control. Tyroc thinking says. We found the lab where they're keeping Yera, but.. out loud Wildfire end his thinking by saying. Okay, one thing I didn't think of... What do we do if we can't change her back to NORMAL? Tyroc to this says. She's sedated-- Which means your question can wait. He thinks. What do we do it we're all INFECTED by the Hypertaxis virus-- If we all start MUTATING? A question for TOMORROW... Wildfire interrupts this and says. Yeah, we keep pushing everything down the road, we'll be in the year 3011 before you know it! Using his powers he adds. I got the restraints.
       Martian Manhunter is watching. In front Tyroc says. Let's get out of here. Thinking. I know this isn't going to give governing powers of this TIME period only reason to trust us-- But they're not giving us much choice. Martin Manhunter says. STOP! you're making a mistake as he appears. Wildfire holding Chameleon Girl says. Speak for yourself, Mr tall, dark and mysterious. Also Martian Manhunter transforms. He adds. We're taking our friend and -WHOA! you're some kind of SHAPESHIFTER. Martian Manhunter at this says. A most impressive display of raw power(as Wildfire uses his powers.) One which indicates that you, too, are only assuming a human guise.
       Wildfire still fighting says. WRONG! my ANTI-ENERGY aside, I was.. uhhhh. Am as human as Ca'sanga pie! If your an Alien I'm afraid I don't recognize your race. Martian Manhunter at this says. Not surprising. Few know that my people ever existed. Wildfire talking to Tyroc says. Take YERA, Ty! I'll hold off our cryptic friend. Tyroc using his power says. Seriously, Wildifre? You're the only member of this team who can FIGHT?! Martian Manhunter affected says. Fascinating. A creative use of sonics to disrupt my molecular stability-- Even if the effects are all too fleeting. Tyroc thinks. Tyroc thinking coming to something. SOmething about him seems FAMILIAR.
        It's almost as if I recognize him from some ancient-- OF COURSE! That's J'OHN J'ONZZ, THE MARTIAN MANHUNTER! I read about him, studied his histroy and tragic-- Out loud he says. BACK OFF, Drake! STOP FIGHTING! he isn't an adversary. Wildfire at this says. He'll do for now. Tyroc uses his powers and adds. I have you a direct order, Wildfire. STAND DOWN! Wildfire holding his head says. Have you crashed your core, Ty? To this Tyroc says. Trust me, Drake. I know what I'm doing.
        Martian Manhunter talking to Tyroc says. You obviously have something to say. Tyroc does and says. We aren't your enemy. We come from the 31st century and we're here to help. Our time-travel wquopment was destroyed so we're stuck here for now. Martian Manhunter thinking says. Your mind.. so hard to read.. to determine the truth of your words. Tyroc outloud says. I can fix that but also thinks. I open my mind to the Martian Manhunter, revealing my deepest secrets. Marian Manhunter reads and then says. You.. You really ARE from the future. Your firend.. the Durlan girl.. she needs to integrate more biomass into her form to regain control over it. I believe this facility holds a DURLAN CORPSE in CRYOGENIC STORAGE. Follow me.
        Back with Timber Wolf and the Major. Timber Wolf says. HA! you don't like losing control, huh? The Major says. SHUT UP! Timber Wolf breaking his cuffs says. SUre... I was done talking anyway as he attacks the major she says. Where's the blasted BIO/M.A.X-- I Ordered?!?
        The mech comes in saying. one Biolgocial Mechanical augmented exoskeleton coming  up major. Tyroc thinking says. We son't let lose very often. The mech goes on. It says. MAJOR? Major? I'm only second away. AARRK! Dawnstar punches it saying. STAND DOWN SOLDIER. Tyroc thinks more. W're NOT soldiers. Never have been. We're supposed to INSPIRE AND PROTECT.  The major talking to Timber Wolf says. You and your friends are are surrounded. You're not going anywhere. Timber Wolf to this says. Look who's talking. As Dwanstar is breaking the Mech cab open. Tyroc is thinking more. But here, in this time, under these circumstances-- We might be forced to become a GUERRILLA UNIT-- Fighting to inspire and protect BOTH Humans AND Hypersapiens.
       The soldier in the mech once the roof is off says. I.. I was only following orders. Gates coming though a portal says to this. Can't you war dogs come up with any original excuse. Timber Wolf hears this and breaks down a door. He says. no.. I-it can't be. He comes on Dawnstar and gates and says. LITTLE BUG!? I could have sworn I smelled you dead. gates to this says. Better get that sniffer fixed. You only smelled PIECES of me. Timber Wold to this says. What HAPPENED to you? HOw were you INJURED? Where have you BEEN since you disappeared? gates at this says. Much as I love playing catch0up. Let's save the UPDATE until-- AFTER we got the shock out of here!.
       In the room where Chameleon Girl and the other are. Martian Manhuner says. Here are the remains we seel--! Martian Manhunter has a Durlan Body that is died and moves towards Chameleon Girl. Tyroc thinks. As J'onzz removes the corpse of a Durlan-- I understand what this place is-- It's a WEAPONS FACTORY... Using people like US to stop people like us. Wildfire starts talking. Okay, I can almost handle the idea of MERGING Yera with a DREAD BODY-- But why is HE doing this? Martian Manhunter at this says. Because I need something from here without Killing her. Tyroc can only can huh? As they watch it work he thinks. It's actually working! With Jonnzz's help Yera is subconsciously absorbing the the Durlan Biomass she needs.. But will it be enough--?
      Hates opens a portal and Dawnstar seeing what is happening says. Hey! What's going on-- Soon Martin Manhunter says. It is done. Chameleon Girl is whole. he adds pulling out a device. nad now.. I have what I can for.

         Timber Wolf asks. You got WHAT exactly? Martian Manhunter to this says. The energy signature from six days ago was INCOMPLETE. My associates needed more.. So I followed the faint trail to YOU. Tyroc then says. You're letting us go? Martian Manhunter to this as well says. I no longer need you. Besides you already have enough problems if you truly are time-travelers. Time travel is strictly a ONE-WAY TRIP. You CANNOT return home. You're all going to DIE here. They are quite shocked.
        The scene shifts to the motel. It is now 149 hours after release and one minute after acceptance. Tyroc says. What do you MEAN Alastor is GONE? Tellus says. The strain of probing his subconscious while trying to remain in contact with you proved overwhelming.. When I awoke.. He was.. Gone. It was as if he just.. VANISHED.. And I cannot find.. Any trace of him. Tyroc at this says. It's okay, Tellus. You learned what you could from Alastor about the HYPERTAXIS VIRUS. We found him once, we'll find him again. In the meantime, We have a lot of work to do. Tellus then adds. Including the BIGGEST problem we're facing. Tyroc asks. Which is--? Gates finishes it saying. How the Splotz do we get home?!?

My thoughts.

This was not a big issue at all. It helped to bring the group back to full strength and finishes off a ark of the story. I look foreword to seeing what happens next. all in all I must buy for those who have stuck with the series

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